Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jack's first peds appt

Since he lost 10% of his birthweight in the hospital I had to take Jack in today for a weight check (as did both of my other two...evidently times have changed and that is no longer OK. Maybe if they had given me my baby sooner my milk would have come sooner...*steps down off soapbox*.). Where was I?

Oh yes. His appointment. In the 36 hours we had (at that time) been home from the hospital he went from 6.15 lbs (discharge weight) to 7.33 lbs. My doctor was impressed with the cream I am evidently producing for my boy. I'm not gonna lie, I was relieved so as to get everyone off my back (I knew he'd make up for it...I mean, look at Chris and me...we're not exactly what you'd call scrawny...). Anyway, so he is 25% in weight, 75% in height (laughable, but whatever) and 50% in head (and it's funny, hats that fit Ryan perfectly fall down and cover up his eyes. Hilarious.). On another note, evidently medical thought has changed since my last baby (I feel so out-of-date already...geesh) and breastfed babies are supposed to be given vitamins every day starting from day 1. Seriously? Yuck. Poli-vi-sol is about the sickest stuff I've ever smelled, tried to remove from laundry and, unfortunately, had the bad luck of accidently tasting. Poor guy. My ped suggested tri-vi-sol as a less smelly/better tasting option, but ewww. Again, poor guy.

So, there you have it. Evidently eating a whole pan of brownies, a nice handful of cookies, rice krispie s'mores and icecream are really good for putting weight on a baby. I'm doing it all for my boy...just sayin'.

And just because he is so stinkin' cute...

At home after his doctor's appointment. Clearly, all worn out.

Getting released from the hospital:

Sweet Anna-Kate giving her brother kisses (while in her ballet costume for her performance in May):

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My synopsis

...of a planned C-section. Presented by pros and know, how any type-A really looks at a situation.

1. Having to plan all of the details (as opposed to people just coming to you as things happen)
2. Knowing. I know this sounds weird, but with a due date, there is always a chance that things will happen early (not for me you see, but for someone out there). Or, in my case, I have 2 extra weeks (as I go past dates) to make plans before I am stuck at home and married to a nap schedule.
3. The epidural, surgery prep etc hurt like crap.
4. The not eating/drinking after midnight before surgery and then the stupid liquid diet (which I, admittedly did not follow) afterwards...starving!!

1. Everything is set (after the headache).
2. The whole surgery environment is calm and stress free
3. I hardly got the shakes during surgery
4. There was no pain during surgery
5. Even though I'm in pain now, I'm not a trainwreck like before.

In a perfect world I would have had a "normal" delivery and been myself a few hours later. However, God evidently designed my body by not giving me birthing hips. O well. So, given that my extremely anti C-section/pro vaginal birth doctor (clearly, not my Kaiser doctor, my last one) said he didn't believe I'd be able to deliver normally, the planned C-section is certainly the route to go.

(And those who said so with Ryan, feel free to keep your "I told you so" comments to yourself. Thank you.).

Monday, March 29, 2010

We're home!

We were released from the hospital today. I think Chris was pretty excited to come home and will be happy to sleep in our bed tonight.

Jack is doing awesome. Thankfully, my milk came in over last night so he is a happy camper and hopefully will start to regain some weight that he lost. So far, he sleeps constantly and eats really well (he is baby number three who is a FAST eater--thank you Jesus!!)

When we came home Anna-Kate was beside herself excited to see the baby and me. Chris took her to ballet class and they got some time alone. Ryan, on the othr hand, wanted nothing to do with me. Mom got him up from his nap and he was so excited to see me and waved at me, but by the time he got down the stairs he wouldn't talk to me, give me a hug etc. Made me sad. He finally went up to Jack during dinner (who was in his carseat) and said, "Hi baby WAKE UP!!!" then walked away. By bedtime he was wanting me to hold him and out him to bed.Hopefully he's "forgiven" me and will have forgotten about me leaving him and bringing home another baby soon.

Anna-Kate decided it would be fun to put a piece of blue crayon up her nose. You know, seemed like nothing else was going on today...sigh. She was holding her nose and when I asked what she was doing, she said, "pretending I don't have a nose". (this was before ballet). At dinner, 3 hours later, I saw something in her nose and thought it was just a crazy big booger. I looked and saw it was blue and freaked out a little bit. Chris held her down while I pulled it out with my tweezers.

Quite the evening.

We then played with the kids while Jack slept in his crib, completely unphased by the noise and craziness around him. I fed him (3 hours later...a schedule ia already coming together!! Love babywise...) played with him for a few minutes then laid him down awake in his bed...and he's still asleep. Praying this continues.

OK, hear my's been 3 hours, so I guess I'm off to feed. :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010



My last pregnant picture with Jack. This was taken right before I got 3 bags of IV, my epidural (which really hurts going in when you aren't in labor, fyi) and then the doctor doing my surgery (who I met that morning) informed me that he "doesn't do stitches only staples and would I like staples from him that day or for him to reschedule my c-section for next week with someone willing to stitch me up?" I understand that doctors go to school for many years and are experts in their fields. I also know that I am well-read on the subject and have experienced both and am entitled to my opinion and that I can't be forced to do something I am not comfortable with. (and in case you are wondering, I have stitches, not staples. I'm very happy with them too.).

He was born at 10:27 weighing 7.11 lbs. Truly, our blessing from the Lord.

When I finally held him for the first time...5:30pm. He had been shown to me for a quick photo-op and then taken from the OR for respiratory distress (what is it with my boys??) to the transition nursery. I kept hearing "one more hour" (which also was reminiscent of Ryan...). I sent Chris to get him at 2 and he came back empty handed to a near hysterical wife (it is so weird and wrong to have a baby and not even get to hold them. It's like you are empty with nothing to show for it, and have to hear everyone else's baby cry.). At 3 I called to try and use my persuasive powers on the nazi nurse, but she said I could have my doctor called to allow me out of bed to see him but it wasn't really worth my time since they had just given him formula. I about hit the roof and started crying, again, as I had specifically told them to let me pump and give him a bottle if they needed it. I just, again, felt like my opinion didn't matter. He had to get 2 good vital reads in a row (they were taken each hour) and part of that included breathing less than 70 times per minute. He was breathing 73 times per minute. UGH.

Let me just say, the reunion (or meeting?) was sweet.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The last day...before Jack!

I had a really productive day today (though, it feels weird to know I'm having a baby tomorrow and not to be in the throngs of labor pains for the past 48 hours, but I digress...). I dropped the kids at school a bit after 9 (and put my makeup on in the car until 9:25) then made returns to Target, Kohl's, Walmart (and purchases), got a pedicure, went to the bank, got lunch and did my Publix trip for the week and was back to pick them at at 12:55. Impressed? I am!

When I got home, I put Ryan down for his nap, unloaded the groceries, (though, evidently, not quickly enough as my blasted canine who is officially up for adoption Copper, ate all but 2 slices of the Boars Head sandwich meat I bought for lunches this week. We are still not speaking.) cleaned out the car, cleaned out and organized the pantry, dusted, did 4 loads of laundry, (and folded it!) made some burp cloths, cleaned the bathrooms, cleaned the potty seats (yuck) packed for the kids for tonight and made Jack's birthday cake (and subsequently cleaned up from the decorating process. Sigh). And that was all between 1:45-4. Amazing I didn't throw myself into labor. But no, my babies only come out when they are forced out. It's how I roll evidently.

Chris came home a bit early, we fed the kids leftovers then took them over to Leigh-Ann's to spend the night. We then grabbed our last dinner alone for a while, ran a couple of last errands (including to Home Depot to get pots to plant the flowers I bought today in.) watched The Office, I finished some work projects, planted said flowers, took a shower, Chris put in the carseat and we are thinking about going to bed soon.

Are you tired just reading this? Geesh, I am!

Chris and I heading out to dinner:

Our last picture as a family of 4:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another boy around here...

Is probably going to be a really good thing.

Poor guy, he didn't have a shot. In his top 20 first words were "pincess" (princess) and "rella" (Cinderella). [Though, to be fair, I'll add that "ball" was a top 5 word. :)]

Ahem, with "Mary" (and yes, I realize she is wearing a dress with a pumpkin on it. The other side has a pink monogram. She switched in around during her play time today saying, "well Mommy, I just needed a new dress for the afternoon." Of course you did.)

Close up of my cuties (and, incidentally, the cut on Anna-Kate's face that she got at school today when a boy she was playing horses with evidently got a little violent with the horse. I got an "accident report" and everything from her teacher and signed by the director. Geesh.)

Monday, March 22, 2010


So, I've been asked before if I'd like to know when I'd die (this has nothing to do with coming C-section, just saying. Stick with me). The type-A control part of me says "YES!" as I'd leave my things in perfect order, see all of the people I need to see before being reunited in heaven, and such. But, then I think, no, it would make me (more?) pessimistic and then there is all of the logistical planning for parties I'd like to have, and all of the cleaning...

Here's where I'm going with this...a planned C-section is supposed to be a type-A's dream come true. "It's so simple", "you can plan everything in advance"....blah, blah, blah. See, the thing is, when you go in to labor, people drop everything to come to you, so the planning (read: HEADACHE) goes away and solves itself. As is, with my stressed out personality I am scurrying about filling time slots, madly cleaning and preparing, ticking items off the never-ending to do list with a LOOMING date ahead of me (4 days, if you are wondering).

What does this say about my personality? Who knows. Maybe nothing. Maybe I'm just tired (and, on that note, I'm going to bed.).

Sunday, March 21, 2010

ING Marathon!

I am SO proud of Chris for completing his first (and last?) marathon today!!! I had tears in my eyes as he crossed the finish line, still running and smiling, and was so happy for him and this big accomplishment!

This morning, before church, the kids and I made a sign for daddy. Well, I obviously wrote the words, then I gave them "real" markers (as opposed to "magic markers" that only write on "magic paper"...if you don't have kids yet, one day you will learn the beauty of such things). Ryan F-L-I-P-P-E-D out when he had blue marker on his hand, so after a quick attempt at that (maybe 45 seconds?) we switched to decorating our sign with stickers. Ahh, much better.

We picked up Leigh-Ann and her kids and they came to church with us (as Chris and her husband, Jonathan were running together). We left church and were planning to grab lunch when I got a text from Chris that he had 2 miles to go! So we scratched that and attempted to navigate downtown with many roads closed due to the course. NIGHTMARE. I'll just say that after trying to get directions from a man with an Indian accent so thick we couldn't understand him and a cop blowing us off to chat with his police friend instead (and Leigh-Ann telling him her thoughts on that...hope he didn't catch my license plate number!) we found the finish line and even managed to score the closest spot we possibly could, short of parking on the sidewalk--and got it for free. Glorious! (Literally, both of us pregnant with 2 kids each, we only had to cross 1 street and walk 20ish yards to the gate. And, did I mention, free? I think it might have been vendor or police parking, but there were no signs and noone to pay.) Thankfully we got there when we did because Chris crossed the finish line about 7 minutes after we arrived!

Waiting for daddy (she hardly took her eyes off the road watching for her daddy!!)

We are so proud!

Crossing the finish line!!

"Look, daddy!"

Then took off running to meet him

Showing daddy the sign we made.

Proud kids, tired daddy.

Family picture:

The runners, Chris and, his best friend, Jonathan

By the time we neared home it was 2, so we stopped at McDonalds for a victory lunch (??) to feed overly tired and hungry kids (who all did awesome and were complete troopers!).

Friday, March 19, 2010

Put a fork in me, I'm done!

(actually, don't touch my belly, I might lose my breakfast)

(and technically not done for 7 days, but who's counting?).

If not for family stuff going on currently I would be at the hospital as I type awaiting a 10 am C-section. Really weird to think about that. I am happy to have the extra week time-wise, but my belly is telling my otherwise for now. Thankfully, not an option at this point. :)

I'm officially there. You know, having to make myself eat. I feel full and sick always. Yuck. I went to the OB yesterday who, when feeling for Jacks' position heard me groaning from uncomfortableness, said, "Wow, you must be really uncomfortable. You are quite full of baby in there." The astuteness is astounding. In good news, his growth has slowed and he is now measuring right on, so that means??? :)

As I was leaving he said, "well, see you next week for your last appointment, huh?" I said, "well, I actually have no intention of coming in here on Thursday morning prior to my planned C-section Friday morning." (I mean really, he'd tell me I was 1 lb heavier, 1 cm bigger in the belly and yes, my ankles are still swollen.) He informed me that he was officially telling me to come but, "that if you happen to not show up, I sure wouldn't slap your hand." I said, "well in that case, "if you happen to not see me because I happen to forget to come in, it's been super, see you when I'm 20 lbs lighter."

And there, friends, is the best part, so far, to having a planned C-section. One less doctor appointment.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My belly is bigger than yours!

Clearly, a problem I'm constantly encountering.

A few weeks ago, when we visited my parents in Macon, I was also able to catch up with my dear friend Allison who happened to be in town at the same time. I am 36ish weeks pregnant here. She is 24 weeks pregnant. (Yes, you can feel free to be angry with me at the injustice that is being 5'4" as opposed to a lot taller.). And it's her first. :)

Me with my sweet friend:

Now you can really see the full effect...

Chris too wanted in on the action evidently. :)

So glad I got to see you and your little belly Allison! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A bedtime prayer

Ryan had "one of those days" today. Sigh. Thankfully, the kids are asleep now and my mental health is recovering.

During our "family botions", as Anna-Kate calls it, (devotions to those unaware) we began to pray. Ryan said, "Jeeez hep pee-pee potty A-MEN" (Jesus help me go pee pee on potty). Anna-Kate followed that up with, "Jesus please help Ryan not to sin and do bad things anymore and I am so thankful that I get to be with my mommy and daddy who I love, amen."

Chris and I about died laughing. (Behind hidden mouths of course. Couldn't let her know that was funny.)

Monday, March 15, 2010

I heart Ryan's big boy room

So, just getting around to posting these. Oops.

Close up of the wall art I made for his room (I heart mod podge):

the foot of his bed and his basketball hoop (Ryan hearts basketball. Makes me happy):

His bed and window standing in the doorway. I made the valence and found the quilt (and a matching one for Jack one day) at Target on clearance for $40 each (including shams! cha-ching!). I heart a deal.

His dresser and toy storage. I heart organized things.

His hat hanger thing with family pictures. Also, the nightlight I made/embroidered. So cute! Clearly, I heart my family, and his whole room. :)

Other than that, I made Ryan's Easter outfit today. So nice not having to put snaps in the crouch of things. Makes it so much faster. Anyway. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Talkin' 'bout babies

At dinner tonight we were all pleasantly eating our pizza when Anna-Kate said, "Umm, so Mommy, when you were a baby, whose tummy were you in?" I just started laughing it was so random. I said, "Nana's tummy honey." She started giggling and said, "Oh my goodness. I just can't even believe that. That is too funny! You in Nana's tummy." Identical conversation happened between her and Chris (only difference being tummy location, of course). Then she said, "well, a looooong time ago when I was a baby, I was in your tummy. So silly!"


The other night I was putting Anna-Kate to bed and was struck by how big she is getting.
Me: "Anna-Kate you promised to always stay my little girl and you are just growing up too fast!"
AK: "Well Mama (with all sorts of attitude) I am gonna grow up and get married and have babies and be a Mama one day."

So the next day I was recounting this to Chris and she walked in on the tail end of the conversation and nods vigorously and said, "yes, I want to have 15 babies. My, I will have a lot of babies with that many!" I said, "well gracious, that is a lot of babies." She said, "well, maybe I'll just have umm, 5 boys and 4 girls." Chris said, "well, that's fine, but that's 9 kids and that's still a lot." She said, "or, maybe just 2 girls and 1 boy. OR, I think I would like best to have 2 kids and only 1 baby." I then explained they all start as babies...she stated her preference was still f or 2 kids and 1 baby.


Looking at my belly button (which she thinks is hilarious to talk to Jack and then start blowing zerberts on my belly...) she saw the innermost part (obviously, it's about to pop...) and said, "Oh, does Jack have black hair coming out of your belly button?" (and no, I have no hair, black or otherwise, in my bellybutton. Thanks).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Clearly, there's never a dull moment.

Today was my long anticipated prenatal massage. Leigh-Ann and I grabbed lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (had an amazing chicken, bacon and avacado sandwich on awesome ciabatta, fyi) and then hit the spa. It was l-o-v-e-l-y. I then followed that up with a loooong shower and slow getting ready process. Per spa rules I turned my cell phone off. Imagine my surprise when I turned it on in the car to see 6 missed calls from Chris and a text stating, "have kids at urgent care".

Of course you do. Why wouldn't you need to go there the 1 day I don't have my phone and neither of us can stay home with the sleeping boy.

Turns out Anna-Kate's ear had begun bleeding. Kind of a lot. Chris couldn't see any scratch so the nurse insisted he bring her in. Since we have Kaiser, the urgent care that is 1.5 miles from our house wouldn't do. No, that would be a 30 minute (highway) drive. He had to wake Ryan up in the middle of his nap and schlep to the U.C. Then wait 2 hours to be seen and subsequently told that it was a cut further down her ear and here's a prescription to keep infection away. Awesome.

Her ear is not looking its best. There is blood in it still and the doctor said not to mess with it to prevent the wound from opening. Yuck. At least no one's throwing up on me or has fever. It's the little things...

On a more selfish note, my back already hurts again, mere hours after a massage. It just isn't fair. Boo.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Self entertainment

Well, as it hailed and poured (I mean, it rained so hard I couldn't see my mailbox for a while) most of the day and Anna-Kate had fever, we were confined inside. We watched Robin Hood this morning, did a lot of coloring, train building and watching youtube silly songs with Larry. (Don't judge me and my screen time today.).

I spent nap time nesting. Yep, I took everything out of my craft room closet (yesterday) and threw away 2 huge bags of stuff and re-organized the whole thing and my work space (today). I feel absolutely giddy and free! (Yes, I'm that person that gets a thrill from cleaning out/throwing away and organizing. Now, to get my label maker that I've been asking for for 6 years now...) After I finished that project I began uploading the last of my pictures to scrapbook before Jack arrives. Though Olympic scrapbook palooza 2010 was a huge success, life still presses on and my new camera and I continue to snap away! So, I'm now 52pictures away from being completely caught up on my family scrapbooks since my pregnancy with Anna-Kate (you can go ahead and be amazed now). :) My next goal will be to do our engagement/wedding/honeymoon. We'll see how that works out.

Anyway, while I was uploading pictures I turned around to see this:

Then Ryan spent a while trying to pull the infant neck support out and sayng "oww". Guess it isn't as cozy when you are a foot or so too long for it.

Tomorrow I'm getting my final prenatal massage for this pregnancy. Leigh-Ann made an appointment for the same time, so we are going to have lunch first and have a final fling. :) Then, tomorrow we have a family St. Patrick's Day party. I'm excited for the weekend (and hoping Anna-Kate's fever stays gone so we can all go!).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ENT update

This started as a rough morning. I needed to drop Anna-Kate at a friends' house at 8:30 to have a shot at getting to the doctor on time. Ryan woke up crying, (his pull up was wet and he was traumatized) and he never stopped. Can I tell you what that does to nerves? Geesh. I finally had them in the car, at 8:30 mind you, (and I'd even showered. Wonders never cease.) when I went to push the alarm. Wouldn't you know it, in my rush I must have hit the "panic" button instead of the "alarm" button. So the alarm is going off. It's loud. Nerves completely shot. (I failed to make coffee this morning. I know. Not the morning.). So I had to sit there and wait for my alarm company to call me (if they call and don't get me, they dispatch a police car and if it's a false alarm you get charged.). For 7 minutes I waited until I got a phone call...from my neighbor taking AK to school. Her kids were in the car, so I just left and hoped for the best. Got a call from my alarm co's emergency contact, Leigh-Ann, telling me that a cop was on his way. Super.

P.S.A. for today, if you accidently push panic, they don't call you to allow you to call them off with your password in case you have a gun to your head. They will always send a cop.

So I was finally on my way and then realized that it had been 48 hours (give or take) since the last rain and evidently the entire city had forgotten how to drive in inclement weather in that time. Traffic was absolutely not moving. It took me 25 minutes to get on the highway from my house (generally, a 10 minute thing). I called the ENT to say I was stuck in horrendous traffic and she said she'd talk with the doctor to see if I should come in or not. {excuse me?? I'm coming!}. She called back and said evidently everyone was running late so just come on. (must have been my amazing speechlessness followed by a witty, "but I really need Ryan to be seen today" that won her over.).

So, here's the scoop, for the 10's of you who asked. :) I loved the doctor I saw today (and if you were wondering, he is a pediatric ENT, which Kaiser doesn't have, so he wasn't a Kaiser doc. Interesting, huh?). Ryan did awesome being checked and really seemed to like the doctor (who was great with kids. The novelty of a pediatric doctor having a good presence with kids. Who'da thought?) Bottom line is that he prescribed me steroids to keep on hand to use as needed (and hopefully keep us out of the ER). I am thrilled and can't wait to get my hot little fingers on the drugs and feel the safety and security of knowing they're there. Interestingly enough (to me at least) he prescribed zantac, for acid reflux. I said that he'd never had/been diagnosed with reflux. Evidently, recurrent croup and reflux often go hand-in-hand. He said that he could be 100% wrong about the reflux, but it was a cheaper, less invasive, no side-effect way of seeing if it helped than ordering a ton of tests. So, hello drugs, here we come. He also wants me to schedule a surgery of sorts. They would put him to sleep and then stick a camera down his throat and scope it all out to see if there are any restrictions, scarring etc. I am hesitant to do that simply because it scares me and there isn't much that can come of the test except "knowing". The only date they had available that they had a calendar open for was the day before my C-section. I opted to not spend the day before I spend 5 days in the hospital in the hospital. Call me crazy. We're taking the wait until summer and see if we really have to do this route.

I'll keep ya posted.


So Ryan's sick. Sigh.

He threw up on Sunday in the nursery. It's been downhill from there. We've had E.D. (what do you call the runs anyway?), listlessness, and clinging-to-mommy since. No fever, surprisingly.

I'm hoping and praying that his appointment at the ENT goes well tomorrow. (and that they will see him even if he's sick???). She said if I needed to cancel and reschedule it would be an 8 week wait.

Poor guy was a trooper this morning as I needed a few things from Target and then had to drop of my items to sell at a local bi-annual consignment sale. Imagine it...a super huge pampers box overflowing with toys and clothes precariously resting atop my umbrella stroller, with Ryan on top of that and 3 shopping bags on the handles and me (and my humongous belly) hunched over all pushing the stroller with my body as both hands are on Ryan and the box. Ask me how many people offered to help a poor soul in need. Ya, none. Anyhoo. I racked all of my stuff and put everything away (I mean, I'm only 38 weeks pregnant and have a sick kid, clearly, I'm super-mom who requires no help. Geesh.).

Anyway, we picked up Anna-Kate from school, ate lunch and he fell asleep on my chest at 12:15 as I was rocking in the glider talking to a friend on the phone. Poor guy handed me a pillow, went over and grabbed a blanket and then crawled into my lap and promptly fell asleep. I moved him to his bed and he slept until 4. When he woke up I turned on a show and we all sat and watched it together, cuddled up on the couch. As much as I hate him to be sick, there is something so deliciously sweet about a child nestling into their Mama. I love it and the sweet cuddles it affords me! Unfortunately, Chris had been given 4 tickets to the hockey game tonight and we had planned to take the kids, but that was clearly not a good idea. I know he was bummed to miss it. Praying ryan turns a corner tonight and is feeling better tomorrow!


I've been praying alot for hearts.

For my own. That I would truly hear people and not interpret things unfavorably. You know, give people the benefit of the doubt instead of hearing what I think they are saying instead of truly listening to them, thinking of their true intentions and thinking from different perspectives than my own. That my heart would be first and foremost for God, that I would be like Jesus, having a heart like His (therefore reflecting Him to others).

For my kids. That Jesus would guard and protect their precious little hearts. For their innocence to remain intact in this world. That Christ would truly captivate their hearts and claim them as His own. For wisdom as we train and discipline our kids that we would truly reach their hearts, not punishing bad behaviour for the sake of "good kids" but that Christ, through us, would touch their hearts and that their hearts would be like His.

I've been thinking about hearts a lot ever since I read Don't Make Me Count To Three by Ginger Plowman and Shepharding a Child's Heart by Ted Tripp. (Both excellent books in my opinion.) Both talk at length about the importance of grasping your childs' heart and effective punishment etc. In the moments of day to day life I often find myself frustrated thinking that my efforts are in vain (sadly, I'm not just talking about my kids here, but often myself as well).

I over heard Anna-Kate having a conversation with "baby Kate" the other day.
AK: "Now baby Kate, mommy loves you, but your heart is not being pleasing to Jesus right now. You need to ask Jesus to forgive you and make your heart like His."

I believe I've said those exact words on multiple occassions. I guess it's sinking in. In my education classes in college I heard that the best way to learn is to teach, so I count this as a wonderful thing to hear "truth nuggets" being passed on to baby dolls. Clearly, and oh so thankfully, the Lord shows sweet reminders of His mercy and grace to my efforts that He blesses. I am so grateful!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I defy culture

...and love Mondays!

In our house, Monday is a time to bask in our pajama-clad selves, eat breakfast at an alarmingly slow pace and play until time for a picnic lunch (be it outside or inside, whatever) and basically to enjoy life and take it slowly.

Shootin' hoops (he's actually really good! I'm gonna take the credit for his athleticism in the family...)

New favorite, Thomas trains

Princess smiles (and should say, "jammie/dress-up day". You know it's a pj day when I have to tell Anna-Kate to go put her pj's back on for lunch since we don't eat in dress up. Ha!)

LOVES his duplo blocks he got for his birthday! Chris wanted to give him some, but I didn't know if he was quite ready for them...Chris certainly knew better than me. Ryan loves to build things (especially cars!)!

Our dancing queen, err, princess.

We then have nap time/rest time and head to ballet. A fun day!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gender Reveal Party

(obviously, not mine, I threw it).


My bestie, Leigh-Ann, is having a planned C-section, so to give some excitement to the pregnancy and something special for this baby, she opted for a gender reveal shower. So, I've known for weeks the gender of her baby (and to be honest, it was fun knowing when even her mom didn't know--ha!). The invites were green diapers with brown teddy bear pins, so the reveal diaper shower was set. To reveal the surprise I decided to try my hand at cake bites. It was a perfect idea (and they are to.die.for.). I thought as an added bonus it would save me some time from making a cake and decorating it. I was sorely mistaken on that note, but I'm still glad I made them (and that I am talking about them this much, am a bit proud of them too.).

Shower hostesses and Leigh-Ann:

The table of yummies:

The cake bites:

The grandma's took the first bite as everyone watched....

And, it's a.....

GIRL! Sweet Sadie Frances, coming sometime in June. We are already praying for you precious girl!

The cute chocolate teddy bear lollipop party favors I made:

Friday, March 5, 2010

A day at the zoo with Poppy

Anna-Kate has been asking to go to the zoo for weeks, but it's either snowing, raining, or a school day (or both!). Finally, we had plans to go the zoo this morning with a friend, but her kids got sick so I was scrambling. Thankfully, my dad was willing to drive up for the day and meet us there. The kids have been talking about seeing Poppy at the zoo all week, and they were not dissappointed. So excited!

We actually ran into Katie and Ryans friend, Jack. The boys were running around chasing each other having the time of their lives. Unfortunately, the pictures of Jack and Ryan together didn't turn out too good, so this one is just Ryan.

Anna-Kate LOVES the teeter-totter at the zoo!

Ryan and Poppy after riding the "choo-choo". Ryan absolutely was not interested in a picture while there was a train to be looking at.

Anna-Kate and Poppy riding on train. So sweet. She has been talking about seeing her Poppy all week!