Thursday, December 6, 2012

The longest 45 minutes ever

It's been a long day. One of those days where I have repeated to myself multiple times, "these are precious moments...fleeting moments...treasure them..."

I've been having some odd health things, which I'll save for another post another day, but, I've had a lot going on. After a long morning and driving carpool a million times I finally put the baby down for a super late nap. No dice, he wasn't having it. Cried. His whole "nap time". The kind of crying that doesn't stop when you pick them up. Do you know what that does to my nerves? I finally gave up and fed him and moved on with my day. Amidst that, there may or may not have been four different opporunities for me to tangibly teach first time obedience to a couple of unnamed children. Sigh.

Anyway, I put the baby down, turned Praise Baby on (thinking we all needed the encouragement) and started making dinner. I then hear, "Mommy, Mark threw up everywhere." That isn't shocking, so I wasn't in a rush to get there. Upon arrival I saw that he had not just spit up, but had spit up on the Jack in the box...or should I say in (throughout?) the Jack in the box. Ewww. I cleaned up the baby and started on the floor and toy when I saw Jack standing there with a white powder all over his face (similiar to how one looks after devouring a powdered donut). I instantly knew what it was--Mark's teething tablets. I ran Jack upstairs and told him to show me what he had eaten and where it was. Sure enough, he had eaten over half a bottle. They were completely gone. They are natural so I wasn't too worried until I read the "if more than allotted dose is taken contact poison control immediately." So, off I went to call (amazingly, for the first time). I was on hold for a while as a couple of people consulted on my "active" ingredients, but lots of ingredients for a little boy to have at once. While on the phone my home phone began ringing and Anna-Kate picked up--telemarketer. She didn't keep talking when I said I was speaking with poison control. Helpful tip, I suppose. Had a long talk with Jack about not taking medicine unless I give it to him. The baby was crying most of the phone call, but I had my hands full cleaning Jack up and then tackling the Jack-in-the-box  (oh, and I introduced green there was that.). I finally went to get the baby, picked him up and noticed he was warm. Sure enough, his first fever. Despite starting dinner preparations at 4:45, at 5:45 there was no dinner.

Amazing what can happen in 45 minutes, huh?

See? Don't you feel better about your afternoon now? You're welcome.

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Mom B said...

So thankful he is okay!