Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On the difference between boys and girls

Ryan has started his new school this week, and it's fantastic! Truly, an answer to prayer. He loves it, has a new little buddy and asks to take off his jammies and put on clothes (not normal for him, which means he is raring to go!). In fact, on Tuesday I told him to hurry and get dressed so he would have a few minutes to play with Jack before we left. He said, "I don't think I want to play with Jack this morning. I just want to go to my new school and play with Graham."

Anyway, on Monday when Anna-Kate came home from school she came in and immediately asked Ryan how his first day of school was.

Ryan: "good"
AK: "Oh, I'm so glad! Did you get to play outside? What did you have for snack? Did you make any friends? Here, I'll just sit down here on the couch with you and you can tell me about your whole day from the beginning and then I'll tell you about mine!"
Ryan: "Umm, no thanks. It was good, that's all."

Clearly, that is a nature, not nurture issue for boys. At least it isn't just me he doesn't spout out the info for. This is going to be a hard shift for me as I'm accustomed to getting a minute by minute play by play of the day (who wore what, who said what, who got in trouble, what everyone ate, and her thoughts on all of the above.). Sigh.

I guess I didn't realize I was spoiled. Silly boys. :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012


So Jack is finally talking. How 'bout that? I mean, I'm not kidding myself, it's not where his little girlfriends are but for him, it's fantastic! ;)

"poo it ouwn"-- put it on
"yee haw!"--horse (or anything he makes ride on someone's back, a la bulls eye in toy story)
"woo-hoo!"--spiderman (it's one of the things our spiderman says when you push his button)
"was zis?"--what's this?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Answered prayer

I believe in the power of prayer.

I also believe in gravity, but I see that happen pretty frequently (my kids, their eating utensils and toys would be exhibit A, B, and C, respectively). I don't often "see" highly unlikely situations perfectly worked out in response to prayer. But on the occasions that I do, it is a humbling and beautiful thing.

We have had a rough preschool year here thus far. There were a few problems we saw in Anna-Kate's transition (based on her preparedness that she learned, or didn't, in preschool) that were troubling and then a few problems in Ryan's class this year. We began by just thinking we'd move him to another Pre-K4 next year, then it turned to "I wonder if we'll last the full year", then "we'll put him out in between semesters" to finally, "we are pulling him out today...two weeks before Christmas."

To say that it's been emotional and hard would be a huge understatement. I wish I could say that Ryan has come out unscathed, but that would not be accurate either.

For perspective, in our town, preschools (well, schools in general) are extremely competitive. Registration happens in early February and if you aren't in a school already (by having a sibling there, or church affiliation) you are extremely lucky to get in at that point. Most often, you go on a waiting list (which can help you get in the following year). Anyway. As the situation deteriorated at Ryan's school I began looking around at our options. The various schools I called either put me on the list (we were number 17) or refused to put me on a list because it was too long that I wouldn't get in. Or, it was in town (far away) and really expensive (which would lead me to put Jack somewhere else, resulting in me driving to three schools next fall, with an infant, which is just not a sustainable/healthy family decision for us). I was extremely worried and stressed out, but, was confident that we were following the Lord and doing the best thing for Ryan.

So, last week I called a school I had not particularly heard of before, on a complete (desperate) whim. I spoke to her for close to an hour and had every question perfectly answered (no TV! No child ever alone! Two teachers in each room! The same writing curriculum that Anna-Kate's school uses! Zero tolerance for physical behavior from children! Fantastic playground! They stay until 1!). I could keep going, but those are a couple of high points. :) She said she'd had a couple of families move over Christmas and had space, but needed to call through her waiting list. So we waited, for a week.

She called yesterday and told us that not only had Ryan been accepted, but that his best buddy, Lydia, would be accepted and they would be in the same class together! I was overwhelmed at the goodness of God. What has been months of worry and heartache has been perfectly fixed. Had I called a month ago, she would have turned me away as she didn't know of anyone leaving and her wait list was long. The Lord gave me that school name at the perfect time. And He provided Ryan's little friend, Lyd to go with him.

We visited today to meet his teachers and see his new friends. We hadn't been in the classroom 2 minutes when a little boy walked up to Ryan, introduced himself, held Ryan's hand and asked him to come play with him. The boys played trucks, computer and I heard them talking about their love of soccer and hatred of shots--all in the span of 15 minutes. Ryan went from terrified of a new school this morning (which, I honestly can't blame him) to excited to start his new school and play with his new friends next Monday. My heart is overflowing with joy and with thankfulness for the provision from the Lord...for answering the deep desire and prayer of my heart.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Muffins with Moms

This morning was Anna-Kate's schools' first "muffins with moms". Chris agreed to go in to work a little late and watch the boys so she and I could have special time. I told her she could sit anywhere she wanted and I would follow her with our breakfast. I was surprised that she chose the furthest away table with no one at it. She said she didn't want to sit with her friends, she just wanted it to be us {Precious. And, I clearly need to be more mindful about one on one time!}. We had a lovely little date and then I got to walk her to her classroom and peek in for a bit (generally frowned upon, so a special treat for me!).

Then began the mad dash back home to get the boys and rush to church for Bible study. I pulled in, with a moment to spare even (!!) and a precious friends' mom came to my car and asked how she could help me get inside and how she could help. I'm tucking this in my mental "please remember this when I'm out of this season" file. It took her 5 seconds. I actually had it together, but the gesture meant so much to this tired Mama!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Starting over in the new year

Well now. Happy 2012. :)

I don't do resolutions, so starting over for us is more in regards to school. I've been very worried and stressed about a preschool for Ryan for next year. It's just so competitive and/or expensive, yet necessary to be accepted to kindergarten! Ryan is determined to read--begs to learn and has even cried in frustration as he doesn't know how yet. We are working on it. :) I am not particularly worried about that aspect of his education. He does, however, have zero interest in handwriting, or even holding a pencil.

Anyway, in an extremely random conversation I heard the name of a school I hadn't yet considered (or frankly, heard much of). Turns out, they do the same writing curriculum as Anna-Kate's school. (perfect!). Every one of my concerns were addressed and answered as if I had been giving the answer. Bonus, it is ballpark the same price we were paying--so not a complete hit to the budget, were he to get in. And that is the big question.

Per usual, in our area, there is a huge wait list. Thankfully, 3 kids moved at Christmas, so she is calling through her wait list and will get back to me. We are definitely praying towards this being the answer for the boys and hopeful that this is the Lord's provision for us. Either way, it's been an encouraging day for me to feel peace about the situation and to wait. I know He will provide!