Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Time away

I'm embracing my age. :) I thought it would be fun to start a dinner club this year (and it is!). I invited three of my dear friends (and their respective spouses-ha!) and we divided up the calendar. We each hosted once. SO FUN! We do appetizers and cocktails, a full seated dinner and dessert. And, it is concentrated fellowship and good times as all of our kids (between us, there are 12) are tucked in at home with babysitters!
Well, the girls decided to get away for a night, and the guys agreed (some more willingly than others...lol. Thankfully, Chris was fully on board.).
We got  a hotel in a fun area, spent the day shopping, had a fantastic steak dinner, then headed back to the hotel and chatted for hours in our comfy pjs. We slept in (which for me was about 7:45, lol) then went back to the mall and got starbucks. The girls slowly left for various commitments but Leigh-Ann and I hung on until the very end. :) We found a dress for me to wear to the wedding and had a late lunch before reappearing at home.
Where was Mark, you ask? I left him home with Chris and pumped. I've never left a baby that young before. Chris was a saint for doing it and I cannot tell you how wonderful the time was. I came home refreshed physically and emotionally.
We were accousted at Macy's and got makeovers. It was A LOT of makeup, but tons of fun too. :)

At dinner


Yum. So blessed by these friendships!

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