Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Anna-Kate: (came up behind me and said) "Boo! Did you see me coming?"
Me: "No, I didn't see you!"
AK: (in utter shock and disbelief) "But, I thought you had eyes on the back of your head?"


Ryans prayer last night: "Dear God, thank you for my Mommy, Daddy, family, me and my lamby. AAAAA-men."


AK: "I'm a callerpiller." {scooching on floor}. "Now I'm am in my cocoon {wrapped in blanket on floor." "Look Mommy, I hatched. Now I"m a beautiful monarch butterfly. Did you know that monarch butterflies are the biggest butterflies in North America? They are. I better watch out for birds, because birds eat butterflies. Did you know that Mommy?"
Anna-Kate: (came up behind me and said) "Boo! Did you see me coming?"
Me: "No, I didn't see you!"
AK: (in utter shock and disbelief) "But, I thought you had eyes on the back of your head?"


Ryans prayer last night: "Dear God, thank you for my Mommy, Daddy, family, me and my lamby. AAAAA-men."


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The stats

I took Jack in for his 12 month well baby {what a joke!} today. In addition to discovering that he has another double ear infection, (no surprise there) he has also lost 1 1/2 lbs in the last month. I think it's a combination of eating less, being sick and being so very active. She wasn't too concerned, but we are going back in two weeks for a weight/ear check. It's always something, I guess.

He is 19.8 lbs, (10%) 28 in. (10%) and 47 1/2 head (92%). LOL, another "little and smart" one. :) He took his shots pretty well and is just chilling, despite the extremely bad ears. She wanted to move him up in the antibiotic world, but I asked if we could try amoxicillan again. Fingers crossed that it works!

I told my pediatrician about our month and asked for another pink eye prescription since there has been a lot of waste on Ryans' eyes {in case you were wondering, of all of my kids the 4 year old and 1 year old take the drops well--the newly 3 year old is the hands down hardest to put eye drops in. In fact, I have to sit on his chest using my knees to hold his hands down and head from moving..}. I had to laugh when she wrote me a prescription with three refills so everyone could have their own. Only other reportable news is this annoying keep them rear-facing in the carseat until age two business. Our carseat goes until 30 lbs so I will keep him rearfacing until that point (which, if he follows his siblings, will be quite a while...) but I just feel bad for him. The statistics are staggering though, 75% less likely to have a spinal injury if rear facing. With those stats I couldn't in good conscious turn him to the front. O well. :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

It continues...

Ryan walked into my room this morning a few minutes before 8.

R: "Look Mommy, my eye is crying!"
Me: "Inconceivable! You have pink eye!" {why I was shocked at this point, I'm not quite sure}.
R: "I a boy, I not have pink eye, I have green eye."
Me: "Sadly, you have both at this point."


I've almost finished my second bottle of Lysol spray this month. My toys have never been cleaner and I'm exhausted. This is a pink eye super bug, evidently. So I, for one, cannot wait for the month of March to end. We have only had seven days since February 22 that someone hasn't been sick in our house...It has to end soon, right?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jack turns ONE!

What?!? My baby is a year old? Say it ain't so!

Alas, it's true.

Chris' parents came in town last week to kick off the big birthday festivities. Friday we went out to a yummy dinner and then watched Anna-Kate's soccer game. She did a great job! We got home and Chris began smoking pork to be made into bbq while I prepped the sides (macaroni and cheese, fruit, and cakes, of course. Thanks to mom for bringing slaw and baked beans!) Saturday morning Jack woke up with (what I would be shocked to find out is not) an ear infection. He was not happy. We made the best of it singing "happy birthday" as we got him up. Chris, Mimi, Oompa and the big kids took a trip to browse Toys R Us while I did last minute party preparations. Jack woke up way early from his nap which was bad news for both my preparedness and his mood. Lunch was delicious and we were blessed to be surrounded by family (and friends who are like family). Jack ate his weight in macaroni and cheese and then shocked no one by eating {almost} the entire smash cake! He was loving his life about that moment! He took a rock-star nap and woke up in much better spirits. It began pouring rain, but despite the weather, we went out for dinner since I was DONE being in the kitchen! We went to our two favorite pizza places and both were at max capacity from multiple parties, so ended up at IHOP for Jack's birthday dinner. At least kids eat free, right? :)

The cake table:

Family pictures, pre-bbq sauce :)

Mommy, Daddy and the big birthday boy!

The big kids felt they needed to join in. :)

It only took one look at the cake {that didn't immediately get snatched out of his hand}...

Making some headway...

He's all in...

Chasing the goodness with some cold milk. :)

Opening presents (post-bath):

Enjoying his new book:

Ryan with his Poppy {total trooper who sat with an iced foot all day after having surgery the day before!}

Papa, Anna-Kate, Ryan and my dad.

This picture makes me laugh! Anna-Kate is all into the "silly picture" now. :)

Ryan wanted in on the silly-action!

Sweet Anna-Kate and Nana picture

After festivity naps. Oompa read Ryan so many books and they fell asleep together reading about Jimmy Zangwow and moonpies (for the millionth time!). Ryan ate all of the attention up!


Happy birthday, sweet Jack. We love you so much and have been beyond blessed this first year of your life.

Friday, March 25, 2011

All grown up.

In preparation for Jack's 12 month pictures, I decided to get his hair cut. It was long overdue. {like, she cut two inches of straight, not at all curly, hair. Long overdue.}

He did great and sat pretty still with no tears {even with the buzzer!}. At first he was a bit wiggly and I asked Ms. Gwen how long it takes to get used to moving targets. She replied that she'd been cutting kids' hair for over twenty years and it "ain't no thang".

The first cut {watching Toy Story in a daze}

He loved the airplane!

"AHH! I'm one!"

Taking the buzzer like a man! :)

I was trying to get him to look down under the airplane so she could buzz his neck. Cutie pie!

All done! Such a handsome boy.

With my big boy!


{an iphone picture of the picture}

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun out of the mundane

In an effort to establish fun {sometimes silly} traditions, I attempt to make a big deal out of even the smallest holidays. :) Anna-Kate had been learning about St. Patrick's Day at school {and woke up every day for a week saying, "I have to wear green today or I get a pinch!!!" Ha.}. So, I woke up extra early that Thursday (and was quite thankful that no one happened to be sick on that day in March...) and made a special breakfast. I made green banana pancakes, dyed their milk green and green eggs {and ham}. I felt like Dr. Seuss as I was making it as all I heard was, "I don't like green eggs and ham, just yellow eggs" from a certain almost-five-year-old, but when I served breakfast, there wasn't a bit of food left. I'd call that a success! :)

Only green thing Jack owns (can you tell I don't do "gender neutral" clothes...especially given people's confusion over his pretty little face?) and the first time I've ever put jeans on Ryan. Sniff, he's growing up.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Hopefully, when we are all well someday (I know it's gonna happen, right?) I will look back at this time and truly appreciate the goodness that is health. So I can remember:

Whole month of February and March-Chris has hacking cough
February 22-Jack, double ear infection
March 4-Anna-Kate, pink eye (both eyes).
March 6-Ryan, threw up
March 8-Chris, pink eye
March 11-Jack, threw up
March 12-Me, something got massively screwed up with my back (in bed--still ongoing, just not in bed)
March 13-Anna-Kate, fever
March 15-Ryan-not acting himself, had to pick him up early from school.
March 18-Me-I got Chris' cough finally.
March 18 and 19-Ryan, croup and stridor. Had his steroids both days.
March 20-Anna-Kate-threw up and fever
Jack-double pink eye, suspected ear infection
March 21-Jack-fever


Choosing to believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Choosing to be thankful for extra snuggles from sick littles. Choosing to be thankful for a really clean house as all toys have been bleached, all surfaces bleached and the whole house lysoled about 15 times this month (how are these germs surviving?!?!?!?).

I'm tired.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Even though...I'm thankful

Even though today would mark hospital trip number four (this winter) for Ryan, {his croup/breathing issues} I am so thankful for the steroids that make him better (enough to stay home). (*Bonus, Jack was deemed to have "the best lungs I've heard in weeks" by our pediatrician--yippee!)

Even though I've done upwards of 20 loads of laundry in the last week and a half (2 different people with pink eye, a kid with fever, and 2 who threw up) I am so thankful that I have an awesome washing machine and drier that make my life easier.

Even though there is constantly something in my house that {desperately} needs cleaning, I am so thankful that we have a house and for a daughter who loves to help, often asking what chores she can do to help our family.

Even though my back hurts, I am so thankful for a husband who has bent over backwards to help me and lighten my load.

Even though my days are often long, tedious and filled with "being consistent" I am beyond blessed and thankful for the children that take my time, that I can stay home with them and that Chris absolutely supports our decision for me to do so.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Really? Already?

This morning I threw some cheerios at Jack, as I do every morning (and by "threw" I mean I put a handful on his tray). He ate one, then I noticed him look at the other two kids' breakfasts. He saw Ryan eating instant oatmeal (his fav) and immediately pushed his cheerios away (not off the tray--yay--he's learning!) and pointed at Ryan's bowl, then signed "eat". Seriously? I tried to entice him to the yumminess of dry cheerios by putting one in his mouth for him and he pushed his lips together so hard I couldn't get it in. I pulled out a bowl and asked him if he wanted oatmeal and he {excitedly} signed more. {Guess I should be thankful for communication?}

Ugh. Not even one yet and is not only a picky eater but knows exactly what he wants? Geesh. I don't know that I'm ready for that!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A long time comin'

So, Ryan turned three {horrible it took me this long!}.

A quick Ryan recap.


Announcement picture:

Age 1:

Age 2:

Age 3:


We went to his well baby last week and he is 31 lbs (50%) and 36" (40%). Ryan absolutely is the cuddler of all three kids and I treasure the way he curls up into my lap, pats my back and just snuggles. He is very independent (we're in the "I do it" stage. Sigh.) and extremely strong willed. I keep telling myself (and fervently praying) that this is a good trait. Once the Lord gets his heart, our prayer is that Ryan is a strong fighter for the Lord. He doesn't care what other people think and know what he wants (both good traits, just still tweaking that...). :) Ryan is the entertainer, the life of the party and I have yet to find someone he cannot weasel his way into their hearts. I truly believe that God gave him a little extra helping of cute to cover his naughtiness. He doesn't meet a stranger he won't speak to, loves to laugh and all of his little friends stop what they are doing and say "Ryan's here!" when he goes to school. (So cute!) I absolutely cannot believe he is three! We sure do love you buddy!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sound Bites

AK: "I see the sun {finally}! Oh no, it's gone again."
R: "The sun needs more batteries to blow those clouds away!"
Ak: {sighs, deep breath} "Ryan, the sun doesn't have a spot for batteries!"


Ryan: {pretend playing in his carseat, holding no toys} "Well hello Pwuto {Pluto}, I'm pweased {pleased} to meet you."


{I called to Ryan}
R: "what?"
Me: "Ryan, what do you say when Mommy calls your name?"
R: "Umm, I'm sorry?"
Me: "well, generally that is also appropriate...but no, you say, 'yes ma'am'".
R: "Oooooh." {Please, like that is new information}


{while playing with his trains, by himself, I hear}
Ryan: "aww nut. That what Donald (duck) say Thomas"
Me: "Ryan, the saying is "aww nuts".
Ryan: "OOOOh, ok Mommy. Aww nut. Ssssss."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The zoo

{and all of the non-animal things we do}


The boys playin' the drums!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My day, as told by Ryan

"The sun woke me up Mommy" {a little early}

Me: "Ryan, when Mommy tells you to do something, but you want to do something else, what do you do?"
Ryan: "What I want to do."
{enter teaching opportunity, and deep breaths}

{a few minutes later}
Ryan: "I no want spankings! Daddy told me he doesn't like spanking me."
Me: "I don't like spanking you either Ryan."
Ryan: "well then just don't".

{just when I think I'm gonna lose it}
"I want to cuddle you and me on the blue rocker Mama." {snuggles in} "I love you Mommy."


With slight variation, wash, rinse repeat for most of my day, most days. But, I love him and wouldn't trade him for the world!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How do you spell love?

As I drove to church this morning I heard a mother of five speaking on the radio about time management. Naturally, my ears perked up, as I feel like I'm barely holding it together with three at times. Her (abbreviated) thoughts:

I cannot be all things to all people. All I know is that I am the only wife my husband has and I need to be all the wife he needs and that I am the only mother my kids have and I need to fully be their mother. What fits besides that is icing. What doesn't fit I pray through and help those needing pieces of me to find someone else to serve instead.

Seems to be a running theme to anyone speaking about time management, especially where young children are concerned. Learning to say "no" and realizing that life consists of seasons. What can be a wonderful thing (be it personally or for the Kingdom) simply might not be good at all for me in my current season. Another nugget I took from a blog I read said, "little children spell love like this, T-I-M-E." Oh, how true that is!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mileage off the insurance card

Well. Gracious, it's been a week (or two).

Last week Jack had his double ear infection and we missed Ryan's well baby. Friday was his "makeup" appointment. Jack had been pulling on his ear all week, but I am so cheap I didn't take him in to pay an extra co-pay so waited to kill two birds with one stone. {shrugs} Good news, his ears were clear. Hallelujah! Ryans appointment went really well. He's moved up to just shy of 50% in weight and is hanging steady at 25% in height. Evidently, there are no shots at the 3 year well baby so off we went (with a really happy Ryan). I was depositing some checks at the bank (that shares a parking lot with my pediatrician--love it!) when I got a call from my doctor. Evidently there is some booster to something he got as a baby because more strands of whatever it was have developed. She asked us to swing back in for his shot. {enter loud protests and tears by the boy}. We circled back in and were quickly in and out and on our way home to watch Toy Story (bribe, err, reward for being brave). I know, I know, if we were still at Kaiser my blood would be boiling. Whatever, we'll call it strike one for current pediatrician. She had bonus points already for a) being awesome and b) changing the wording on my billing to save us about $300 (for getting the splinter out of Anna-Kate's foot).

The day progressed like any other until I went in to read Anna-Kate her story towards the end of quiet play time. She had a HUGE eye booger which I wiped away. About 10 minutes later, there was another one. I immediately wondered if it was pink eye, but her eyes looked normal, so I dismissed it (with a hopeful heart). Sure enough, about 45 minutes later it was there again and this time she commented that her eyes were itching {of course they were, it was after 5 now}.

For the first time, I utilized the Saturday hours our pediatrician offers (because they wouldn't just give me a prescription over the phone since I didn't know someone who had directly infected her. They cited it was possibly a different type of eye infection. It wasn't.). Doctor walked in and announced, from five feet away, "well, I know what's wrong with you!". Yep, pink eye in both eyes. Let me tell you, 3 times a day for a week is not going to be fun. And, bonus, if she cries, I have to do it again because she cries them out. So, needless to say, it's been a long day as I've followed her around spraying lysol on everything she passes by (all the while saying "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!") and doing laundry. Lots and lots of laundry (basically, anything she's come in contact with in the last 48 hours. I am determined for this not to spread throughout the family!!!). Bless her heart, she went to her room crying today because she thought she was in trouble and that no one wanted to be around her; breaks my heart. :(

Thankful that tomorrow begins a new week. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

The bottom line

My kids love to eat out. I don't know if it's a) a result of my cooking (hope not!) or b) it's just fun and often doesn't contain veggies. Either way, most days I get asked by someone if we can eat at a restwant. Today was no exception. On our way home from school Anna-Kate asked me where we were going to eat dinner. I told her at home. She asked why we couldn't eat out. I told her we were trying to be healthier as a family and to save money for school next year (fingers crossed). She wasn't happy with the answer, but that's all I heard about it.

For then.

During quiet rest time she asked if she could do some extra chores. This is pretty normal for her. She loves to have extra time cleaning with me, and for volunteering to do extra work we give her a little bit of money to begin teaching her about tithing, spending, saving (etc). She worked hard and I am always blessed by her helpers attitude.

At dinner she told Chris that she did extra chores today so she "could earn extra money for our family" (clearly missing the point that we pay her, thus it doesn't actually help the bottom line, but anyway). I had related the conversation to him so he asked if she was trying to save money for school next year. She responded, "No, now we have extra money to eat at restaurants, right?" Ha!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A trip to the dentist

Well, we were able to stay in the main area and not be shown to the back room (with a fully functioning door like last time). Progress!

Anna-Kate did great. She watched the show and completely zoned out. (yes, she's wearing gloves. She swore she was freezing and needed her fingers warmed up. Silly girl!)

Ryan, not so much...

She was excited to wear the "heavy gown" and get her x-rays taken (thank you, Dora goes to the dentist book).

No cavities! :)


On a totally (unrelated and) random note, we've been busy! I feel like a horrible mother for not updating about Ryan's birthday yet, but it'll happen. :) For now, I'll leave you with a funny Ryan-ism (oh, how I love this age of funny talking!).

Ryan: "I no want to have yellow and lond (blonde) hair anymore. I want white hair, like Papa. No, actually, I change my mind. I a piglet (begins squeaking like a pig)."