Saturday, October 30, 2010

An analogy

Moving (or, more accurately, watching my mom, aunt and cousin do the moving) loved ones out of a house containing years of memories is like a bad on again, off again break-up.

Stay with me. The analogy is brilliant. Really.

For the last couple of months every time I have been over to my grandparents' house it's the "last big family dinner" or the "last garage sale" and every time, as I drive away, I cry a little thinking of all of the things I'll never do again. I'll never see that special house again, never go down into the basement and remember playing school with my cousins or watch Papa work in his workshop. Never find my old hiding places outside, never swing on the hammock out back, never trip over the fake snake in Papa's garden or help pick the fresh vegetables. I will never sit around the tv shelling peas while watching Braves baseball with Mana. I will never sit around the dining room table again or watch Mana cook in her kitchen and see that old fan about swing off the ceiling. Never put my feet up near the fireplace, never sit on the porch and listen to the rain, never watch the birds in the bath or feeder, never sit on the milk box...then I do. Every trip back toyed with my emotions and left me sad.

It has certainly been an emotional couple of months for our family. I drove over there again this afternoon to get the last few things (noteworthy is the old sewing table that will be Anna-Kate's school desk when we begin homeschooling). As they will be closing on the house on Friday, this really was it. As I drove up the familiar street, past the old Methodist church and saw the houses that I've ridden past my whole life, I had both a sense of sadness and one of closure. I've spent far less time there than others in my family but it finally feels done, and I'm glad it's done. It's bittersweet, but, like a breakup, there is always sadness at a loss and difficulty accepting change, but the closure and finality that moving on lends are a good thing. I'm left with happy memories, and am so thankful!

Friday, October 29, 2010


The kids had their halloween fall parties (we attend a Baptist school and halloween isn't allowed) this week. What fun! Ryan's was yesterday, so I got to attend with Captain Hook (WH000K! according to Ryan) and today, I attended Anna-Kate's with Wendy ("Wendy-bird", if you will. If you don't get it, you haven't watched Peter Pan recently). Both mornings started off with games, then pictures, a hayride and their class parties. Such a fun time and so sweet to see all of the little kids dressed up! :)

With Hook, sans hook and sword. Your welcome, Mrs. Tanya and Mrs. Courtney!

The golf master!

He got all 3 footballs in, no misses!

Class picture of 2 year olds

Sweet Jack, always along for the ride (let me insert--Chris is awesome. Jack was schlepped all over yesterday during Ryan's festivities, so Chris worked from home this morning so Jack could sleep and I could get a little quality time with my girl. Also, I share room mom responsibilities, so I was there the entire time).

Beanbag toss

Anna-Kate's 4 year old class

With her friends, Natalie and Campbell, on the hayride.

With my little Wendy-bird

With Mrs. Mandy

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lost in translation AND, dun, dun, duuuuun.

...or something like that.

I feel a bit "bamboozled". Today's appointment was merely to talk me into the surgery (for Ryan, in case you don't follow my internal thought processes). There was nothing actually done. Not sure if the pediatrician was confused himself and therefore passed the confusion to me or what. Sigh.


I went upstairs to get Anna-Kate from her quiet play time and discovered why she was so quiet. (these are stairs, in case you can't make them out). (Also, she is in to putting multiple bows in her hair. Style diva.)

I wish I had snapped this .05 seconds before I did. Ryan was talking to Jack and they were both giggling. I went to take the picture, and instead of taking, my flash popped up, moment lost.

Sweet, happy boy!

Sweet, happy boy part two.

...and the reason he's happy? He's standing (it's when he's the happiest). He is now pulling up. Sigh.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ryan update

So last week when I was at the pediatrician for Jack's appointment, I asked a few questions about Ryan (and his breathing/croup stuff). The kids' doctor has this way of looking at me and rolling his eyes without them ever actually moving and smirking without actually smirking (I bet he used to annoy the snot out of his mama!). Anyway, being the person I am, I get to experience this a lot. Any-who.

So I must confess, that although I didn't think he'd actually call me back, he did. In fact, he has called three times in the past 4 days. He called Ryan's ENT and I'm not quite sure what was said but they are going to do something in office without general anesthesia. Not sure exactly?? I was also happy to find that often (or, sometimes?) polyps or cysts can form in the throat after being intubated and if they are present they would remove those (I mean, I'm not happy that there might be polyps, I'm happy there might be a somewhat simple fix, or at least something that could make Ryan's situation a bit better). So, *something* might actually come of all of this after all. Taking him in on Wednesday.

In an effort to start the week off strong, I will be getting a cavity filled tomorrow. So, let the good times roll...

Of course, I have a lot of questions for the ENT, but my epi pen idea was absolutely shot down. I don't feel like I've been given a good reason on it, but it was a big fat no. Evidently, the oral steroid is the way to go. He (Ryan's ped) also suggested that since his symptoms are so severe that I carry it with me at all times (as I would an epi pen...) and that I get a second prescription to keep for him at school. So, we'll see what comes of that.

Friday, October 22, 2010

And there was much rejoicing!

We went out to dinner at Pappasitos to celebrate Chris' new job!!!! (Glory, hallelujah and all God's people said, "AMEN!")

(Side note, not sure what all of the fuss is about. Wasn't that impressed. Uncle Julios is better.)

I am so proud of Chris and am beyond excited for him to begin this next step in his career. God has richly provided for us and I am so thankful to Him and for Chris' faithfulness to wait for the perfect job for him (something we have been praying for for quite some time). Thank you Jesus!

Anyway, while we were at dinner a mariachi band began playing. My kids were enthralled. The men seemed to enjoy the kids' attention and came over to our table to play their version of "Old McDonald had a farm" (that would be "nick-nonald" if you asked Ryan). The trumpeter made remarkable cow, horse, rooster, and elephant (???) impersonations--so fun! :) Our food came out literally covered in cayenne pepper. I like spicy food (and, for the love, Chris puts Chalua on everything) and we absolutely couldn't eat it. The manager came out, saw the thick layer of seasoning and ordered it again for us. Any-who, we brought the leftovers (of which there were plenty) home. I'm hoping that a combination of no seasoning/too seasoned will somehow meld into perfect.

Whelp, that's all I've got. Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

From one end to the other...


Went to the pediatrician today. (ugh.) Jack is 26 1/2" tall (45%) and 16.8 lbs (17%). Thankfully, his head is still truckin' along in the 87%. LOL. Evidently, we have some smart kids on our hands. :) I'm amused that his stats dropped so much, (He's technically underweight now. Please recall, he was "husky" at his 4 month appointment) especially considering he's days away from 7 months, not 6 like he was being averaged against.

Other than that, however, all was good and he was proclaimed to be healthy (and, was the hit of the office). The nurses were all cooing and making a fuss over him. Amazing what a dimple can do (I'm smiling right now, showing you my dimple...). The only unfortunate thing was that he's officially been put on Miralex for his constipation. Such a bummer, but am hoping this will help his little belly (and yes, he eats prunes every single day).

He got his shots and we were off for a morning of errands. He is such a good baby! I think it's a 3rd kid thing, Anna-Kate would have cried the whole time.


While we were there I took the opportunity to discuss options about Ryan's health with the pediatrician. It occurred to me that instead of doing the exploratory surgery (for seemingly no reason/no result) it might be a better option to get an epi pen (a huge shot of epinephrine that gets jammed in the thigh for kids with anaphylactic allergies--it opens their airways). Seems like it could work for us. My pediatrician was reluctant at best at my idea. He said he'd ask his pediatric ENT friend and get back to me. For some reason, I'm not holding my breath waiting on his phone call...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fashion Statement

Rockin' heels with her swimsuit (Dreaming of summer already. She's asked me 3 times this week when we can go to the pool.)

A little "risky business". I had to laugh.

Sibling love.

Monday, October 18, 2010


"Buzz-year"--what Ryan calls Buzz Lightyear. In a sentence: "I no go pee-pee on Buzz-year, that so yuck!"

"No treats for me, I poo-poo in un-pants!"--what Ryan says if he ever wakes from a nap/in the morning with poop in his pull up. We are trying to encourage holding it so are on another sticker sheet for that. (He does great when he's fully awake/in real underwear).

"It's not working"--what Ryan said when he is trying to poop and it just isn't coming fast enough.

"Get me outta here..." What he says in the bath tub when he's done or in the car seat and he wants to get out.


The ABC's, according to Ryan:

"A, B, C, D, E, effin, G, H, I, J, K, L, L, L, O, P, Q, R, Sssss, T, U, V, daw-baby, X, Y, Z. Now I sing abC's. sing with me!"

3 for 3

Sweet Jack has gotten the chance to eat solid foods from an early age because I don't have time to spoon feed him . Thankfully, he seems to prefer to pick up and feed himself solids. He's eaten Chick-fil-a chicken, grilled chicken, pulled pork bbq, black beans, baked beans, avacado, guacamole, green beans, squash casserole, (and thus, cheese) rice, cucumber, (dill) pickles, macaroni and cheese, bread, biscuit, tomato, chunky homemade applesauce, pieces of banana, puffs, cheerios (and, of course, the pureed: squash, peas, beans, prunes).

I do believe that his all-time favorite is black beans, avacado and Mexican rice. He was in heaven last night!

(No, he doesn't have any teeth yet.)

(And no, he isn't 7 months old yet. Poor guy.)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I love fall!

We have been enjoying the wonderful fall weather by spending lots of time outdoors. My kids are sleeping well with all the running around and fresh air--glorious all around. :)

Yesterday we were playing out front and they were all being so sweet and cuddly with each other I desperately wanted to capture it. Alas, that didn't happen-but the pictures are cute nonetheless. (This is how Ryan looks in every.single.picture--what does it take to make a 2 year old boy smile--for real--in a picture??? Geesh.)


This morning I hit Old Navy at 7:30 (it was freezing and shopping that early always makes me think it's Black Friday, but whatever). Anyway, from 7-10 am their sweaters were $10 and their clearance was 50% off lowest marked price--score! I had to go so early so I could get to the ball field at 8:30 to volunteer in the concession stand. (Insert rolled eyes that three of us were there for two hours to handle the four customers we had.)Anyway, at least Leigh-Ann and I signed up together (and God bless her, up all night with 3 sick kids and still came!). My mom came up to help Chris with the kids and cheer Anna-Kate on since I couldn't be at the actual game. The kids were so surprised and excited to see her (and more than once commented that they sure missed their Poppy!). We had lunch afterwards, Chris took the boys home and Anna-Kate and I knocked out the majority of my Christmas shopping. Only have Chris and a couple of things for the kids to buy still. :) Yay, I love being done with gifts wrapped in November so I can enjoy December. We spent the rest of the day outside enjoying the weather--chatting with neighbors, playing, grilling and eating outside. Lovely.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fair, take two

We went to visit my parents and see my grandparents last weekend. My grandpa is in an inpatient rehab facility, so we wanted to visit and encourage him, and I was dying to see Mana and their new home!

My dad, Mana and the kids:

Papa, with his namesake:

While we were there, we went to the national fair happening near their home. My kids talked about it incessantly. :)

We scored an a-maz-ing parking spot (closer than handicap, under a tree!). The weather started nice, but rose to a toasty 91 that afternoon-blech. We saw a miniature horse show, cows, (and were given free chocolate milk!) Anna-Kate rode a pony, we saw a 1 week old miniature donkey, visited the "exotic" pets, bounced like kangaroos, and Jack and I visited the nursing station they had set up (with piped in AC!!) while my parents took the kids to ride a couple of rides. SUCH a fun time! :)

Nana, Poppy and the grandbabies:

Ryan really was happy. Sadly, this is the best I can do for pictures with him lately.

We spent a loooong time trying out every.single.tractor.

Anna-Kate's first pony ride (well, technically, I put her on a pony last year, but her hysteric tears and death grip persuaded me to take her off after about 3.1 seconds.). So, her first successful pony ride--she loved it, and asked when she could ride another one! Yay!!

Checking out the "exotic" animals--giraffe, (named Jack) toucans, camels, zebras, baboons, various sheep from around the world, goats, (not so exotic, but whatever) some longhorn looking animal (seriously, its horns were wider than my kids are tall!).

I was SO mad. I tried (and clearly failed) to get a good picture of the giraffe and Ryan. He was crazy about it, and he was so close! I had one great shot where Ryan, Dad and the giraffe were looking and smiling, pushed click, and realized my photo card was full. Of course it was. Sigh.

Jack and the llama

Ryan and the goat (not a fan of petting the animals, surprisingly)

Love how prissy she looks in this picture--ha.

She loved petting all of the different animals, but, in typical first-born fashion, asked permission before touching each of them (every single time).

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for a fun day! My kids loved it, and I so appreciate the sweet memories. :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh blog, you have failed me

This is the third time (in my 3 1/2 years!!!) of blogging that my blog has failed me. I love the therapeutic release of writing down my thoughts and the love and encouragement I receive from comments (well, when I get them...). Unfortunately, I can't quite articulate the emotions and thoughts I'm having. And, even if I could, the public-ness of the blog-o-sphere means I can't share words that are not mine to share.

We went to visit my parents and see my grandparents' new home this weekend (and visit my Papa in his inpatient rehab facility). It was nice to see family, but hard--I feel beaten down emotionally. I'll just say, my family is truly relying on the Lord's promise of peace and rest when we trust in Him.

Pictures of the fun times of the weekend are forth-coming.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A tease

Life has (yet again) gotten away from me (though, a good bit of that is out of my control--well, techinically, I believe all of life is out of my control, but I digress...). Any-who. I'm taking my kids to my parents' house to celebrate my dads' brithday (late) and visit Papa, who's recovering from knee replacement surgery. We continued our annual tradition of going to the pumpkin patch with our friends, (Leigh-Ann, Jonathan and their kids) but this picture is all I have time for right now.

Enjoy the sibling sweetnes:

Oh, and please be praying for Papa's recovery--it's been a long week and he isn't doing really well right now.

Friday, October 8, 2010

AND, he's off

Jack has been rolling, scootching, and doing individual "crawls" for a few weeks now. However, today was the day he decided to make it official and crawl away. I put him on a quilt on the floor and when I came back a few minutes later he was on the exact opposite side of it. Crossing my fingers thinking it was a fluke, we tried again (I'm such a thorough scientist afterall). Ya, no dice, he's crawling. He is absolutely tickled with himself. As much as I dread mobility, it is so fun to see them so proud of themselves and seeing the process of self-sufficiency begin.

So, yay Jack! You did it buddy and I'm proud of you. :)


The word mommy brings to mind many things.

The sweet: comfort, hugs and kisses, cuddles, love, encourager, cheerleader, smiles, warmth, story teller, nurturer,

The way it is: taxi driver, (in a boat, otherwise known as a van) cook, snack maker, (this would be different from cook as "snack" often requires creativity--make cookies and pipe "H" and "h" on them for this morning at 7 am) cleaner of spills and accidents, disciplinarian, organizer, planner, social directer, wiper of bottoms, tired (as newborns with feedings, and when they are older worrying about them when sick, praying for their futures etc).

The "how did this find it's way in to my job description": carry-all, (or at least asked to carry everything) receiver of boogers, (just this morning Ryan handed me a booger and said, "see Mama, it's yuck". Ya, I know.) receiver of various bodily fluids (I dare you to find a mom out there that hasn't been thrown up on at least once).

At the end of the day, the good far outweighs the bad and I certainly wouldn't have my life any other way. I am so extremely thankful for the 3 littles that call me Mommy.

Clearly, this list isn't comprehensive, what would you add?

Picture time

I had so much fun getting Jack's 6 month pictures and having lunch with Leigh-Ann. So fun to walk through life with such a dear friend (and enjoy all the little silly things, like baby pictures, together).

(I'm too cheap to buy the cd and our scanner is still broken, so here, a picture of a picture). Jack at 6 months:

Me with my sweet boy:

He tried to get one of Jack on his belly, but Jack wasn't interested in that at all. He immediately sat up and/or tried to crawl away on the 6 or so attempts we gave it. Then, he put a block down and Jack stood up, (leaning on the block) then, he let go. The photographer was like, "seriously? Isn't he just 6 months..." I know.

They grow up too fast I tell ya, too fast.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lunch dates

I took the boys to visit Papa at the hosptial yesterday. It was really hard to see him so tired and weak. I think it meant a lot to him to see the boys. We stayed and got to talk with my grandparents, mom and aunt Julia for a little over an hour, (which, coincidentally, was during Jack's nap-such a trooper) then we left to meet my sweet friend Allison for lunch. What should have taken about 4 minutes took me 23 minutes because of a wreck on the exit ramp. Ugh!

It was so fun to see Allison and finally meet Noah! He is such a sweetie! Both babies cooperated and slept in their carseats for a good deal of lunch (at Cheesecake Factory--YUM) and Ryan was amazing and sat through our (non-little boy friendly) conversation, ate his lunch and told me when he needed to go potty. (Incidently, he has been telling me when he needs to go and I haven't had to just tell him to go in a few days now! I'm "knocking on wood" as I type this.).

I'm a complete loser and forgot my camera, so I'm waiting on Allison to send those on (hint, know, in all your free time--ha!).

Heading to get Jack's 6 month pictures with Leigh-Ann and Sadie this morning (Sadie's 3 month) and then we'll chat, shop and have lunch. So exciting!! (And, so weird to go out to lunch twice in one week where a playground is not involved in either). Yippee!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I have to remember this!

I was sitting on the floor letting Jack hold my fingers to stand up. (as he cries if he isn't getting to stand) (I know!) Anyway, Ryan came up behind me, layed up against my back and wrapped his arms around me and said, "I got you Mama." I said, "you sure do buddy." He replied, "I wuv you Mommy" and squeezed me tight.

Precious, precious boy. This conversation is extra sweet because my boy doesn't throw around the "L" word. Almost all of the times I say "I love you" to him he responds with "Thank you"--already a heartbreaker. :) I so appreciate this unsolicited verbal affection.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I have been so encouraged by so many who have emailed, called and told me that they (or their kids) have been praying for us and Ryan. Thank you!

We went to the pediatrician for a follow up appointment and she said Ryan sounded great and was good to go (not contagious etc). She referred us out to a ped ENT and a ped pulmonologist (to rule out asthma--which I'm really praying he doesn't have as croup he could outgrow, but I don't think you outgrow asthma).


My Papa is in surgery right now. He is having his knee replaced. I've not been able to get him off my mind today, which is good as I've been prompted to pray multiple times today for him. My kids noticed me praying and asked what I was praying about and I told them (and tried to explain surgery..."well, the doctor is gonna cut his skin to give him a new knee..."why?" in every possible scenario followed.). Anna-Kate immediately stopped what she was doing to pray for Papa. She said, "Dear Jesus, please help Papa's knee get better, thank you for your blessings. Amen." Ryan thought that he would add a prayer too, "Jesus, Ryan better A-men!" I said, "what about Papa buddy?" He said, "oh ya, and Papa, A-men!". Sweet little ones.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A flip of the calendar

Alternate title: I am not going to schedule anything for the first couple of days in a month ever again.

Alternate, alternate title: Not how I envisioned my Saturday going.

I've had a couple of friend comment on loving the feeling of flipping the calendar to a new month. Typically, I love the feeling too--starting afresh, a relatively blank slate (though it's a matter of hours before it fills up, but whatever).

So, I menu plan and make my grocery list on Wednesday nights. I was looking through the Publix circular, making notes and decided to check with the calendar to see if hopefully, fingers crossed, pretty-please there was a night we had plans and I didn't need to cook. Lo and behold, I saw that I had signed up to bring a meal to a new mom on Friday night (Oct 1). What in the world was I thinking? I try and make a habit of never cooking on Friday nights! (Kinda joking, kinda not.) Ok, ok, I can handle it, no biggie. Look at Saturday...I was hosting a baby shower. At my house. I had forgotten (how does that happen? This also meant I needed to make a gift and I had a lot of monogramming roll in last week that needed to be done in time for the shower Saturday!). Saturday afternoon we had soccer pictures and a game. Sunday, I had agree to make (and shop for)the white chili (vegetarian and non) for my church lunch.

I'm not gonna lie, a little panic set in.

I went to Publix on Thursday and the rotisserie chickens weren't done so I put in an order for them to hold them for me until that evening, paid for them and went on my merry way. I returned that evening to get them, and they had been sold. I was not amused. I spoke with the management and they assured me that if I called back Friday morning he would personally hold them for me. It took 3 calls on Friday to get that manager on the phone. After the 3rd attempt at getting them, (anyone with kids knows that 3 trips to the grocery store in 2 days is not a desirable situation) I assumed they would throw in some flowers for free, offer me a discount or something. Ya, no. In fact, he rang up the chickens and tried to make me pay for them again. Ugh.

But anyway, I got the meal made Friday (though I forgot to take the guacamole--oops) and the house picked up. Chris was amazing and helped me clean while I made cake bites Friday night. The shower went off without a hitch and I made it to soccer only 3 minutes late. Feeling high from the days' success, I made plans to go to a local pizza place that we love (near a train) and walk around with friends afterwards. As we were driving there I heard Ryan coughing a bit. I commented to Chris that we should probably turn his humidifier on that night. We got to the pizza place, ordered and the kids began eating their applesauce. After Ryan finished, he crawled into Chris' lap (clue # 1 something wasn't right). I could all of a sudden hear him breathing from across the table so I picked him up to hold him and listen. I could feel his chest shaking on his back when he breathed, so when the girl brought our pizza I told her to bring a box and the check. We left immediately and after a useless conversation with Kaiser (why do I even bother?), we headed straight to the children's hospital. (we debated going home since we have a prescription steroid, but ultimately decided it would be best to head to the hospital in case the steroid wasn't enough and we then would have to drive to the hospital.) It was eerily similar to our last trip.

We pulled in and I jumped out and carried Ryan in. By this point his breathing was extremely labored, shallow and loud. I was in line behind a woman with a little girl who had an ear infection and her amoxicillan wasn't working (insert rolling eyes. Really? ER on a Saturday night? Not letting a kid go in front of you who can't breathe?). Ryan was getting worse by the minute and I finally pulled a "mama bear" and said, "I'm not trying to be that mom, but he isn't getting enough oxygen when he's breathing and needs to be seen right now." They looked at him and immediately took him to triage. While in triage, Ryan grabbed his throat and made a noise that I could tell he wasn't getting any air. I asked him if he could breathe and he tried to say no but couldn't and shook his head no. The nurse called the doctor and was reading out Ryans' vitals and telling him which room to meet us in as we ran down the hall. They immediately gave him epinephrine through a nebulizer and he didn't even fight it. They followed it up with an oral steroid and motrin (to combat the 101.6 fever that had instantly popped up from nowhere). After 2 hours he wasn't better (enough) so they gave him another epinephrine treatment and decided to keep him overnight. When we got up to move to the inpatient rooms (from observation) I noticed the sheets were soaked with sweat. I asked the doctor about it and he said that he didn't think it was a fever in regards to virus (etc) but that Ryan's muscles had been in extreme stress trying to get enough oxygen they were working too hard/tensing up (or something like that??). That really scared me.

Since I'm still nursing Jack, Chris came to the hospital to stay with Ryan. I went to the valet to get my car and a mom with 3 teenagers with her (who got there a solid 5 minutes after me) said she was next in line and gave the guy her ticket in front of me. I was too tired to say anything. When it was finally my turn he brought the wrong car. Instead of Chris' 2000 accord he brought a brand new cadillac suv. Anyway, I felt like a horrible mother driving away from the hospital, leaving my baby behind! I came home, cleaned up the kitchen from the shower, fed Jack and made the soup for lunch (thanks to Jonathan for staying with the kids and Leigh-Ann for making the vegetarian chili for me!!). After a shower and folding the pile of laundry on top of my bed, I finally fell asleep at 2 am. I am so tired and so sore.

The bottom line is that in another child this would only manifest in cold like symptoms, but, they believe, Ryan has extra narrow airway passages and until he grows (thus outgrowing the problem) around age 7, this will continue to be a problem for him. They are again trying to push us to do the exploratory surgery , but I just don't see the point of doing a surgery, that requires general anesthesia, when it will only answer questions and not in any way fix the problem. If he doesn't outgrow it by age 7, we would do it because at that point they would do surgery to laser remove scar tissue (from when he was intubated as a newborn when he was first born).

So, there's that.

I took Anna-Kate and Jack to church this morning to drop off the food and just be around people. I was again reminded of the blessing that our church family is. Word had traveled about Ryan and I had so many people asking for updates and telling me they had been praying for him--we are blessed.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

State Fair, 2010 edition

This week we went to the state fair. It is always such a fun time! Anna-Kate had so much fun last year that she has regularly been asking when we could go back again. She was beside herself with anticipation for the rides the whole day we went! We continued the tradition of going with our best friends, Jonathan and Leigh-Ann and their kids (sidenote, love family traditions and am so thankful for "kindred spirit" friends to share these child rearing years and memories with!).

The husbands rode in one car there and Leigh-Ann and I thought we would brilliantly beat the system by cramming all 6 kids, and us, in the van. We must have looked like a clown car as we pulled kid after kid out (hers were all in the back and had to be lifted over the seat to get in). Maybe not the brightest idea as it took us 30 minutes to get everyone in, but whatever. The parking attendant took pity on us and let me park for free and score a close spot!

We sprang for the unlimited ride passes for the 2 big kids and the moms and we let the kids choose what they wanted to ride. We fed the babies while the daddies took the big kids to see the animals and the elephant show, then it was more rides for us! Ryan's favorite was the "pirate ship" and we rode it twice. Anna-Kate loved the knock-off Dumbo elephant ride and the caterpillar roller coaster.

Family picture

Waiting to ride our first ride!

Lydia and Ryan on the fighter planes.

Sweet Jack...he is such a trooper. Poor 3rd kid. I would never have done this to my first two!! :) (Sidenote, see how laid back I'm getting in my old age?)

Ryan and Anna-Kate on the fish.

Family picture with Jack not in the stroller. :)

This is the caterpillar roller coaster that Anna-Kate had such a hard time with at age 2. And, they're off!

I told him if he got a little scared to hold Anna-Kate's hand. So sweet.

Finally loving it!

The husbands took the kids home at 9:15 and Leigh-Ann and I were like footloose and fancy free teenagers...we rode every ride and had a ball! Though, I will say it was weird being amidst so many highschoolers...we were certainly feeling old (and imagining how old and lame we looked to them).