Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Old stomping grounds

This fall we took the kids to Chattanooga for a weekend trip. We took our annual trip to Disney over spring break, to accomodate Mark's birth, so it had been quite a while since we were able to get away. Anna-Kate always talks about the place she was born, "Chagganooga" so, off we went. We ate a delicious dinner at Tony's in the art district, walked over the walking bridge and then stayed in a hotel. The kids thought it was the.greatest.thing. :)
At Tony's. This boy is happiest with a carb in hand. :)
At dinner.
On the walking bridge with my girl. :)
Anna-Kate is thrilled to be our photographer.
The next morning we had a fantastic breakfast in the hotel then walked over to the Childrens Museum. We had so much fun! The kids were wide eyed the whole time as they ran from one activity to another.
Learning about the different kinds of bees.
Hiding in a tree house. :)

On the walking bridge. Sure love these crazy kids and their goofy daddy. :)

Back at the childrens museum on the roof.

Jack was crazy about all of the instraments and music. I wonder if he will be my musician?

Us girls gotta stick together! Love her.

Glow in the dark legos. He was in hog heaven.

Hit up the playground on Lookout Mtn. Weird that it was completely different from when we lived there, but it was super fun and, despite the downpour, the kids loved it (Chris let them play in the rain/mud....that was fun coming home in a carful of wet clothes.).

At Clumpies for a little pre-dinner appetizer. Sheer joy.

Hey, look! Mark was there too. :)

Such fun family time for us. Loved being able to get away for a couple of days and enjoy seeing our old world through our little ones' eyes.

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