Saturday, February 28, 2009

My favorite laugh from yesterday and update

So it's been a long week. Anna-Kate's been sick and Ryan has officially dropped down to 1 nap--which means mornings have been long as he's adjusted to losing that hour of sleep. (Did I mention I rarely left my four walls??) But, there have been some great moments and having sick kids really makes you stay home and have to focus on kids and family--we had some sweet moments this week. :) And, Anna-Kate is officially healed and raring to go--thank you Jesus!


Yesterday I was making lunch for all of us. Anna-Kate very politely asked me for some milk and I told her to wait as I was tearing Ryan's sandwich into pieces. A couple of minutes later she politely asked again, but I was making my sandwich, so I told her to wait a minute. A few minutes later I had sat down and taken the first bite of my sandwich, so, when she asked for milk, I asked her to please be patient (and if you know me, you know my sandwiches are really good, but I hate putting them down mid-bite since things move around and I need a little bit of everything in every bite. I know OCD.). I finished my sandwich (completely forgetting about her request for milk) and looked up at her. She was sitting at the table with her chin resting on her hands staring off into space. I said, "whatcha thinking about babe?". Her response? "Oh, I just thinking about my milk". I laughed so hard, poor thing.


Last night Chris took me out to dinner for my birthday. We had such a lovely time at SoHo! We went to a new (to us) restaraunt and had some calamari (which was fantastic) and had roasted lamb leg with orzo pasta and spinach. I'm not usually a fan of cooked spinach, but I really enjoyed every bite. It was the special of the night, and we were worried it would be really expensive, but, it ended up being very reasonable (one of the cheapest things on the menu! And, their wine was only $3 a glass, so that was so fun!!), which was fantastic! After, we went to Coldstone Creamery for dessert (we had a gift card from Christmas which was super!). We hit up Target to make a return and just walked around for a was so nice. And, I think I enjoyed it even more since it was my first time out of the house in a few days. :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Amazing how young they can learn

We were sitting at the dinner table tonight and Chris and I were talking. Also, Anna-Kate was talking to herself. We stopped and started listening to her...and she said John 3:16 and continued to quote the entire verse. We just sat there with jaws open.

What a blessing that at the ripe old age of 2 1/2 she has already committed Scripture to memory? What a challenge to me to fill her mind and heart more fully with the things of the Lord!


In other news, her fever is gone, but she still isn't acting 100% herself, so we'll see how tomorrow goes. Thankfully, the weeked is almost here!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy birthday to me...

So, if you've talked to me in recent months you would know that this is the year of Janelle. What I mean by that is that last year on my birthday I was in the hospital feeling like I'd been hit by a truck after having Ryan, and the year before that we were moving. And Chris and Anna-Kate were both sick. And Chris forgot my birthday. So, this birthday was the year of Janelle and today was going to be all about me. Or so I thought.

Yesterday Anna-Kate woke up with a fever, not terrible, but enough to (obviously) keep her home from school. No biggie, I put on Nemo while Ryan's playgroup was here downstairs for his little birthday lunch (don't worry, I lysoled every surface and kept her upstairs--germ free downstairs!).

Today, I woke up early to run (what was I thinking??) and decided to make myself go faster (again, crazy thoughts!). So, needless to say, I started the day off tired. I went to get the kids, and AK still had a fever, but it was lowgrade and I thought nothing of it, except for that we'd have to stay home today instead of meeting friends for lunch or something for my birthday. However, when she woke up from her nap I went in to hear her say, "Mommy, I have fever and my head hurts. I need med-cine". I said I'd have to take her temperature (which she hates) if she wanted medicine (as I thought all this was a ploy for meds). As her underarm temperature read 103.1, I called the ped who said they had no openings, then hearing that her fever was so high said they'd wait for me if I'd hurry and get her there. An hour after having motrin, they read her temp. at 102.8, and, given her past pneumonia experience, sent us to the hospital for x-rays after doing a flu test which came back negative.

So, instead of having a nice relaxing evening at home with Chris cooking dinner for me (which was the orginal plan, how sweet is he?? He also got me tickets for us to see Brian Regan--who we LOVE--an IPOD shuffle, yes, I"m joining the 21st century, and some cushions for the bath), we were at the hospital, then drove through Little Caeser's for a $5 pizza that I shoveled in my mouth on my way to a consignment sale (which, incidently, I got some amazing buys!!).

Thankfully, the pediatrician called us back tonight to say that the x-rays came back fine, it isn't pneumonia and that she will be fine as soon as the fever's gone...ahh, maybe next year will be the year of Janelle.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A long day

It started early. The last couple of weeks I've been running in the mornings before Chris leaves for work (only MWF, not everyday...). I hate running. In fact, it is one of my least favorite things to do, but, I need to lose those last 5 lbs, and it's free--so, sign me up. (Plus, I love being alone and love how I feel afterwards). After I got home I showered, got the kids up and ready for the day then schlepped us all off to Ryan's 12 month well-baby appt. Well, when I took him in last week for his double ear infection sick appt, he was 20 lbs on the nose, so over the weekend we put him in his forward facing carseat. When we showed up this morning, he was 18.11 lbs. Granted, he was naked today when weighed, and he threw up on Saturday, but that's just not good no matter how you cut it. (this puts him in the 5% for weight, though he's still 40% for height and hanging in there in the 90% for head, they keep saying, "oh wow, he'll be smart!"). After a long talk about what/how much he eats my doctor determined that it wasn't that he wasn't getting enough food, it's that he doesn't drink enough milk (tho', I knew that already). So, just to try to bulk him up, he's now on Pediasure for a month instead of milk or formula, and she wanted to run some labs on him. So, after getting his 4 shots we went to Wellstar to get his blood taken. Three vials in fact. [Oh, that was a lot of fun.] Poor guy.

Well, we got the Pediasure (and he drank 4 oz in one sitting--though we won't be wasting it as it's $10 for six 8 oz bottles of which he is to drink 1-2 a day). We also are transitioning to one nap as of today, so, it's been a big day. Thankfully, Anna-Kate was a doll all day and they are both in bed now.

Did I mention Chris has a work dinner and won't be home until after the kids go to bed tonight?

I also have a meeting at my house this evening I'm supposed to be leading. Hmmm.

Any hints for getting your kids to drink more?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy First Birthday Ryan!

Wow. I can't believe my baby is one today. These years keep on flying by me. We had a wonderful day today. My parents, grandparents, great aunt and uncle and our close family friends, the Crabbs, were here for lunch to celebrate with us. We had a yummy lunch, opened presents (so many new "boy" toys--his first Thomas train, a little people bath boat, some new puzzles, shoes, a refrigerator leap frog toy, a dump truck and a push police car!!) then began the first birthday tradition of cake gorging. He wasn't nearly as messy as Anna-Kate was, but he thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe the fact that this wasn't his first cake [bad mommy for letting a little baby eat cake before his birthday!] made him not tear into it like she did, but he ate it and LOVED it. :)

On our way to lunch yesterday forward facing in the car--he was deliriously happy and just sat there smiling and clapping his hands.


Here is his cake (the rest of us had chocolate icing on ours--it was delic I must say). I don't have a picture of him eating it, we were taking really wasn't that great as he didn't smash his face in it or anything. Such a clean boy. :)


Here's my big birthday boy with his hat that he did not want to wear. At all.


Opening presents:



It's been a week getting here--I've got more posts, but suffice to say, we've been busy, Ryan's threw up yesterday and gave us a scare, (after missing his first Christmas, I was determined he would not be missing his first birthday) and I have pink eye. Who knew an adult could get it? (Ya, me either, but I'm living proof you can get it.) So, I've been wearing my glasses the last couple of days.

My parents came in town yesterday for Ryan's birthday weekend and to celebrate my birthday as well (it's on Wednesday. Update your calendar if it's not there-ha! :)). We ate at Moe's for lunch as Moe kindly sent me a free meal coupon for my birthday. Mom and I went shopping while the kids slept and Daddy and Chris did some fix-it projects around the house. I opened my gift from them--a serger. Such a wonderful surprise as I've been wanting one for a long time--it will improve my sewing projects and give my products a more professional finish (thank you SO much Mom and Dad!!). Mom also brought up my favorite cake, fresh strawberry, it is so special to be remembered and celebrated, especially as I get old and birthdays aren't as exciting as they used to be. It's been a great weekend and I'm excited for this week!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines, part II

So Chris brought me home a beautiful bouquet of roses and they smell amazing. Anna-Kate and I sat there smelling them for a good while. :) Sweet husband.

When he left to go shopping he asked Anna-Kate what she wanted for V-day. Her response, "mermaid princess" (that would be Ariel, the perfect combination of Nemo and princesses, a princess who's a fish). Wouldn't you know it, on the clearance aisle at Target he found an Ariel camera for $3. Perfect, because the girl loves to "take" pictures. So, she wouldn't let the thing out of her hands yesterday until Chris offered to take her picture (at which point she totally cheesed it up). After clicking, Ariel's voice comes on and says, "say cheese" or, "that's beautiful" or something of the like. This time she said, "you look wonderful". Chris told Anna-Kate, "O, Ariel thinks I look wonderful Anna-Kate". Her reply? "No daddy, you not wonderful, she was talking to ME!"

Unfortunately, it wasn't all lovey-dovey happy holiday yesterday. Ryan has been so fussy getting his teeth (finally one more broke through on Friday) but he felt warm. Sure enough, has a fever. And diarrhea. Great.

I stayed home with him from church this morning and held him all.morning.long. as he cried all.morning.long. Finally, he threw up at 9:30, hopefully it'll be out of his system and he can start feeling better soon. Poor guy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Chris and I went out last night to avoid the V-day rush--it's kinda our thing. In all the years we've been dating/married we've only every been out on actual Valentines Day once. Whatever. :)

We went to Uncle Julios for dinner. They have a dinner a'mour and it's FANTASTIC. We ate there last year too--this is also our thing. :) It was a huge platter of a lobster tail, bacon wrapped grilled shrimp, fresh guacamole and steak and chicken fajitas with freshly made tortillas. Yum, they melt in your mouth.


Afterwards, we went to Cafe Intermezzo for coffee and dessert (not that we were hungry, but, when it's offered, I'm hard pressed to say no to chocolate). I love going here because the atmosphere is awesome. It takes me back to Europe and you feel all tucked away in a little table with amazing cappacino's and desserts to die for. I was way too full for a full blown dessert though, so we just got chocolate covered strawberries. Wow, they were good.

The men's ministry at our church put on a dance for our church and the community last night. We stopped by for a few dances (there was even a live band). Everything was decorated so well and it was fun to see friends and socialize. All in all, a great Valentines Day (Eve) for '09!


This morning, we realized we had no bisquik, so pancake Saturday couldn't happen, but while sitting around the table we took pics of the kids wishing you a Happy Valentines Day!!

(she is giggling, not crying in this picture. Though, when we started the venture, she was crying.)


My sweet boy. Even without a Valentines day hat he is precious. :)


For a special treat this afternoon we all went to Chick fil a for lunch. We've been talking about it the last few days and Anna-Kate was on cloud nine. We met one of her good friends there, which just doubled her pleasure! :) Ryan discovered chocolate milkshakes, so all in all, a great day so far.

Friday, February 13, 2009


The wait is over, we officially made it into preschool for the fall. Not that I think she will learn something there I can't teach her myself, but she really loves MMO, you know, school. Ultimately though, this is where I want her to go to kindergarten, so it's a matter of getting her in now while I can (clearly, competition is stiff, we got the last spot, and if you know me, you know I did everything I could to get her in!). A little obnoxious that you need to think about kindergarten when your child is not yet 3, but, whatever. The reason I am so interested in kindergarten at this particular school is that it is half day. I firmly believe 5 year olds are too young and not ready for 8 hours a day. I know that's my personal opinion, but, that's what we've decided and I am super excited about the school--both academically and spiritually. Yay.

We had to go to the school this morning to register and I knew the kids would be sitting in the stroller for a while, so I told Anna-Kate to grab a toy to take with us. What'd she choose? A sit and spin. You know:


Seriously? Could she have chosen a bigger toy? (and, I should add, one she never plays with.)Of course I said no, and then she was just sad. Not even baby Kate could make her happy (that is, until we got to school and her buddy was there also registering and she saw a park. Great bargaining tool. Sit still for 20 minutes and you can run to your hearts content on the playground.)


The weather has been G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S lately. We have spent many hours outside in our new fenced backyard! We have been wanting a fence since we moved in, but, as they aren't cheap, were trying to be responsible and wait. Thankfully, my parents gave us fence money for Christmas that made it possible (thanks Mom and Dad!). It makes our yard look so big and much more manageable. A little sad story...Anna-Kate loved watching the men put it up but asked why we got a fence. I said so she and Ryan could play outside while I was inside cooking and be safe. Her response? "O, now bad men can't come and get me." Completely matter-of-fact. I was a little speechless as she has never displayed fear of anything (except bugs, you know, all girl and all) and this was so out of no where.


Today she was pretending to be the big bad wolf (you know, "huff and puff and blow your house down"). She says, I puff and puff and blow you down, the playground down, but whatever.

AK: "I wolf. No, I baby wolf, you Mommy wolf."
Me: "what about Ryan?"
AK: "oh, he baby wolf too, and copper, he dog wolf, raaar."

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We have these great preschool-friendly Bible story books that my brother and sister in law gave the kids for Christmas. We read them before nap and bedtime, and at naptime she can keep a couple in bed to read before she falls asleep.

Today we were reading about Jonah. As she is looking at the picture of Jonah in the belly of the whale she comments on his intestines, "look, Jonah sitting in poop mom, yuck". Great.

It was all worth it though at the end when she said, "I not run away Mommy because that make God sad, and prolly (probably) you too." :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Chris to me last night: "I hope I die first".
Me: "awesome, why?"
him: "so I can look down on you from heaven as you struggle to work the computer wondering why you didn't pay better attention to me while I did things for you 900 times."

For a little background, I am computer dumb and often ask him to do things for me, that he obliges while rolling his eyes so far up I swear they'll get stuck one of these times. Look, it's easy to forget things you don't do that often. Right? :)


For any who are interested in a little cholesterol, McDonalds is giving away small french fries every Tuesday in the month of February (check your local one to make sure they participate). Boy, those things are delic. I drove through today and said I wanted my free fries. She asked what else I wanted, I said that'd be it. :) Hey, I'm cheap, and easily thrilled. :)


Ryan has been taking a few steps here and there. He'll walk in between Chris and I and gets a huge kick out of that. Still not "walking" (though I swear he's capable, just too lazy or apathetic to do it).


In PRAISE THE LORD news, yesterday we were playing outside in this spring-like weather and Ryan was in his swing. My parents gave him a swing with a seatbelt for Christmas, but it just hadn't been put up yet. (I'll add, it's now up). He was in the dolphin swing (which doesn't have a seatbelt) and somehow put his foot in and threw himself out. It was slow-motion for sure. I screamed and dove for him and he was just beyond my fingertips as he landed head first on the grass. We were both hysterical. Of course I freaked out, and called the ped who had me do all sorts of head movement tests and look for all his joints to move without pain etc. Then, I had to wake him up a few times last night to, "make sure that he will wake up". Awesome. Let me just say, this was not me not paying attention, I was right there, literally, a foot away, but it just happened so fast. Learn from me and add to the list of "always do this" (you know, sunscreen, regular bedtime, seatbelt in swings). So, the dolphin is history, the real swing is up.

We went back out this morning, you know, "back in the saddle".

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fun Friday!

The kids and I hauled it down to Macon for a quick day trip yesterday. We had so much fun visiting with my was nice to get away for a day. For the kids just to mix things up, for me to be able to emotionally recharge and talk about stuff with my mom and get her opinion on things...I have come to appreciate the mother/daughter relationship as priceless--both with my own mom and my daughter. (Thanks, Mom!)

Anyway, we stopped at the outlets to find shoes for Ryan (what I am asking for, for his birthday as we certainly have no need for more toys!!). I was wanting some nice all white shoes for church. Stride rite decided not to make any this year (figures) and Strasburg only makes hard soles starting in size 5. He's a (almost) size 3. (plus, they were $59.99, but that is irrelivant at this point).

We met my mom at Chick (O'le!) Fil-A and both of my kids had an absolute blast playing on the playground. I want to take a moment to discuss why I love chick fil a so much. Not only is their food great (and their fries and lemonade the best ever!) but the people who work there are always so kind and helpful, the place (including playground) is clean, and they really think about kids when designing. For instance, Ryan wanted to climb up the slide. He could make it a couple of feet but it gets really steep so he couldn't. Perfect. Now Mommy isn't the mean guy, the slide is just too hard. :) Though, I'll add, he's a determined little booger.

We went back home, I put the kids down and we had 3 solid hours to chat about stuff. Though, the real reason for the trip was for me to weigh in on fabric choices for new furniture. Not sure I was any help really, but it's nice to be appreciated. :)

Daddy came home early and my boy was ecstatic--Poppy is one of his favorite people ever!! After a yummy dinner and absolutely making a disaster area of their toys and living room, we packed it up and drove home at 8. Ryan slept the whole way, Anna-Kate watched Nemo, and I talked with my grandparents.

Now that's what you call having a full day.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Ever had that knot feeling in your gut and throat where you can hardly breathe because you are so emotionally upset by something? (I should add, this isn't about Chris.)

That's where I am.

Clearly, a blog isn't the place to document the details of problems. But, I write so that I can remind myself that God is bigger than me and my problems and that He brings restitution and healing.

Thank you Jesus for loving me and for comforting my heart when it hurts.

Feel free to offer up a prayer on my behalf. I could certainly use the encouragement.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yep, that describes my emotional state on Superbowl Sunday.

We were at our friends house (who has a daughter that is one of Anna-Kate's best friends). Anna-Kate is obsessed with playing doctor, and loves the little dr. kits. Annie had just gotten a new one so they were playing. Anna-Kate had the thermometer which took turns being a shot and a thermometer. All was fine and good until I noticed her pants and panties were around her knees. I said, "do you need to go potty?". "No ma'am" she replied. Then, "I just taking my tempture," then proceeded to pull the play thermometer out of her bottom.

Did I mention I was mortified, especially as this happened in a room of adults (not all of whom had kids)?


Today she was going to the potty and I went in (it was nap time, so of course she was trying to delay the inevitable). She had pooped, but I heard her playing in there. I went in to tell her she needed to hurry as it was time for bed. Her response? "So, do I need a pop or something?"


Anna-Kate spent most of yesterday in her ballet shoes and tu-tu (thanks Mimi!). She is absolutely obsessed with both. Anyway, she has this new song and dance she's doing. Song goes, "I a little butterfly, I a little butterfly, (repeat about 12 times) of the WOOOOOORLD!" as she dances around in a circle. Then she added in some "step, kick and twirls" to mix it up a little. (if only this were on video! I'll try to get it soon). So, last night she was showing Chris her dance, but wanted him to participate. Now, Chris hasn't been feeling well the last couple of days, so he declined to dance to "I'm a little butterfly". He did however let her dress him up in her un-used dress-up clothes. Quite a sight. In fact, I had to take a picture. I was crying I was laughing so hard.

He is such a great sport--and a great dad. I'm a lucky Mama and wife!


Monday, February 2, 2009


We were singing to Anna-Kate before bed last night.

AK: "Daddy, shhhh."
Chris: "Daddy's singing to you sweetie"
AK: "No, that not how we do it."
Chris: "What do you mean?"
AK: "You just can't do it right daddy"

I'm assuming she means that Chris is tone deaf. Regardless, hilarious...especially the look of, "you have got to be kidding me, she's 2" look on Chris' face.


Today we were playing in the playroom.

AK: "Mommy, I hold Ryan now, K?"
Me: "Alright."

So she grabs him and wraps her arms around him and he starts to try and wriggle away.

AK: "Ryan's like 'let me go', right Mama?" (yet, she continues to hold him).
Me: "So, why don't you let him crawl away then?"
AK: "Moooommy, because I holding him right now." (with look on her face like, are you kidding me, this is sooo obvious.)

Oooooh. Ok then, perfect sense. :)