Saturday, January 30, 2010

How we've spent our weekend.

Yesterday Chris and I went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican place in town and then to our Sunday School dessert/lesson. (Since it's missions emphasis month, the next two Sundays we'll have missionarys speaking during the Sunday school hour and our teacher didn't want to get behind. Anyway.)We are going through "Growing Kids God's Way" and are so far loving it. It's written by Gary Ezzo, the same guy who wrote the baby/sleep book that we use, so we've been fans for a while.

Here's a hint:

Cutie patootie:

Did you guess potty training? If you did, you would be correct (have an m&m!).

Anyway, it's supposed to sleet/ice/snow today and tonight, so since we had a whole weekend at home with no plans, we decided this morning to give potty training a try with Ryan. He's pretty excited about it (and has been showing readiness for a while. It's frankly laziness on my part that's held me back from starting this long). So, it has begun. So far (it's naptime now) we've had 12 successes and 4 accidents (well, technically 5, but it was slight and he ended up going in the potty, so I didn't count it as either success or accident). I think that's pretty good for day 1! Of course, Chris and I do the potty dance with enthusiasm, but Anna-Kate has really been Ryan's biggest cheerleader. Every time he pees, she drops what she's doing and runs in and asks to see it, then claps for him, tells him she's so proud of him etc. He beams (and the m&m's don't hurt either).

So, there's been a lot of this:

I know you are all dying to hear the outcome of this story...hopefully it is short lived and will soon be history. :) We'll see.

Friday, January 29, 2010

To remember

Upon seeing the clothes I bought at the end of last season for this upcoming spring/summer Anna-Kate held up a (very cute) pair of shorts and said, "Umm, I don't beary much want to wear these, only dresses. These are not beary beautiful on me I think." (and, ps, if you see her in a shirt and shorts or pants, do me a favor and DON'T call it pants and a shirt. It is simply a short dress with leggings or shorts to keep her legs warm. OK, now that we're clear).

Along the same lines, I dropped Anna-Kate off at school last week and she ran in and immediately to her friend Emma and they began talking. Her teacher said to me, "ahh, a dress, I'm sure they'll be discussing this all day" and laughed. Evidently Emma, Anna-Kate, and Campbell all attempt to wear dresses every day. Now her comments make sense. For weeks the first thing she says when she gets in the car are, "Campbell wore ___ and Emma wore____ today" (and it is noted if there are tights, pants or a shirt under said dress. Also noted if a friend had the misfortune of being forced to wear pants that day. Also noted? Color of bow.). Amazing.


We were driving home from school and had a kids Christian cd on (like, the old school Sunday school songs). It's an old Gospel song, "Ain't That Good News?" and repeats frequently. After every "Good news" when the singing stopped for a second Ryan sang, "goo neeeews!". Precious. Made me smile the whole way.


As I tucked Ryan in for his nap today I blew him a kiss and said, "I love you buddy, sweet dreams" (as I always do). First time (unprompted) he said, "wuv you mama", blew me a kiss, gave me a big smile and waved bye-bye.


Chris and I are doing "Growing Kids God's Way" as a Sunday school class. The current chapter is on love languages. We were answering questions to figure ours and the kids' primary love language. There are 5 sets of 5 questions that you rank 1-5 in order of importance. You can only use each number 1 time per set. 1 is the least important thing. Twice last night Chris said, "dang, I've used my 1 already." Super. :) (and, in case you were wondering, my love language is "words of affirmation" if you are surprised, you don't know me well enough. :) Feel free to leave many words of affirmation as a comment-ha!).


Anna-Kate on Disney this year. "well, I guess since I'll be 4 when we go to Disneyworld that I will be a big girl and baby Jack can have my seat in the stroller that I used to use when I was a baby last year."

Along the Disney we look at Disney pictures (and she asks to look at her friend Ansley's Disney pictures). Obsessed much? Nana and Poppy have created a monster! :) Both of my kids will sit completely still and watch over 200 pictures in the Disney slide show. Amazing.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The dentist

So today was pediatric dentist day. (Fun, fun).

This was Anna-Kate's 5th visit and Ryan's first. Wailing and gnashing of teeth (literally, on the mirror and explorer tools) typically is an accurate depiction of our visit. Sigh. So, it was with much tepidation that I embarked with both of them on back to back appointments (what was I thinking??) then quickly thought better of my approach and called for back-up. Daddy to the rescue!

We have been reading "Dora goes to the dentist" every day for a while now in preparation. We've been talking about being brave. We even prayed about it. The moment of truth? Anna-Kate did great! She was not remotely interested in lying in the chair alone and cried, but once I told her she could sit on my lap and lean her head on the tech's lap, she was great, opened wide and afterwards said, "I was so brave and I am so proud of me. Are you proud of me too Mama?" And yes, I was. Sigh of relief. She trotted off to tell Ryan (playing in the waiting room with Chris) that "it doesn't hurt, just tickles and you get a prize" (necklace for her, ball for him--along with customary sticker and new toothbrush.). Bonus, to make the dentist something to look forward to, we always go out to lunch afterwards. Anna-Kate got to pick anywhere she wanted. Of course, pizza was chosen. (I mean, she is my clone afterall.)

Ryan ran back excited for his ball. There was a show on and he was psyched with his good fortune. Until I put his head on her lap. Hell.broke.loose. And there was wailing and gnashing of teeth. Sigh. I took my camera to document his first visit. We left with no pictures, just a boy whose hair was slicked to his head from being so worked up and sweating. They had to close the door to keep the other kids from freaking out. Ya, I had that kid.

I don't know who was more relieved for that to be over, me, Ryan, the tech cleaning his teeth, the dentist next door, or the other parents trying to keep their own kids calm. Sigh. At least this is checked off the ol' list until July.

Gulp, then I'll have 3. Gracious.

I've been thinking

I've been thinking alot about Haiti recently, as has anyone that is remotely connected to the world via tv, internet, or having eyes and ears has been. My heart breaks for the devastation that has occurred: the loss of life, the sadness and sickness. It's heartbreaking.

I think what hits me harder than anything, is that I've been to Haiti before. I went the summer after my sophomore year of highschool for a few weeks with a group from my highschool and some doctors. Haiti is a beautiful country and its people have amazing hearts and smiles, despite their poverty. Children play and smile and mamas and daddies provide for them and love them as best they can--just like here in America. The only difference is, their homes had holes in the roofs and those roofs simply covered dirt floors. When it was lunchtime, that didn't mean it was time to eat. When a baby got sick, it wasn't taken to a doctor for medicine.

To be honest, I hadn't thought much about Haiti in years (let's be clear, it's been a few...). Seeing the pictures of devastation of this earthquake ravaged country, the pain and loss of what, compared to me, was nothing in the first place, has truly broken my heart. You know why? Because besides being a human with a beating heart with empathy for others, I am a mother. Since the day I became a mother, any hurting child is an extension of my own child and hurts my heart. A child going to bed hungry? What if that hungry child with a swollen belly were Anna-Kate? A sick child, or one with an injury badly in need of a doctor, but no money for one? What if that were Ryan? A mother helplessly holding her child in the street not able to offer anything to comfort her crying baby? What if that was me with baby Jack?

I'll leave you with these...

Precious school children

At an orphanage in Port-au-prince

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Shower

My baby shower for Jack was this afternoon and was so great! My sweet friends, Heather, Heidi and Leigh-Ann threw the bash for me and so many great friends attended. So fun!

It was a "Pampers and wipes" shower and I am happy (and quite thankful) to announce that baby Jack's bottom will be covered in nothing but the best for quite a long time! I am stocked from newborn-size 3 (and 1 package of size 4's--yes!). God is good to provide so many friends and family to support us and be excited with us for the birth of our third child. In addition to the diapers and wipes, Jack got a sweet outfit, burp cloth, little carseat toy, a silver train piggy bank with his name engraved on it, and a new carseat. (from Nana and Poppy)--our last one was SHOT and we are so grateful to have a new one (and it's super cute--black with green circles).

Not the greatest picture of me, but it is the only one I have of me, Mana and Mom.

My sweet grandmother, my moms' mom.

My diaper wreath (love me some swaddlers!) and the sweet cross for Jack's room, gracing the front door:

Welcome baby Jack sign with little trains on each end. So cute. Attention to detail, I love it!!

The party favors--how cute! All of the bright colored M&M's in a little diaper.

The table of food. Leigh-Ann made the awesome 3-d train cake. There were also little sandwiches, (turkey and ham on sister schubert rolls!) a fruit bouquet, peanut butter filled pretzels, little pacifier candies, peach gummy o's (my current obsessions, thanks Leigh-Ann!), nuts and punch. It was all so yummy and SO cute!

Close up of the cake:

View of the party:

Me and my sweet hostesses (Leigh-Ann, Heather and Heidi). Thanks so much girls!:


In completely unrelated, yet EXTREMELY EXCITING, news, we booked our 2010 Disney trip and dinner reservations today. I am beyond pumped (and take my word for it when I say that my excitement pales to that of a certain 3 year old I know who has been talking about her return since last May and has upped the chatter to CONSTANTLY talking about it). We've got dinner dates planned with Cinderella (and Charming and the stepsisters), Pooh (and friends), Mickey and the gang, at Boma, and the Hawaiian Spirit of Aloha dance meal. Again, beyond excited.

I should also say, she's getting really smart. We had not been talking about Disney the other day but I spelled out a-n-i-m-a-l k-i-n-g-d-o-m lodge the other night at dinner and Anna-Kate looked up and said, "Oh yes, when we go back to the animal kingdom I would like to meet Pocahontas". WHAT?!? I mean, I get that she has come to learn what s-h-o-w and s-n-a-c-k mean, but animal kingdom? Wowza.

So, I will speed up my spellings of things.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A science experiment, of sorts...

So Ryan didn't nap today. At all. He got 2 spankings for getting out of bed though (and, his trains are in indefinite time-out). Chris took Anna-Kate to the hockey game, so with early bedtime for my boy who fell asleep during a 5 minute car ride, I was anxiously awaiting my night alone to catch up with my tivo.

I got him ready for bed, threw the diaper downstairs, put him to bed, put on my jammies, then walked down to enjoy my bowl of humongous strawberries I got at Publix and watch some tv (nevermind that it was from last week).

Before I could walk to the kitchen to retrieve said strawberries, my venture was cut short by this. (I'm pretty sure this picture does not show the scene accurately.)

I was completely baffled by what this monstrous mess was myself. In case you are too, I present, my (unintentional) science project. Perhaps you didn't notice above that I tossed Ryan's (wet only) diaper downstairs. It landed on the wood floor (as I've done a million times). Key difference this time? The gel like substance that Pampers brilliantly uses to keep babies bums dry exploded. I'll paint the picture for you.

I got down on the floor (a feat in and of itself) and began inspecting the strange substance. Then, I was struck by the smell. Ahhh, lightbulb moment (though, sadly, not as profitable as Edison's lightbulb moment). Honestly, my first thought was, "well, at least I have something to blog about today." Then, I logically got a dishrag and began to clean it up. In case you've always wondered, urine in gel form doesn't wipe up. It sweeps up OK, until the broom gets wet. Same with the swiffer. So I had to go with the tried and true method of picking up piece by piece of a chunky mess and then meticulously cleaning the floor afterwards.

I'm not gonna lie, it put a damper on my evening.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I forgot how A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 60 degrees and no rain is. Bless their hearts, I think my kids' had too.

Today was a gorgeous day and we took full advantage! I picked up chick-fil-a on the way to get Anna-Kate from school and we enjoyed a picnic on the playground with a couple of friends (stroke of brilliance that needs to be repeated!!). Ryan couldn't be bothered to eat his nuggets, he was too busy running the entire 1 1/2 hours we were there! I am usually a stickler for eating lunch first and then playing, but it's supposed to start raining (again) tomorrow, so after he swallowed 2 nuggets almost whole, I just let it, and him, go (round of applause for new laid-back Janelle?).

Can I tell you, he napped for 3 1/2 hours? Wowza, and that's why little boys need to play outside!

(Good thing too, yesterday, naps were disastrous as he got out of bed and discoverd a whole box of elmo bandaids and q-tips. He was as quiet as a church mouse...Let's just say I'm still picking up random sticks and pieces of cotton.)

Tomorrow Chris and Anna-Kate have their first daddy/daughter date to a hockey game. Chris is really excited. Anna-Kate is excited to stay up past bedtime and eat a hotdog and cotton candy. Hockey is clearly not her first priority. Can you blame her? :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ode to mod podge

Oh mod podge, how I love thee. You make those of us untalented in the craft arena able to fake it a bit.

My original thought was to paint some art for the kids' walls. Then I realized it would have looked horrible and I would have thrown it away. So I started thinking. I love fabric. I can cut in a straight line (especially if I have something straight or circular by which I can trace said line) and I can paint (when it's a clear substance, that is). Enter my brilliant idea, mod podge and fabric on canvas.

I feel so Martha Stewart.

Anna-Kate's wall art:

Ryan's wall art (special sneak-peek, his room reveal isn't quite ready yet. Also, ps, the white part will go away, it's like glue, goes on white, dries clear. Foolproof.):

Not too bad, it could be better, but I'm not complaining! Start to finish for both kids art: $12. Can't beat that with a stick.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Boundaries and Filters

As a preface to this post, I recognize the fact that I've been smaller in my life, and I by no means think I am God's gift to the world.

OK, now that we're clear.

When one is 30+ weeks pregnant (or, any pregnant...) one does everything one can to look cute and pulled together. (Of course). I went to church yesterday feeling as cute as possible and somewhat pulled together. (You know where this is going, right?)

A friend (bless her heart) walked up behind me as I was holding Ryan and said, "Ryan?". I turned around and she said, "Oh Janelle, I thought that was Ryan but you don't look pregnant from behind and I was wondering if that was Ryan or who he was with." Again, God bless you Lucy.

I was walking out of service and saw a woman with a huge grin walking towards me. I have never in my life laid eyes upon this woman, but she was so excited looking to talk with me that I walked up to her. She violated my personal space touched my belly, then proceeded to say, "so you should have that baby soon, huh?" I said, "well, 2 more months." "Oh, really? Wow, must be a big baby in there!" I said, "well, it's a boy and my son was 8.10 when he was born..." (as I looked for a way to leave the conversation...) "I guess they ruled out that it was twins? Though, you look big enough for it to be twins." I said, "well, it is my third." To which she responded, "Oh yes, well I guess you are all stretched out then, huh?" At that point, I said I needed to get to Sunday school and walked away. Thankyousomuchforyourthoughtsonthatone, lady!

Rule # 1 violation, boundaries. If I do not know you, do not touch my belly. It is not sweet nor is it endearing. In fact, it makes me annoyed. Do you want me to touch your belly?

Rule # 2 violation, filter. Something I am teaching my three year old, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything. Another gem I learned from childhood, and am passing on to my kids, isthe question, "is it true, kind and necessary? If it's not all three, don't say it". I don't care if in your generation it was only recommended to gain 12 pounds during pregnancy (and, by the way, I've gained 16, it's not like I'm totally tipping the scales here!). Your opinion on my size is not wanted.

On my way to Sunday school, I ran into a girlfriend I hadn't seen in a few weeks who said, "Janelle, you look fantastic, I can't believe you aren't bigger!" (to be clear, this was no more than 2 minutes after the previous conversation I'd just had).

As I walked into Sunday school, I spoke with another woman who asked if it was a boy or girl then acted shocked when I said boy and responded with, "wow, I would have bet that was a girl the way you are carrying." I didn't ask what she meant by that, but isn't it what "they say" that if you swallow a basketball it's a boy and if you swallow the whole basketball court it's a girl? That's been the case for me, I thought.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Halfway finished

Finally, I am finished decorating Anna-Kate's big girl room! I am so happy with how it turned out!

We painted it bubblegum pink on the top and put up chair rail and left the bottom half white. (I say we, by that, I mean Chris painted. Well, I did the trim around the room).

I made the valence, the headboard, french board, lampshade and the wall art.

Close up on the monogrammed pillows and the ric-rac I added to the bedskirt and the pillows.

I am in the love with the trim I found!!

Her dresser and the art I made. This is a big step for me, I am not creative or artistic, at all!

The french board over her toy storage and play area. I still need to make labels for her baskets (dang, I'm not done!).

Right side of her bed.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just realized...

...that I never posted our Pink Pig pictures!

The pink pig is an Atlanta tradition (I remember going as a wee child myself). I will also add, as an adult, it is L-A-M-E. However, as has always been the case, kids love it!

The entrance:

An excited Anna-Kate, who remembers last year and is clutching tickets happily!

Well, Ryan loved it after he knew what was going on (and wow, on him needing a haircut!)

Family picture on Priscilla. Chris is so great, took a long lunch to meet us there. The kids were SO excited to see Daddy in the middle of the day!! Afterwards, we ate lunch at the mall, a special treat for sure. :)

Post-ride with Priscilla stickers in front of the signage. We walked away to, "is it gonna be Christmas again so we can come back and ride this PINK pig ride again?!?"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What life is like...Mary Kay?

The wise sage, Forest Gump, says it is like, "a box of chocolates".

I have come to recognize seasons in my life. It's surprising to receive a wedding invitation, for example. Whereas, 3 years ago, we attended a wedding most weekends.

I am in the pregnant/young baby/physically taxing stage of parenting, as are many of my friends. I wouldn't trade it for the world and love it more than anything. That said, I also am becoming increasingly more aware of myself, my personality and limits. I don't do New Year's resolutions, but in the past few weeks, with all of the stuff that's been going on around me, I've been forced to make a concerted effort to cypher through my life, cutting back where I can to make room for what (and who) is most important.

I know I'm being vague, so here it is. My time with the Lord is what makes my life grounded and gives me the strength to keep going when I'm tired (oh, so tired). My marriage is my second priority. Time with my husband is precious with the hours that he has to work to provide for our family and fulfill the demands of his job (but this is somewhat easy as we can stay up late talking etc). If you question it being more important than my kids, I say, what more can I give my kids than the most stable, loving home environment that is as close as we can make it (by the grace of God) to our heavenly Father's example of love? My kids are where I am currently focusing my energy. For too long I thought that if the phone rang, I was required by the gods out there to answer it. Same with the doorbell. (who makes these rules?). But I don't do that anymore. If I'm reading or playing with my kids, caller ID is super about telling me who to call back when they are independantly playing or sleeping. It's just where I'm at. (and usually, if someone is at my door, I don't want to talk with them anyway, or they can leave my package without chatting with me about it first). The final place I am spending time is relationally. We all need friends (duh). But, with afore mentioned priorities, I'm finding it necessary to scale back even here (Tear, how it pains my soul). Praise the Lord, my cup overflows with blessings of family and friends. Honestly though, where I'm at is spending the limited time I have gaining encouragement and mutually "sharpening iron" from the Christian sisters and family God has placed in my life.

When I was in Birmingham last weekend I was talking with my friends about growing up (sigh). I realize that I'm a type A personality. I realize that I need to be more laid back. (and, if we're being honest, I realize I haven't swiffered my floors in a week, but I'm trying not to sweat that). I am attempting to rid myself of stress, drama etc in an attempt to become those things. I think it's important for my family. I think it's important for me. I am realizing situations that I can avoid that don't bring out the best in my personality (not to blame anything/one for my sin, but as an alcohol shouldn't go to a bar, I am learning to recognize the situations that I likewise need to avoid).

I was talking to some friends last night and came to the conclusion that the stage of life I'm in right now is the "Mary Kay" stage of life. Intriqued? You should be. I don't have time to invest in new relationships (ie, expand my "business", if you will). I'm living off my previous investments (of relationships) in the pyramid scheme of life. Brilliant? Whether or not, I feel it describes where I'm at right now.

Can I tell you? I'm floored that my life is still full, fullfilled and amazingly more calm (well, I doubt anyone is surprised by the latter). I don't feel like I'm missing the little things.

So, without furthur ado, long live jammie Monday and family Saturday mornings! (and if you leave a message at the beep, I'll call you back sometime, I promise :) ).

Monday, January 11, 2010

Poor Ryan's case of the Monday's

He fell down three stairs and his teeth went through his lip. Break my heart, it took 10 minutes (aka, f-o-r-e-v-e-r) for him to stop crying and calm down.



Other than that, we enjoyed a jammie day and our friend baby Lauren and Sara coming over to play before naps, and ballet after naps. Love a low-key Monday (especially following a busy weekend!)

This weekend, Chris stayed behind to finish up some projects (ie, hang cornice board and headboard that I made in Anna-Kate's room, paint Ryan's new room, and put together some furniture I got at Ikea. What a good husband!!!). I took Anna-Kate with me, along with my college roommate Liana and her daughter Aubrey, to visit our other 2 roommates and their kids. Lots of fun! We hadn't met Megan's little girl Marcy yet, so off we went. The girls thought they were big stuff on a "girls weekend" with the mama's, and the mama's got to have a great time chatting and catching up. Obviously, with a 4 month old in the picture, not much went on (highlights being eating, chatting with coffee and watching "Julie and Julia"). Love friendships that last many years--you can always pick up where you left off as though no time had passed. I left the camera here for Chris, so I'll have to wait for pictures to post).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years Eve 09

So, I'm still catching up. Whatcha gonna do about it? (Besides to, clearly, keep reading). :)

Since December of '03 we have brought the new year in with the Crabbs. We eat far too much, (order a pizza for dinner then continue munching on apps and desserts all night) play spades, and at 11:45 turn the tv on to watch Dick Clark (and now, Ryan Seacrest evidently). We pop open a bottle of champagne or sparkling apple juice, depending on the year, (thankfully, Leigh-Ann and I are on the same baby time schedule now, it helps) and watch the ball drop. Then, about 10 minutes later the visiting couple gathers their sleeping children and heads home.

Ya, we've been old and lame for some time now. :)

This year we thought we'd go a little crazy and go out to get pizza. I know, living on the edge, right? We went to one of our favorite local pizza places which had hats and goodie bags for the kids--so fun!

Anna-Kate beyond tickled at her silly daddy:

Uncle Jon and Adam being silly with hats too:

Sweet boy, loved and wore that hat almost the whole time we were there.

Family picture:

Sweet brother and sister:

After the kids were tucked in to bed the fun began. We broke out the food and drink. The girls are enjoying a (the best ever) drink from World Market. It' s a low calorie sparkling raspberry drink with no aspartame and only 2 grams of sugar per serving (though I may or may not have consummed more than 1 serving as we divided the bottle in half...). Anyway, yum and Cheers to 2010!

I believe it was said that the girls (who did not manage to "shine in '09" spades-wise) will "hen in 2010" least that's a guaruntee as we are both presently pregnant.

Goof-ball. Sadly, this is the best him anyway. :)

The four of us. Sad that the boys are pretty successfully hidden behind us and our bellies.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

As usual...

I know I'm not the only one who has days (weeks?) that I just cry "enough! I can't take anymore Lord!".

As usual, my Bible study goes hand in hand with my life (amazing how God works, huh?). The final chapter of The Lies Women Believe dealt with our circumstances. Wouldn't you know it, the second to last lie of the book, "I just can't take anymore". Seriously? But really, I can't. You know that feeling of being maxed out? (and I should add, for the first time in my life I can honestly say that I'm not currently over-committed, this is all outside of me). It's every area of my life--I'm just overwhelmed. Thankfully, the author was quick to remind that Christ's grace is sufficient for me. I know it. My head 100% believes that, but you know how hard it is to live that--to truly believe that by living it? From the author,

"Dear child of God, your heavenly Father will never lead you anywhere that His grace will not sustain you. He will never place more upon you than He will give you grace to bear. When the path before you seems hopelessly long, take heart. Lift up your eyes. Look ahead to that day when all suffering will be over. And remember that when you stand before Him, all the tears and sorrows of a lifetime will seem dim in comparison with the beauty and glory of His face. Without a doubt, you will say, 'His amazing grace has brought me safely home.'"

Oh Lord, may it be.

Then, my dear friend shared a verse from Isaiah (30:20-21) with me,

"Although the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, your teachings will be hidden no more; with your own eyes you will see them. Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, 'this is the way; walk in it.'"

I am so thankful for the power of prayer and the encouragement of Christian sisters (and my husband!). I praise the Lord, for He is good His love and mercies endure forever! I am praying for renewed strength and mercies every day and for peace amidst life.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Me with the boy

Or, the boy within me. Whichever.

I am in my third trimester, passed the 90 days left usual, pregnancy is flying by. Figured I owed it to little Jack to document our time together. :) It's been a good pregnancy so far; I was pretty sick at the beginning, but feel fine now. He's quite the active child, but here's to hoping he's getting it out of his system now (or, just reacting to the direct line of caffeine he's currently receiving via a certain mommy who is tired and doesn't want to hear anyone tell her to stop drinking caffeine). Ryan was kicked the other day when we were cuddling in the rocking chair. (I don't think he appreciated the interruption.)

So, without furthur ado, a belly shot. Here I am, in all of my 28-weeks-pregnant glory (or, unglory?).

Side note, am I really that pasty? Someone book me a trip to the beach stat!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009 part 2

To begin with, you should know that this is SUCH a small percentage of the pictures I took on Christmas. OK, that's all. :)

I decided to be "good" mommy and wake up and get showered and ready before my kids woke up so I wouldn't hold them up. I was getting breakfast in the oven when we heard Anna-Kate (who was peeking around the quilt over the catwalk railing) say, "I see a Tinkerbell dress!". Chris went up and got Ryan--and here's what I saw from my vantage point:

(thank you new SLR Canon for the amazingly quick recovery and clear picture of running target!!)

She stopped on her own accord and posed for this picture on the way to her stocking and santa present. I have certainly trained her. :)

Struggle all day. When I'd ask her to show me what she got, she'd cover her face and it was a minute long ordeal to, inch-by-inch, lower it to see part of her face.

He was happy as pie with his balls. Ran around content as could be. When he got to the individually wrapped stocking presents, it put him over the top. :) Sweet boy.

The doctor kit was a huge hit with Ryan (and, Anna-Kate too in case you forgot).

"Doctoring" my ear (future ENT Matt? :) ).

Here I was bribing her to take a sweet picture and then she could put the Tinkerbell dress on.

We wrote Mana and Papa a letter when we gave them their gifts telling them Jack's name and our prayers for him. It was sweet.

Thrilled beyond belief to open his dollar store foam swords and immediately begin sword fighting. This is in-born people, no doubt!

My parents with their non-surprise gift of the year--a calendar of pictures. :)

Unprompted and excited hug for Nana in thanks of Fancy Nancy doll:

With the doll. How sweet is this?

Obligatory family picture. Not our best ever...

Whole group (my grandpa's brother and his wife, Ryan and me, my parents, Chris and Anna-Kate and my grandparents in the front).

After the 4 o'clock meal the kids got their bikes. Ryan was loving it (poor guy is a little too short for the pedals, but he still gets on and walks it. :) ).

We wanted to try on his helmet before taking the tags off, but once it was on he didn't want it off. He LOVES his helmet! (is he the first kid ever to love those things??)

Scared of riding independantly at first, but now proudly announces, "I'm doing it, I'm ped-ling"