Monday, August 31, 2009


So, if you were the person I recently told that I was still sick often, but wasn't feeling that Imustsitdownandfighttokeepmyeyesopenwhilemychildrenareawake feeling anymore, I lied. Sorry about that. There are no words. I'm tired. Always. I got in bed before 10 last night, fell asleep with all of the lights on and the tv on (I think?) and didn't wake up again (not even to pee, thank you Jesus!) until 7:55 this morning.

Wanna know my first thought upon waking up? Gosh, it can't possibly be morning, I'm way too tired for it to already be morning. But alas, it was. Up and at 'em. (after a mere 9 hours of sleep.) Sigh.

I was up until 1:30 am Friday night preparing for the shower, I'm getting too old for that craziness. :) Had the shower Saturday, then re-cleaned for my family to come to lunch to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. (So fun to see everyone, and, as I know you are all reading this, "hello" and sorry I don't have access to the picture my mom made encouraged us to take.). Anyway, when my parents left to drive home, we about followed them out of the neighborhood to our church small group potluck (YAY for not having to cook dinner though--again with me and my silver linings. I know you've come to expect this from me now). Got home at 8:30, kids to bed, about to hit the bed...when I realized, I had to make another cake for my friends' 40th birthday party this morning (that's right, we party it up right in Ryan's playgroup--Monday morning celebration!).

I'm not gonna lie, when I was informed by 3 friends (due to my current brain loss situation also known as pregnancy--or at least that's what I'm blaming it on) that since this was the 5th Monday in the month my Bible study (which I was slated to host) wasn't until next week, I about did a jig. Unfortunately, I was far too tired to expend energy uselessly. So I dragged the kids to Publix for our weekly trip. (which, despite aforementioned losing my mind and my edge, I did really good saving about $97). I drove home praying my eyes would stay open and had the ac on full blast. Thankfully, my kids were both content in the backseat with books, so when I pulled in the garage, we just sat there. About 5 minutes. I may or may not have fallen asleep until my phone woke me up (which, Blair, if you are reading this, I'm sorry I didnt' call you back, I had to cook dinner and my charger was upstairs. It just wasn't gonna happen today...I'm sure you understand:) ). Then it was unload, cook dinner and scurry about time.

Cut Chris' hair, now all I have to do is file my coupons then I am going to bed. T-minus 20 minutes I'm hoping.

Aren't you glad you stopped by? God bless you if you are still reading this...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ashley's shower

I threw a shower for Ashley, a good friend of mine this morning with another friend in the neighborhood. We love the people in our neighborhood--a lot of good friends and all you could wish for as far as "good neighbors" goes.


The cake--I thought it turned out pretty cute. I was going for the letters to look like the old school wooden blocks. (and ps, the baby is going to be named Wilson). :)

The fruit:

Not pictured (aka, not aesthetically pleasing, but equally delicious) white chocolates I molded into baby booties and pacis, egg and sausage casserole (shout out to April for the recipe a million years ago!) and a delicious apple coffee cake that pained my soul. It has been a while since I made it so I had forgotten that though the directions says 20-25 minutes to cook, it is a good solid 50 minutes until done. Urgh. Thankfully, Stephanie took care of the ice, drinks (yummy mimosas, juices, coffee with fun creamer and cokes), cute party favors, decorations, paper products, and way back when, invitations! So nice to have help.

Diaper cake made by my friend Heather--isn't it cute?

Ashley (obviously, the mom-to-be. Side note, her daughter Annie is one of Anna-Kate's good friends), who is on 100% bedrest with her mom.

One of the burp cloths I made for Ashley. I know it isn't the greatest picture, but I think it's super cute.

We had a lot of fun!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Picture post.

I know a lot of people do "wordless Wednesday" but it's Thursday, not Wednesday, and, let's face it, I am anything but wordless. So, here are some pictures, with plenty of words with them.

In Macon last week, enjoying Chris' birthday cake: chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

Stroke of mommy genius, remove the shirt pre-cake eating.

Last week after church the kids were playing so sweetly together, so I got the camera out to capture/remember how much my boy likes to play dress-up. Chris is shuddering that I am about to document this. :)

Sweet sibling love:

Trying to be less girly with the green headband (formerly a St Patrick's day thing with a dangling 4 leaf clover):

Thinking he's big (manly) stuff on the (pink barbie) bike! :)

My sweet girl:

Anna-Kate came home from school yesterday and said, "Mommy I never left green light again." (her school does a discipline thing like when you get a warning you move to yellow light, then red light is really bad. She has never left green light before, I am so proud!). I said, "I am so proud of you honey!" Words of encouragement are clearly her love language as she said, "Oh you are Mommy?! Oh good! Would you like to take my picture now?" Sure I would, here it is:


Tonight Chris and I had our friend Sara keep the kids and we went out to a wonderful Brazilian steakhouse for dinner (our n'hood has this fantastic babysitting co-op, so we've avoided paying for a sitter. ever. well, one time we split a sitter with another family, that's it) It was amazing ("it" could mean the company, conversation, or food...a wonderful evening!). We had lamb leg, roast, chops, filet, filet wrapped in bacon, chicken wrapped in bacon, garlic steak, sirloin, there were about 8 other options I can't think of right now. As well, to-die-for rolls, mashed potatoes and a great salad bar! Thankfully, I was able to sweet talk the manager into allowing us to use a coupon for bogo on the week of your birthday (Chris' was last week!). YUM! Thanks Chris for a great night, and thanks Sara!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

*The* OB's a good one

As I mentioned yesterday, the story of my first appointment would only happen to me.

It was Chris' birthday, we had a big breakfast, (well, everyone but me, sigh.)dropped Anna-Kate off at school, then took Ryan with us to the OB (he was just starting to get that cold--that led to the bronchiolitus, but we didnt' know if it was something contagious or not at that point. anyway). We got there, waited a little bit and were taken back to meet the midwife. I thought I was being brilliant when I wore a little cotton dress, you know, easy access for the ultrasound (it was a 1st trimester one...therefore internal, not the one on the belly).

Well, as I had not had "that" appointment since Ryan's birth I was told to completely undress for a full physical etc. Super. So there we are, all crammed in a little exam room, me, Ryan, Chris, midwife, tech...had the ultrasound and everything looked perfect, then began other part. I hear "click, click" (boys, if I'm losing you, either ask your significant other, or choose to be blissfully unaware of what that is) and then, about 10 seconds later this very loud alarm. I said, "that isn't a fire alarm is it?" and, as if in a movie, the door to the exam room goes flying open and a nurse yells, "Kate (the midwife) get outta here, this is NOT a planned fire drill, this alarm was actually pulled, get outta here!". I guess I don't need to tell you that the shock of that entry was enough to jostle the doctor in her work down there. Cozy. The midwife said, "I'm gonna hurry and finish this so we don't have to come back to this" (In my head, "uh ya, this is so not happening again for another year +, thanks!"). Right about then a doctor throws open the door (side note, seriously? what if I had been standing there naked instead of lying on a table in a "drape"??) and said, "Kate, let's go, get out of here!". So she jumps up, threw my clothes at me (literally, threw them) and told me she'd wait in the hallway for me. I threw on my clothes and ran out psuedo-clothed and ran down the stairs.

*Side note* Ryan had gotten fussy so Chris had taken him out to walk, so I had no idea where they were.

So we ran down the back stairway (of course we were on the 3rd floor). I finally found Ryan and Chris (poor guy had to carry Ryan in his stroller down the 3 flights of stairs), and there we sat. For 30 minutes. About 5 minutes in, I looked down and saw a glob of, uhhh, a gooey substance on my leg. EWWWWWW! I had rushed out of the room so fast there had been no time for wiping off ultrasound stuff etc. (Sorry to include, but wanted to remember the awfulness of that day). Finally, the firemen cleared the building and we all headed back to the 3rd floor. We get back in the exam room and start going through my medical history. My midwife apoligized saying she could count on one hand the times there had been a fire drill/alarm in the 12 years she had been there when, lo and blasted behold, the fire alarm went off. Again. (No, I'm not kidding.). We trooped back down the stairs, only this time I had the hilarious fortune to get to watch Chris schlep the stroller + Ryan down the stairs (who was crying because I had taken his box of raisins so they wouldn't spill and the added bonus of a very loud alarm). We finished my medical history leaning against my van. (Again, not kidding). Chris had to go to work (it was after 11!) so he left and I told the midwife I was just going to leave. She said I could, but would have to come back the following week for bloodwork. ugh, not worth it, so I went in to the lab.

They took seven viles of blood. Seven. And not the little ones, the big ones. Ryan started crying (I felt like it)--can't blame him, he'd been in the stroller almost 2 hours. I started feeling really hot and a bit sweaty and asked for a glass of water, the nurse looked up and shouted, "She's gonna faint!" and the whole room burst into a frenzy. One nurse started pointing all of the fans on me, another ran for some water and another tried to lean me back and keep me in the chair. (I did not faint. Thankfully). So when I got my color back the nurse (probably late 50's larger black woman) said, "so when you due girl?" I said, "oh, not until March, I'm just really bloated and icky right now." She said, "Oh, you must be one of those girls that just gets real big real fast." (For the how many'th, not kidding). I said, "well, I choose to look at it as a blessing, people know I'm pregnant and don't just think I'm fat. Plus, I usually pop quickly, but the growth slows." Her response? "Well I sure hope your growth slows!".

Unbelievable. Lucky me, I get to spend the next year with these people. Yippy.

My mantra, "it'll all be worth it when I hold me new baby, it'll all be worth it."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's official!

In case you missed that:

That's right, coming soon (relatively speaking) baby #3! I am due March '10 and we are very excited. The kids don't know yet, figure we'll cross that bridge later--you know when 6 months isn't the time frame.

Need more proof (and, added bonus, want our child's first adorable picture?):

Sorry it's sideways, blasted scanner. :) Baby's head is on the right side of the ultrasound. We went to the doctor last week (UNBELIEVABLE story to follow--this would only happen to me...)and heard the heartbeat. Baby looks healthy and perfect. Please be in prayer for this little one to grow healthy and strong, for extra patience, strength and energy for me, (all of which I am extrememly lacking in right now) and grace for this new stage of our life where we will be outnumbered for the first time!

I've been very tired, impatient and feeling horrible lately, I think this is the sickest I've been in any pregnancy. Chris has been a champ, as always, really stepping in and helping me with the kids and around the house. Love you honey!

Here we go!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Update on Ryan

As I've had 10's of people asking for an update........

Here's what we came home from the hospital with:


Yep, our own personal Panda bear nebulizer. Just what Ryan always wanted. Basically, we went in, the doctor listened to his breathing for a minute and immediately ordered a breathing treatment for him. He hated it. I mean, really hated it. She came back in afterwards and said he had responded well to it and had the nurse bring our panda in to take home (evidently this is common place to have one of these and our insurance supposedly pays for it? We'll see, been unimpressed with Kaiser so far...). Anyway, I have been giving him breathing treatments every 5 hours, as well as an oral steroid once a day. Just a side note, he also had a really bad diaper rash...turns out, it was a fungal rash and diaper cream never would have killed it. So clearly, Ryan was having a good day.

(To recap, couldn't breathe, hurt to sit, poop etc...good day).

Ryan's gotten pretty used to his breathing treatments. He used to fight it and I would have to hold the mask on him, now I can use the strap and have my hands free to rub his back or read a book to him. Much more pleasant for all involved I must say. He actually brought his mask to me tonight before bed. I guess he just feels a lot better afterwards?? Has anyone ever heard of a kid asking for a breathing treatment?? Weird. Here's my sweet boy during one of the earlier ones...thus the red eyes of crying before resigning himself to it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Medical wisdom, shmisdom....

Good thing I didn't breastfeed my kids for the magical "keep-them-free-of-all-sickness" powers. Thankfully, I enjoyed it, mostly.

Anyway, you know how "they" (you know, them) say that if children are breastfed for the entire first year of life they will get sick less, have fewer earaches, be less at risk for asthma etc etc? Ryan flies in the face of all of that. He has been sick every month since last October. (and he was breastfed for 12 months and 2 weeks). Now some might say, "just wonder how sick he would have been without the BFing....or, it's the "wimpy white boy" thing. I don't know what it is, but I am OVER IT.

(You knew this opener could only be leading one way, right?)

So I was on the phone with the pediatrician confirming Ryan's 18 month well-baby appt on Monday (ack! 18 months tomorrow?!?!?!) and said, "after he cries he gets this weird croaky sound in his throat and breaths a little funny, but then he's fine--we're going out of town, you think he's OK?". She put me through to the nurse's line and Tina happened to answer (Tina, one of FOUR call in nurses, always happens to pick up the phone when it's me. We are on a first name basis.). She picked up, "Janelle, is it Ryan again?" (that's never a good sign...). I told her it was and he just happaned to be doing it right then and she said, he needs to be seen immediately. Super. Only problem, all doc's were at lunch and the next appt was 1:50. There was NO WAY my boy would be up for an appt at that time. So, bad mommy that I am, told her I absolutely was not going to bring him in then and needed something later, preferably after 4. She said, "3:30 is the latest I'll let you come in because I wouldn't be surprised to see you off to the hospital for a breathing treatment."

Say what?

"Why would he need that, do you think this is croup again" (again being, he got it last time in June. JUNE people!)? She said her thinking was that often when kids sound like that in summer it's because of seasonal allergies, ragweed being a big one (which my mom is pretty allergic to if I am remembering correctly) until the frost comes. She then pointed out that while she was not a doctor, she thought that's what it was. I asked her if she thought he might be developing asthma from it...and she said that's what she thought, but we'd see.


So, I'll be waking my kids up in a few to go to the doctor, and possibly the hospital this afternoon. The perfect conclusion to a r-e-a-l-l-y long week. If only Chris's birthday (yesterday, oops, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!!) could have been spent in the hospital...just like mine last February, the circle would have been complete.

As always, prayers appreciated and updates to follow.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why do I even bother with mascara?

So last week was nothin'. Today started Anna-Kate's second week of 3-K, and the first day of carpool drop-off (yay! no more schlepping Ryan in!!). And, added bonus, put on makeup while in line and I can sleep 5 minutes later. So we got to the front of the line and she hopped out of her seat, gave me a kiss and said "goodbye Mom, love you" I choked out that I would be right there waiting for her when school was over(while I was semi-holding back my tears, thank goodness for sunglasses, even in the overcast skies of today) then I pulled up and watched her walk up the walkway, all by herself, so big and capable, never looking back. I was almost sobbing by the time I drove away. How is it possible she is so big now?


Nice to have a sweet moment to cushion yesterday and this morning. Yesterday was horrible. It started with Ryan's major blow-out and poop everywhere. I mean, on the bumper, all toys etc everywhere. I was even tempted to leave my children at publix. I'm only halfway kidding. I think I could count on one hand how many minutes there were in yesterday that one or both of my kids were not crying, throwing a fit or whining. I prayed naps would help, it didn't. They woke up just as foul. Chris came home, took one look around and told me to eat my supper and go upstairs to be alone. Good man. I went and folded 3 loads of laundry in quiet bliss. (side note, Anna-Kate wore training panties yesterday because her clean laundry hadn't been put away in long enough that she was out of panties. I'm feeling mother of the year award coming my way).

So today, I had high hopes for a great day (I recognize they can't all be as bad as yesterday, and it was just my turn). I walked in to get Ryan and smelled poop and looked to see him grinning from ear to ear and holding his nose saying "stinky mama" (what he does when he poops). O had he. Wow. I opted to not take a picture. (Your welcome). It was Ryan's first, and hopefully last, masterpiece of paint a la poop. Yep, he had pooped so much that it had come out of the front, back and both legs and instead of letting it go to waste, shall we say, my boy resourcefully used it to create a picture...on the sheets, his poor dog, book, lambie, the bumper (2 days in a row??? what a pain!) etc....let's just say, it was bad, really bad. It was a 5 wipe job--just on Ryan. It was in his ear. Thankfully, he had the consideration not to paint the bed, wall or his hair and face. Silver linings people, silver linings. OK, off to finish laundry. Again.

Friday, August 14, 2009


We were driving to school this week when we passed a church. It was relatively early in the morning, I had forgotten to make coffee, so was completely unprepared for the following conversation. (and no, I'm not exaggerating, this conversation really happened.)

Anna-Kate said, "Oh look Mommy, the cross where Jesus died!". I said that yes, it was just like the one He died on and that they put it there so we would remember to thank Him. She said, "but then God brought Him back to life, right Mommy?". I said God did and isn't He a good and loving God. (I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit choked up at this point--this is big stuff for such a little girl, especially unprompted.)

Then she said, "Mommy, does Jesus live in heaven now?" I answered that He did and she said, "are you and I going to go to heaven?". I said, "one day we will and we will live with Jesus." She said, "are we going today?". Now at this point I wanted to say, "well I hope not", but in an effort to keep her excitement up about heaven I said, we don't know when we'll go to heaven honey." She said, "where is heaven Mama?". Hmm, now that is a puzzler. All I could think of is, "well, it's kind of in the sky, but it's so far away that we can't see it, but Jesus can see us from there." She was looking to see heaven and said, "I don't see it. I don't know how to get there." Then she said the words that catapolted me into full-on tears: "Mama, when it's time for me to go to heaven, will Jesus show me the way to get there and take me there?" Fighting back tears and trying not to choke I said, "He sure will honey." She said, "He is a good God Mommy."


Since then I've been thinking alot about heaven and how to have *that* conversation with your kids about death and salvation, because, it's coming, I'd guess sooner rather than later (and, of which I'm glad about). I am so encouraged that she has absorbed so much of what she has been taught, but at the same time I feel like she's so young for such weighty thoughts. Any advice is very welcomed.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pictures, they really are worth 1000 words.

Anna-Kate started her dance class on Tuesday. She could not possibly have been more excited about it. (As in, I went in to get her up from her nap to discover she wasn't sleeping and as soon as I opened the door she said, "MOMMYISITTIMETOGOTOBALLETCLASSNOWANDPUTONMYBALLETCLOTHES, ISITISITISIT?????". [did you catch all that, that was me typing excitedly, very loud and without a breath].). Here she is downstairs waiting for me to go wake up Ryan so we could go.

Stretching (her friend Hannah is next to her in the black leotard).

She has been practicing standing on one leg for ballet class. Trying to balance...and, see how she is a full head shorter than another the little girl? They are all between the ages of 3 and 4...

She is taking the class with her friends Lauren and Hannah. They had a blast!

The first 30 minutes of class is ballet, the second half is tap. When I asked which she liked better she said, "ballet. I not so good at tap so I don't like it. Maybe when I get older I'll be good at it." At least she's honest...I know I don't like things I'm not good at either. Just a good time to talk about practicing and getting better at things that are hard. :)

At the very end of class the teacher lined the girls up by height. Of course, Anna-Kate was the shortest (by a decent amount). Anyway, they were doing the "tap train" (each had their hands on the shoulders of the girl in front and got to practice tapping heal/toe as they walked). Well, the teacher asked the girls where the tap train was going. She started in the back and the tallest girl said, "McDonalds." The next 2 girls said the same, then Hannah said, "Chickfila!!", the next girl said some other place to eat. Anna-Kate looked at the girls, then at her teacher and said, in all seriousness, "Well, I am going to Disneyworld on my train!".

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First day of school

Alternate title: Bad Mommy for not posting these yesterday.

Alternate, alternate title: Sniff, Sniff, my baby is growing up!


Anna-Kate started 3-K yesterday. I can't believe it. I know she went to MMO last year, but it just isn't the same. She has her name on a name tag on her desk. (well, not desk, a table she shares with 2 other little girls). Still. This is a new school, and one where they do letter of the week, practice writing etc, not just organized play and glitter (though, there's nothing wrong with someone else doing glitter, I sure don't do it.).

Sitting at the breakfast table. She is SO EXCITED for school!

Here she is ready to go to her first day:

At school ready to walk in:

New backpack (isn't it cute??). This is my first time letting go and letting her choose something that isn't what I wanted to choose. I had picked out a backpack for her and ordered it and this one (this was to be a gift). She said she didnt' like the other one and please can't she have the PINK turtle one instead. Look people, it's baby steps for me...:

At the door of her classroom. Her classroom is the orange monkey's (for carpool purposes). Each kids' name was written on a banana and she got a huge kick out of that. :)

Me and my big girl! I was so proud of her--she gave me a big hug and kiss and there were no tears (on her part anyway...).

Afterwards she said that "Miss Angela is nice, we got to sing the 'good morning' song and I played with Ansley". I asked if she had a good time and she said she did, showed me her picture that she colored, and was excited to go back today. Growin' up, I say...

Coming tomorrow, pictures from her first ballet class. :) I'm just sayin', it was DARN CUTE!

Monday, August 10, 2009


We went to Publix this morning (spent $72, saved $74) and as we were walking in there was a stand full of cherries. Anna-Kate stopped and said, "mommy, pleeeease can we get some cherries? Please? I love them so much!"

(ps, this isn't 100% true, last time she had one I believe her exact words were, "I no like these bery much.")Just sayin'.

Anyway, when my kids express a huge interest in something healthy, I try to oblige (especially when said something is on sale...) so I bought some. Not many, but some. She was beyond excited talking about how they were "kinda pink, you know, dark pink" and she talked about them the.entire.time. we shopped. We got home and she immediately requested to have cherries with her sandwich. Alright, washed them, offered to cut the seeds out, she refused, so I put 'em on her plate. She took a little nibble. "Umm, these too juicy I think". I asked how any fruit could possibly be too juicy. She said, "well, they too juicy and not red and sweet like Chik-ole cherries" (aka, marciano milkshake toppers) she said. Ahhhh, it all clicks, she thought that was what I was buying. She ended up eating all of them and saying they were pretty good, "but I like Chick-ole cherries the best Mom".

Of course you do.


Before we went to Publix I told the kids if they were sweet and helpful we would get some french fries from McDonalds to eat with our sandwiches when we got home. (I was picking up McD's for my friend on bedrest and that just sounded soooo good). Anyway, they were both near angels, until the very end. In line, I don't even remember what the issue was about, Anna-Kate did the whole stomp my foot in frustration I-want-what-I-want-right-now thing (in truth, the cashier saw nothing, so it wasn't a big deal--this was a preemptive strike on my part and just the beginning of a would-be tantrum). I gave her that look, and said she had better pull it together or no french fries. She recovered quite quickly. So we got in the car and I headed towards McD's when I heard from the backseat, "Mommy, I guess I just can't have any french fries today. I wasn't a bery good girl today and I made you and Jesus sad didn't I?"

(WHAT? What is this? Thank you Jesus, she is listening and it is sinking in and all that discipline that is so hard to be consistent with is working?? Halleluiah!)

For her honesty, she got a big girl cup of ice water (roll your eyes if you will, it's a big deal to her) and 3 french fries while I took lunch in to my friend.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


We were driving home from church when we heard,

AK: "we need a new car"
Me: "Anna-Kate, we have a nice car and we need to be thankful for the things God has given us."
AK: "Well, it isn't magic enough. We need a new car that is more magic."
Me: "what do you mean by 'more magic'?"
AK: "you know, like a pink car, like in Fancy Nancy"
Me: "Well, Fancy Nancy's doll, Marabelle, has a pink car, but real cars aren't generally pink."
AK: "O well, I like small cars better. maybe Daddy should get a new small car. Or, maybe daddy should get this big car and mommy should get a new small car"
Me: "well, mommy likes big cars, because they are safer."
AK: "Well prolly Daddy should just not drive too fast so we be safe. I don't like it when you go fast daddy. That's my answer on that. You hear me? That my answer, don't go fast."

Friday, August 7, 2009

Boys will be boys, amongst other things

The night before we left, Chris was doing a little, mmm, home improvement shall we say. Basically, he was trying to install a tivo, which led him to move the bed to plug it in, which led to the wood in the frame of our bed splitting, which led to much anger and frustration on Chris' part, but excitement and awe for one little boy!
Chris let Ryan "help" and actually showed him how to push the automatic screw driver button for it to go. He was in hog-heaven. It was precious to see my boys working on a project together! After that, Chris showed him the manual screw driver, thought that would be a safer thing long term. :) He loved both.

(side note, could he be any cuter??)


Well, we are back from Greenville! We had such a fun time! The highlight for Ryan was when Adam and Lydia's Nana and Papa pulled out swords. I'm telling you, it's instinctive in little boys. He'd never "played swords" before. He was handed one, Adam had one, and he was swinging it back and forth, hitting Adam's sword instantly. It was unbelievable (anyone reminded of another little boy a long time ago?).

We spent a lot of time at the pool, (zero entry is a favorite for my kids!) took walks, played with toys, Leigh-Ann and I went out at night and my kids just
L-O-V-E-D Nana and Papa!!

Playing in the pool out back:

Anna-Kate and Adam...or should I say Peter Pan and Wendy? :) They played that all weekend and kept hiding the "treasure" for the other to find.The sword was a part of about 95% of all play...

The kids with Nana and Papa:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We're out!

Today I am taking the kids' up to my friend, Leigh-Ann's moms' house (with her and her kids). We'll be back Thursday in time for Anna-Kate's school open house that night.


Speaking of school, Anna-Kate and I went to meet her teacher yesterday. Ms. Angela is very sweet, has taught for many, many years, but been out of the school system for the past 2 years. Her words, "I am counting the days until the kids come back I am so excited to be back in the classroom". Now, if that isn't what every Mama wants to hear, I don't know what is! :) Praise the Lord! She read a story to Anna-Kate (while she sat extremely timidly on my lap) until she finally warmed up enough at the end of our (35 minute meeting!) to say, "see you next week at school". SCORE! That is a huge accomplishment coming from hiding behind my legs...


Anna-Kate has a special purse that she takes to church. There are some crayons and a little doll that she can only play with during the sermon (to help her stay quiet if she chooses to stay there instead of going to Sunday school). She opted to take it to sunday school last week. Her teacher said, "what a lovely pocket book Anna-Kate". She said, "this not pocket book, this a purse!".

So today, she comes up to me, "see my pretty pocket book Mommy?" I asked where it was as I couldn't see anything. She pulls a small book out of her pocket. Ha!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I love CVS

I'm so not turning into a coupon blog, but every once and again there is something so good I just have to share. ;)

Today I went to CVS and RACKED UP. I got:

(In case you aren't superman, (with his x-ray vision) here's what all that is)
5 boxes of electrosol power tabs ($5.40 each)
2 one subject notebooks ($2.29 each)
1 Blink tears (like visine) ($7.99 each)
1 compass ($1.99)
1 protractor ($1.99)
2 four packs of CVS brand batteries ($4.29 each)
2 twenty packs of pens ($1.99 each)
2 kids scissors ($$2.99 each)
2 three packs glue sticks ($$2.29 each)
2 bottles glue ($1.99 each)
2 folders ($.99 each)
1 three pack highlighters ($1)
1 bottle softsoap serums body wash ($4.99)
1 bottle vitamins ($9.99)

Total: $91.62
Total spent after sales, coupons, ECBS: $3.76.
ECB's left for next week: 13

*For those that CVS, make sure to get the coupon booklet from the pharmacy, there are three $4/$20 q's in there!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Special Delivery

I went in to kiss Anna-Kate goodnight.

AK: "I have a present for you Mommy"
Me: "What is that honey?"
AK: "I going to share my money with you."
Me: "why are you going to share your money with me?"
AK: "Because I just have too much!"
Me: "How do you have too much money?"
AK: "Because my daddy works so hard and brings home money for us and he gave me pennies and I have a lot, so I going to share."
Me: "well, if daddy gave you pennies maybe it's time to give some money back to Jesus to thank Him for giving daddy a job that makes us money."
AK: "Oh, that a good idea. I put money in plate at church. It can be a special delivery to God."
Me: "A special delivery?"
AK: "Yes, a special delivery. I send it [my money] up with kisses. I also think we should probably make Him banana bread too."


We had a wonderful family day. We spent the day playing at home together, then for dinner went to get pizza, played at a park and then went to get icecream (where we ran into some friends). I love lazy summer days. I especially love them knowing summer is almost over and life is going to get busier. I sure do love my family!