Monday, September 29, 2008

Great weekend, back to it at home.

We had our church family retreat this weekend and had a wonderful time! We were in Cohutta Springs (almost to TN) at a lodge. It was beautiful, Anna-Kate had a great time with here friends (and playing with all of the older kids out on the lawn), we had a great time of worship and hearing The Word from Dr. Richard Pratt, and the fellowship with other families was great. It's hard that we live so far from church, we struggle to really connect well with others as we are always rushing out the door to get the kids home for their naps.

Now we are back to normal and the swing of things here. I've been really praying about ways to save money and be a better steward of the things God has given us. So, I've been reading up on "couponing" through various sites. Today, for example, at Publix, I was able to bring my total from $100.96 to $74.82. Coupled with that is the savings I've had at Walgreens, and I am keeping my total shopping budget to $100 a week (diapers, cleaning supplies, paper supplies, toiletries and food). If I can cut $25 a week and save $100 a month that would be $1200 a year extra to put towards savings. That's significant!

In other news, Copper got attacked by a dog today. It was a neighbors dog, so we know he doesn't have rabies or anything. Both kids were outside with us when it happened, and, as I was screaming, Anna-Kate freaked out and was crying. Chris literally kicked the dog off of Copper. Copper's been pretty shaken up all night...and so have I. It was really scary...I think really I was scared because I didn't know what to do and kept thinking, "what if this was one of my kids?"

To lighten the tone....tonight Chris was reading a book to Anna-Kate and realized it was getting time to take a bath.

Chris: "Anna-Kate, it's 7:30 and time to take your bath."
AK: "No daddy, not 7:30, it's 7:49".


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Swingin' the ABC's

Ryan is finally big enough that he's been enjoying the swing--almost as much as Anna-Kate.


Anna-Kate enjoying the "big girl" swing, while it was Ryan's turn on the dolphin:


Both kids happy. Warms a mothers heart.


Chris' friend from work gave us the dolphin swing--and let me just say that it is a huge hit! Through watching playgroup I've certainly seen first hand that sweet adorable children are fallen, sinful human beings (not that there was any doubt, but anyway). Of course, every child wants what every other child wants at the exact same moment. In our case, this is inevitably the dolphin swing. So what's a mother hosting six 2 year olds to do? Teach sharing.


How can we do that with so many kids? We sing! All of the kids love to sing their ABC's, and it is just long enough that the kid swinging gets a full turn, then they all know it's time to trade after the song is through. Now, when Anna-Kate wants something, she says, "I sing my ABC's Mommy". I can't take full credit for this stroke of genious, another mom started it, but we have certainly continued it and spread the sharing joy through other playgroups as well. Try it sometime. :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

a continuation of my earlier post

When we went to get Ryan up from his nap, she climbed up on the railing to look in on him. He was on his belly and looked up, grinning, at her. She says, "o wow, Ryan need a trim Mommy". I said, "does he have crazy hair?" She replies, "o yes."

After I nursed him, I put him sitting down on the ground while I helped her go potty. We came back to his room and she saw a stack of clothes I bought ahead for next spring for him. She holds the first thing up, "o this is cute" then put it on his lap. Then, "o this cute too Ryan", and put it on his lap...continued through 3 more items.

We walked downstairs for me to feed him his solids. I said, "Ok Anna-kate, you need to play by yourself for a little bit so Mommy can feed Ryan". Her response? "I know Mommy, I know."

The world as seen by Anna-Kate

I walk in her room this morning (she's been awake for a little bit and her closet door was open). "Mommy, I want to wear new fall clothes." Seriously? I guess she'd been looking at them for a while. :)

While reading a book she sees a picture of a bull. "what's that?" I ask. "A baby" she says. "No, a bull, a daddy cow" I say. "No, baby bull--he's got a paci" (his pierced nose with a ring).

AK:"What time is it?"
JH: "Uh, 8:05."
AK: "Why?"
JH: Because that's what time it is."
AK: "why?"
JH: "because that's when you wake up"
AK: "Why?"...................

When she woke up from her nap yesterday, my Mom went in to get her. Anna-Kate said, "Nana, my daddy flew an airplane to work today." Pretty good memory I think.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Such a helper

Yesterday I was preparing to make a pot of coffee. I don't usually drink coffee in the mornings, but it was one of those mornings. Ahhh. Ryan woke up at 6:45 in hysterics. Forgive me, but I was unaware that hour existed, and am fully happy to forget it from this day forward--yuck. Anyway, as I was getting the coffee out Anna-Kate came running into the kitchen saying, "I help you Mommy, I help!". What sweet words! I was so excited at her enthusiasm and told her that I would indeed love her help. So, she dutifully dragged the chair over to "help" (aka being able to see and try to scrounge food within reach). Anyway.

JH: "I'm so happy you want to help Mommy make coffee".
AK: "No Mommy, no coffee. I make cake."
JH: "Well honey, it's morning and we aren't making a cake right now."
AK: "But I want cake...with iciiiiiiing." (the multiple "i's" are supposed to denote the whine...)
JH: "Well, we aren't' making one today, sorry."
AK: "but why?"

Please, use your imagination for how this conversation continued for another few minutes and then finally ended with, "because Mommy said so."

Glad to know she wanted to help... :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why Mama?

Yep, we're there. Here's how her bath went tonight.

AK: Why there bubbles in my hair Mama?
Me: Because there is shampoo in your hair.
AK: Why shampoo?
Me: To make your hair clean.
AK: Why that? (pointing to conditioner)
Me: To make your hair soft.
AK: Why Mama?
Me: Because I like soft hair.
AK: Why?
Me: Because it feels nice.
AK: Why soft?
Me: Soft, you know like lotion on skin--it feels good.
AK: Oh. Well Mommy, where's my heart?
Me: Right here (as I point to her chest).
AK: Why?
Me: Because that's where God put it.
AK: Why in here?
Me: To keep it safe.
AK: I need new heart riiiiiight here (points to her arm where giggles the clown painted one at the beach.

Tiring but funny


Anna-Kate now "reads" books with me (ie, she has them memorized and quotes it as I read). So I was reading a Sandra Boynton "Dinosaurs" book. The words are:
"Dinosaurs early and dinosaurs later...
dinosaurs crammed in an elevator".

She said, "...dinosaurs cammed in belly later."

So, I guess I need to work on my diction.


I can't begin to say how blessed I was by my children today. They were actually playing together, and it warms my soul and almost makes me cry at how sweet it is. Anna-Kate was lovingly hugging her brother, giving him kisses and sharing balls, rattles etc with him. He responded with continuous giggles as his eyes just followed her wherever she went.

She is crazy about him, and he certainly loves his sister! I keep hearing about babies' first word being their older siblings' name (as that's what they hear all day). Thankfully, Anna-Kate is a mouthful. Hopefully I have "mama" in the bag. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An American tradition! :)

Well, it's official. Our little girl had her first cheeseburger happy meal yesterday. She started singing the Cheeseburger song from Veggie Tales right before lunch time. Then, she got it in her head that she wanted to eat on as well. Chris was working from home--to save $$ on gas, and since our gas stations were out over the weekend--so off we went for lunch. I could kick myself for not taking my camera to McDonalds, but alas, I did not. So, here are pics from when we got home.

Showing me her happy meal:

Actually smiling for me:

I was trying to get a picture of her "prize"--Glenda (the good witch) from Wizard of Oz. Madame Alexander is doing the McD's toys right now. Glenda didn't make the picture in this self-portrait:

Here's "Glenda baby", as she is called:


The second tradition Anna-Kate participated in is making an apple pie. These are the pics from last week in Macon when Mom enlisted help cutting out flowers and hearts for the top of the pie. :)



Friday, September 12, 2008

Sobering words.

I read this yesterday on a blog I frequently read.

Please take the 2 minutes to read this--the words are chilling and deeply impacted me--both as a mother and as an American.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

No more monkey jumping on the bed.;..

Today Chris and Anna-Kate were talking....

AK: "I sick. Need medicine." (She's totally into playing doctor and loves it when her friends have "doctor kits")
Daddy: "well if you need medicine you need to go to the doctor first, that's how it works. Daddy call the doctor?"
Ak: "Ohhh. NO more monkey's jumping on the bed.
Daddy: "Is that what the doctor said?"
AK: "yes, it is".

I've never read her that book, so I guess they read that in school. So funny what they remember. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Visit to Macon

My parents graciously (very little arm-twisting involved :)) agreed to watch Copper while we went to the beach. So today, we headed down to Macon for a short visit and to get the dog. We had a great time and Anna-Kate helped Mom make an apple pie (she cut out pieces of crust into hearts and flowers to put on top. It was delic by the way...). She had such a great time and I got some cute pics that I'll post later. I'm too tired now...and our keyboard is all jacked up and sticking such that typing is a pain--thus, I'm on Chris' laptop....but I digress.

Two great little nuggets of hilarity from today:

If you read my post yesterday, you'll remember the "y" (long e sound) added to all nouns...well today she was jumping around (her new thing is jumping on one foot). She bumped into the coffee table and said, quite loudly, "owie Mommy, I got a boo-bie a booooo-beee!". I said, "you have a boo-boo Anna-Kate?" "Yes, a boo-bie". Mom and I were crying , literally, we were laughing so hard.

In Sunday school last week Anna-Kate's class learned about Adam and Eve ("Eve so bad Mommy") and how being disobediant is sin and makes Jesus sad etc. So today she and Mom were outside with Copper and the dog started to walk away. Anna-Kate said, "Cop. Cop-peeer. Come back here." Copper completely ignored her and walked in the other direction. She turns to my mom and said, "Copper is being so disobendiant Nana."

Hilarious I tell ya.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is it all girls?

We have entered a new phase. There is now a "y" added to all nouns. For example:

"I drinking my milk-y".
"Where's my spoon-y, my spoony?"

I mean, I guess it makes sense......all her favorite things end in "y". Mommy, Daddy, lamby...

It was kinda cute for a day, now it's a bit annoying. Hoping it doesn't last too long.

To offset that, she has some cute new phrases.

"I need new toes Mommy" (as her nail polish had come off in the water).
"I go to Bible school" (every night and day--referring to MMO).
"Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full" (when Chris corrects her to say "yes sir" instead of "yes Ma'am". I think it's hilarious).
"O dokey doc jones" (Chris thought it would be great to teach her "okey dokey Dr. Jones" from Indian Jones--is it temple of doom?--anyway, she does it now.)

Monday, September 8, 2008

6 months old

Well, I was waiting for my kids' pediatrician to come back from maternity leave, so I scheduled Ryan's 6 month well-baby a bit late. He is doing perfectly! 16.14 lbs
(50%)and 26 1/2" tall (50%). She was impressed with his perfect posture while sitting. :) He's eating like a champ and she was even more impressed that he was feeding himself now. I confessed to having given him both puffs and cheerios, and she couldn't believe he was already picking it up off his tray and putting them in his mouth. What can I say, we're eaters. :)

In not so good news....Ryan's had a really rough day today. On top of the 4 shots he got, the doctor found his boy parts to have adhesions (from his circumcision) and had to force the skin back. Needless to say, it is raw looking and she told me to give him motrin for the next 24-48 hours for pain. Poor guy. (Note to all mothers out on not letting that happen to your boys.). He was pitiful all night.

Not much else new. I've got another consignment sale coming up this week that I quite excited about.

That's about it. :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Destin '08!

We had a WONDERFUL time at the beach! Thankfully, the hurricanes didn't ruin our time. Monday poured buckets (Happy Labor Day!) but the rest of the week was perfection. The kids had a great time in the zero entry pool with a waterfall and hot tub, and of course, at the beach! We drove to an area with great waves and deserted beaches, but our resort also had a boat that ferried us to a private beach inlet. Although there weren't fun waves to play in, it was great as the rip current was almost non-existent, and there were tons of crabs, fish etc for the kids to catch and watch. :) We cooked in a few nights, went out to dinner some, the boys played xbox during the kids' naps while Leigh-Ann and I went to the pool to get some sun. We played a lot of cards, watched some of the RNC, and generally had a wonderful time of fun and fellowship!

At the beach the first night after dinner at Pompano Joe's. I had a shrimp and fish dinner--delicious!

We sooo have a water baby in Anna-Kate! She loved the beach!

Family pic

At the pool:


Ryan's first finger food (he LOVED banana puffs! He's really good at it too).

Ryan and his girlfriend, Lydia Crabb, holding hands in their bumbos. :)

Burying Daddy and Anna-Kate:

Adam and Anna-Kate with Giggles the clown. A restaurant near our building had her there doing face painting (or hand painting, in our case) and balloon's for free. This was a HUGE hit with the kids:

Riding the ferry boat to the beach. Anna-Kate thought this was the greatest thing ever!

Leigh-Ann and I at the beach. We were livin' it up in the sun!!

In our shades:

Our last family picture on Saturday before we left (trying to get a little energy out before the 6 hour drive home)

Sweet girl playing with her brother. :)

Could he be any sweeter?

She loves watching fish. :)

That's all for this year. When she woke up this morning she said, "I go to beach Mama." I told her we had to come home and we'll see the beach another time. She said, "Mommy, I miss beach."

Ya, me too.