Saturday, December 1, 2012

A new leaf

So, ever gotten to the point that you are so behind with something that it is overwhelming to contemplate starting? Ya. Me too. Well, here I am, ready to re-start the blog. I'm *planning towards* blogging every day in December and hoping that will give me the ol' ooomph I need. I know, you're welcome, (mom) all of one's of readers.

As shameful as it is, I am going to back-blog the fall events that I've missed...there have been quite a few. :) My attempt is to blow up your google readers. Ha! So, here goes life in our house from late summer through the fall...

The boys had their first days of school....

Jack was so excited to go to school that this was the best picture I could get. You can see his feet blurring from moving towards his teacher. No tears, or even "bye mama" from this guy! He goes twice a week (and wishes it was every day!)

Ryan was also excited to go to preschool. He was thankful for Lydia to be in his class. Ryan goes all 5 days, 9-1.

Saying goodbye!

Obligatory front door pictures. :)

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Katie said...

Fiiiiiiiinally! Geez.....tap.tap.tap....I've been waiting! :)

Glad you're back in business b/c I've missed catching up with you and the fam!