Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last night we met 3 other families at the pool and had pizza delivered. One of the girls brought margaritas for the ladies--I'd say a great way to spend a Friday night! The water was a little cold for me (never fear, I got completely in as my friends' kid fell out of her little boat in the dead center of the pool while my friend was in the bathroom. Convenient for her? I think so!). Anywho, my kids loved the water. In fact, we had to drag Anna-Kate out (blue lipped and shivering saying, "I not cold mama") and keep Ryan from diving in. No first step pacing like his sister did last summer. The boy wants all the way in! Ahhh, a schedule-free Friday night spent with family and friends.

Beautiful Saturday. I mean, bottle it and sell it, there never was weather so perfect as today. This morning was cool and sunny, perfect for perusing/selling at our neighborhood garage sale. I scored (for $2!) a never opened dvd, "Father of the Bride". I am so excited to have it since Chris threw away all of my old VHS (I mean, we have no VCR, so it only made sense). Now, all I need is Anne of Green Gables and Avonlea and I'll be set! I didn't make that much, like $22 I think, but I got rid of stuff and it forced me to clean out the closets. The rest will be donated. Ahhh, I love the feeling of clean.

I am currently baking a chocolate cake to take to a low country boil tonight. Word on the street is that my friend acquired fresh shrimp from Savannah (where she's from). Jealous? The gathering is Ryan's playgroup and all of the families. We thought it would be fun for the daddies to get to meet each other. I am super excited! Pics to come. :) Ahhh, a relaxing Saturday night with family and friends!

Tomorrow is church. I am singing in the ensemble at church. The music minister at my church said on Wednesday (practice), "OK Janelle, solo for you". Then added, "I like to throw my newbies in head first!" (this is my first time singing ensemble at this church). I'm a little's been years since I've had a solo. Yikes! Afterwards, we are heading to my grandparents' house to meet my parents for a yummy Sunday dinner (you know, dinner, a " big formal lunch" here in the South, it's what we do on Sundays.). Tomorrow evening will be spent with our small group from church doing some prep work for VBS. Evidently it involves painting. Which, as you know, I am not creative. Ahh, a Lord's day full of quality time spent with family and fellow believers.

One quick quotable. We were sitting at the table in the kitchen eating lunch. Anna-Kate was talking and mid-sentence happened to look up and notice the overhead light was off. She stopped what she was saying and said, "Mommy, I can't see, it so dark in here, the light is off." I explained that in fact, it had not ever been on. She responded, "well, you need to turn it on then, I can't see".

Friday, May 29, 2009

Health update/stats...and CVS.

We had both kids' well-baby appointments this morning.

Ryan is in the 15% for weight!!! Woo-hoo! His head is still hanging out in the 95% and his height dropped to 5%. Hrm. Evidently he should have a growth spurt soon. My poor kids...height probably isn't going to be their forte in life. The dr. said he was perfectly fine and healthy and proceeded with his shots. In regards to the spiking fevers he's had, she said they are unrelated and just random virus' he has picked up. And, while unfortunate, nothing to be too concerned with. While it's good nothing is really wrong, it's frustrating and scary that he goes from perfectly fine to 103/104 temps in the matter of an hour.

Anna-Kate is perfectly healthy as well. 50% for weight (where she's been since about 6 months) and 35% for height. For the first time she didn't have to be stripped down to her panties for the appt, they gave her a hospital gown (a "Cinderella dress up time" the nurse told her. Wouldn't you know I had to work to take that gown off with her crying?? Geesh.). She got her blood pressure taken and it's low, like mine, so I guess that's good. All in all, a great appt for both.

I feel so blessed to have two healthy kids. As a reward for being absolute angels (seriously, I was quite proud. They were sweet, giggled and played quietly the whole time we were waiting/with the dr and nurse.) I got them a hot pretzel at Target to split while I returned something.

So, CVS. I've decided to try and get on the bandwagon and partake in all the deals/freebies to be had in the drugstore game. Walgreens isn't cutting it for me as much anymore and there was a fantastic deal to be had at CVS this week (neutrogena, if you are interested in more deets, ask). I went to three CVS' and spent about 40 minutes combined looking for said product. UGH. My kids were pretty good during, but come on, I was getting impatient! I finally had a store call all of the surrounding stores to find some for me. The last store in our area (figures) had 4 left and said they would hold 2 for me (need two to get the deal). I hauled it over there, purchased, and no ECB's (CVS free $$) popped out. I had them call the mgr, it was a huge ordeal and she basically said, "sorry, better luck next time". I was FURIOUS. I told her to cancel my transaction, then when the mgr left I had the cashier re-ring it, and, for whatever reason, my ECB's popped out and I had my $6 profit and it made all my irritation a little less. I'm about to swear the place off because I have never had an incident free shopping trip there before. But, I'll give it at least a few more weeks before I throw in the towel. Wish me luck! :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Again? Will it never end???

We had such a fun day yesterday! My friends' sons' birthday was yesterday so we went to a local jump/bounce house place to play all morning. We capped it off with a trip to Chick-fil-a. Great morning! My kids had a ball jumping and playing, it was so much fun!



Anna-Kate with her friend Andrew (the 4 year old birthday boy!)


We came home and they both napped for 3 solid hours. Ryan woke up first (because he goes down first) and we played, had a snack and he was running around like normal. We left at 4:30 to run to the bank and go to Anna-Kate's playgroup. He sat in my lap the whole time, but I chalked it up to a lot of big kids in a little room. When I stood to go, I looked at him and his eyes were totally glossed over and he was red as a firetruck. Sure enough, took a rectal temp, 103.8. How does this keep happening?? I mean, out of nowhere!

He is better today, fever is down this morning, he is eating and drinking again.

So, we'll be home today, again, in case you were wanting to find us, keeping our germs to ourselves. (Well, I might hit up CVS for some deals this afternoon if everyone seems, the excitement!) :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In their eyes....

I am a magnificant artist. Anyone who really knows me knows that I am very uncreative and the worlds worst drawer. However, Anna-Kate constantly asks me to draw pictures for her (of princesses, Nemo, sea creatures etc). Today I said, "I really can't honey, Mommy just isn't very good at drawing". She said, "O you are Mommy, you are such a good drawer, you are the best." Amazing. :)

I am an amazing singer. I do love to sing, and am pretty decent, but recognize my limits and know I'm not Idol material or anything. But my kids, both of them, love to hear me sing. It instantly calms and quiets both of them. I love to rock while snuggling my kids and singing hymns of praise while silently thanking Jesus for the precious blessings He has bestowed!

I am the great healer of boo-boos. Amazing how my kisses are magic. Anna-Kate can be crying like her foot was cut off, and a simple kiss later, the tears are gone and she hugs and thanks me for making it all better. Amazing what a little love can do, huh?

I am the authority on any question about anything. I find myself often frustrated and quickly annoyed by the constant barrage of "why" (don't you?) and the repetitive nature of said question (for example, why is the dog sitting there? Because that's where he wants to sit. But why? Because he is comfortable there. Why is he comfortable there? Because the pillow is soft. Why is it soft? Because the fabric is soft and fluffy. Why is it fluffy...." I kid you not when I say this conversation happened.). I have to remind myself that my job right now is to educate my children and that I am the one they trust to answer their questions.

I am their mother and, for now, the greatest love in their lives. And all in all, I'd say that is a pretty spectacular thing.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Disney, the picture edition

Well, we're back! It was so hard to leave. Disney truly is a magical place. I believe Anna-Kate summed up all of our feelings when she said, as we were driving away, "but I don't want to leave Disneyworld, not ever!".

The four of us at Magic Kingdom:


Ryan's first ride on Dumbo:


Anna-Kate's first ride on Dumbo: (it's her "faybrit")


Unfortunately, our attire for most of the trip...the Disney poncho. Fortunately, we discovered that if they rip (which they often do) Disney lets your swap them out for a new one. We each had one, and had 1 for the stroller. Let's just say it was a production to go anywhere.


Anna-Kate loves to carry the umbrella. I think she feels like a big girl. Here, at Animal Kingdom, she walked over to me (I was also holding an umbrella) and said, "cheers" and tapped my umbrella.


This might be my favorite picture from the trip. Both happy, smiling, and wearing their mouse ears! (these are the ears I scored for free. I'm telling you, it pays to be nice to people and to talk to people. Asking for things never hurts, all they can say is no, and often, people will surprise you and say yes!)


Family picture with Minnie and Mickey.


The birthday girls. We ate so well on our trip. This was the birthday dessert at the Rainforest Cafe. It was SOOO good! Happy Birthday Mom and Anna-Kate!


On our way to Animal Kingdom Wednesday (early!) morning. Anna-Kate loved riding the Disney buses, Ryan, not so much. Ya, he was that kid screaming on the buses usually. Unless I was holding him. Sigh.


The whole family at the "tree of life" at Animal Kingdom. As Anna-Kate would say at every possible appropriate time, "yay, it's not raining Momma, see?"


The only picture I have of the entire week where we are showered and halfway decent looking. :) We are at the Animal Kingdom lodge, Disney's newest resort, to have dinner at Boma, a buffet of amazing African inspired cuisine.


On Friday, our last night in Magic Kingdom, we ate dinner at Cinderalla's Castle. We had been talking about it for months and Anna-Kate told anyone who would listen that she was having dinner at Cinderella's house for her birthday! It was an excellent meal, and the kids had a great time. Fairy godmother and some mice came to sing, dance and entertain while the food was being served. A wonderful experience. Here is Anna-Kate with Cinderella:


And the family:


The princesses all received a blue wand/sceptor, while the little prince's got a sword. Ryan is all boy--he loved his sword, and has hardly put it down!


The castle during the AMAZING fireworks show. Unfortunately, both kids had fallen asleep by this point in the stroller, but the adults enjoyed it--wonderful!


We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort on Disney property. It was so pretty!


The pools were awesome! There was a kiddie section with a shipwrecked pirate ship--there were slides and cannons shooting water and it was a zero entry kid pool, being about 1 foot at its deepest. Sorry, no picture. :) The "big" pool had 3 water slides and another zero entry section. We are in front of some other water shooting canons in this picture:


My dad took this picture from the top of the tallest water slide. I am waving. You can kinda see the resort area, and how great the pool and cabana area are. The sand "beaches" to the back left were around the whole thing (connected by a bridge) with playgrounds and hammocks everywhere. That was relaxing. During naps, I read a magazine and layed in the hammock. Ahhh.


The last day we went to Downtown Disney to eat lunch on our way out of town. Anna-Kate really wanted a picture with Pooh, so, here we are. We had such a wonderful time. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for everything! Can't wait to do it again!! :)


And they lived happily ever after....


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Disney-part 1

I'm on quick to update. The weather has been quite, umm, rainy. As in, Orlando's gotten nearly 8 inches since we've been here. I'm not gonna lie, it's been a huge pain--we've spent a lot of time wearing rain poncho's (and having to cover our stroller in one) but we've had an absolute blast! Rain is not for the weak, so we have powered through, and others have not. Therefore, lines have been relatively short and we've gotten to ride everything we wanted multiple times. All of the shows have been open, and they've been amazing. (we've seen short-version, Broadway quality Beauty and the Beast, Nemo, and Lion King. THe kids have had a ball. I've actually teared up a number of times just seeing the excitement, wonder and awe in their eyes. When we walked in to Magic Kingdom for the first time Anna-Kate was just beside herself. We have gotten pictures with Minnie and princesses, and she's been so brave (you can tell it makes her nervous, but she so desperately wants the picture to put on her french board in her room).

We had a great birthday celebration at Magic Kingdom. (Mickey actually sent her a letter and a button to wear, which she's worn every day). The food has been amazing. Yum. Thankfully I've walked about 12 million miles a day, so I'm guessing it's all been burned off. I have managed to sweet talk my way into free mouse ears for Anna-Kate, some cookies and 16 fastpasses (if unfamiliar, they are an automatic free trip to the front of the ride line--quite a valuable piece of paper).

I'll update with pictures when I get home. Suffice it to say, the rain can't stop us! We are powering through, and having a blast doing it! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mermaid party

Today was (finally) the long anticipated birthday party. I finally got so annoyed with her asking every five minutes when her party was that I made a calendar for her of May. We had her family party in Macon last weekend, her school party, "mermaid" party and leave for Disney and we've been putting stickers on each morning. It's actually been a lot of fun. (on a side note, been working on simple addition/subtraction too...). :)

The weather has said forever that it was supposed to rain today. Unfortunate as it was a pool party. My friend asked what "plan B" was, I said, coloring in the clubhouse...and praying for no rain. I was a bit stressed out trying to get it all done and get us all packed for a week at Disney (we leave tomorrow morning at 9). Y'all know how OCD I can be about these things (I'm usually completely packed a solid 48-72 hours before I leave to go anywhere). Anyway. It's all done now.

We had Little Caesar's pizza, (nothing but the best!) fresh carrots, tomatoes and ranch (an absolute fav of Anna-Kate's, even without the dip) Blue Bell (is there any other kind!?!) stawberries and cream icecream and cake. The kids had a blast swimming while the parents chatted and poured sweat as the AC was not working in the clubhouse. O well, it was a beautiful day.

The cake. I recognize that I am not an artist and have no creative ability, so I stuck with the basics and didn't even attempt a face. Anna-Kate did not notice the missing face.


Swimming. I was proud of her for getting in by herself for the first swim of the year. She actually kicked her way across the whole pool! I wasn't particuarly interested in getting in (it was coooold) plus Chris and I were keeping up with Ryan. I'd say she was well protected...she has on floaties, a noodle and an inner tube...


A shot of all the parents and kids gathered around the stair area. I do love this about our pool--there is a lot of "stair real-estate".


How Ryan enjoyed the pool:


And finally, a picture of me with my BIG THREE YEAR OLD!! I can't believe how fast the years have flown by. What a nerd, I totally just teared up writing that. Wow.



When she got up from her nap she asked if it was time for her mermaid party. I said it was in one hour--how long sesame street is. She said, "I can't wait that long, never. I can't wait 2 minutes, or even 1 minute!" (Oh, the drama). Can I tell you how excited she was??

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My favorite time of day 8pm. (No, not because I'm kid-free). (Well, that's a little part of it, but certainly not the main part or point).

No matter what kind of day we've had, be it filled with laughter, tears, tantrums, lots of discipline, fights or fun, at 8 o'clock I rock my boy, sing to him and pray with him. He gives me big baby-open-mouthed kisses and he snuggles with me. You know how baby's nestle in your neck? The best thing ever. Then I read, sing and pray with my daughter who, without fail gives me a series of kisses, wraps her arms around me in a tight hug and says, "I really love you a lot Mommy" and smiles (sometimes sleepy, but often not...) sweetly as I leave her room.

I close the door wondering what the next day will bring. Thankfully, the Lord has blessed me exceedingly and each day brings more laughter, joy and love than the day before. And, even though days are often interspersed with tantrums, fights and tears, nevertheless, at the end of the day it's all about family and love.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

It's been a jam-packed weekend. Yesterday, we drove to Macon for Anna-Kate to attend a birthday party (of my college roommates' daughter), naps at my parents' house, the whole extended family came over for a cookout to celebrate mothers day and May birthdays (where AK got princess dress-up, some new books, and a room for her dollhouse), kids to bed, then Chris and I went to celebrate my friends' husbands graduation from med school. Then, we went back to my parents, packed up the kids and drove home--arriving a few minutes after midnight. A very fun day, but extremely full of activities!

I'm beat, how 'bout you?

I fell into bed not to even roll over until, at 7:46, Anna-Kate came into my room giggling with a card she decorated for me and Chris following with breakfast. I'm ashamed to say the first thing out of my mouth was, "why are you in here this early?". I opened the card, gave my girl a big thank you and kiss, then rolled over and went back to sleep. For 45 minutes. We were late to church. Oh, and my coffee was quite cold by this point.

Church was sweet as the two-four years old got up to recite their catechisms. Anna-Kate sat there on the front row with her friend Natalie, neither saying a word (though we practiced last week and she knows them...) until the last word, Anna-Kate, fully solemn said, "glory" (to answer the question, "why did God make you and all things?" "for His own glory") then ran down the aisle and jumped in my lap. Chris took us to Uncle Julios for lunch (a Mexican restaraunt near our church that makes fresh hot tortillas. For any friends living in Texas, do not take this delicious treat for granted. YUM.) We came home, played with the kids, then all of us took naps. Except me, I layed in bed, but I can't nap, so here I am.


A nugget from this weekend.

At the dinner table Anna-Kate repeatedly complained that her belly ached (and kept ripping them...). So I took her to the bathroom to see if that would help. She said, "no, I not need to go poo-poo, I think I should just sit at the table and not eat my cake. I prolly should open some presents though." (she got all of her family birthday presents last night--on cloud nine because of said presents--thanks to all!)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wow, I never realized...

...just how OCD I am. I mean, I knew, but I didn't know.

Today has been a really full day. Anna-Kate's friend from church, Natalie, (and her mommy, my friend Christy) came over this morning to play. Poor Ryan trooped around trying to follow the girls as they played dress up and doll house. He finally gave up and came downstairs to sit with the mamas and bang a cup on the floor. It's the little things people, that's all he needs. :)

Anna-Kate and Natalie playing outside:


After they left and we had lunch, I realized I was missing an ingrediant (for which I had to get baking done during naps) so I schlepped the kids to Publix (where we saw a firetruck and Anna-Kate said, "we should prolly go check that out Mom.) to get evaporated milk. UGH. I hate not having what I need (this goes back to my point about being OCD...). Anyway, got the kids down for naps and began baking for the weekend (we are celebrating mothers day and Anna-Kate's and my mom's birthday tomorrow in Macon, so I am doing the baking). As I was cleaning up, I went to put a pyrex measuring cup away and what I saw made me shudder (Not really. Well, kinda.). My spices, (kept underneath my pyrex cups which are perfectly nestled according to size)were in all sorts of dissaray--as in knocked over, not in a line etc. I keep them alphabetical so I can find them (that's normal, right? Makes them easy to find?)I started to re-organize them then told myself I didn't have time since I still need to clean all 3 bathrooms, dust and vacuum before the kids wake up (what am I doing blogging!?!). I walked away and literally couldn't stop thinking about it. I couldn't help myself, so right then, I took them all out and fixed it.

Ahh, now isn't that better? I can breathe again.


Then, with the duplicate spices (because I'm building my stock pile--buying in bulk when things are on sale and using coupons to get them for free or near free and storing them for when I need them, hoping to never have to run to Publix for just one thing and NEVER having to pay full price for anything...)I took them to the garage where I've been keeping (fully organized, of course) all of these things:


Whew, now I gotta get cleaning!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The way her mind works.

AK: "Mommy, I so funny, say, 'you so silly Mary', cause I Mary, right Joseph?"

Wow, active imagination. The one area that she is unlike me.


At dinner, hris was asking me if tonight was Bunco night (it isn't. Sigh.).
AK: "I go to bunco too because I a Mommy and only mommies get to go to bunco, right Mommy?"
Me: "yes, only Mommies go. Well if you are a mommy, who is your baby?"
AK: "Umm, I don't know. Well, baby Jesus? Yes, baby Jesus. So, I a mommy, so I go to bunco with you."



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The day that just wouldn't end

Alternate title: "Working on getting a frequent user punch-card at the hospital"

Alternate, alternate title: "Can winter please be over now?"

Ryan started being a bit fussy on Saturday. Sure enough, top two molars were beginning to poke through. Simple fix, the miracle drug more commonly known as childrens motrin. Wam, bam, thank-you-ma'am.

He began not to eat as much, but I chalked it up to mouth soreness. Monday we went to friends' house to play and he was out of control. He has never in his life cried as long, loud or been as inconsolable as he was. I had forgotten his motrin, so gave it to him at 11/11:15. He started acting a bit more like himself about 12:45...put him down for nap at 1. He woke up at 2:30 and was crying on and off until I went in there at 3:45. He was lying on his back, red as a tomato with a pitiful cry. I picked him up, and within minutes began to sweat myself. He was radiating heat. Took his temp, 104.3. Ped wanted to see him asap, so schlepped the kids across town (since the close office was booked for the day). She couldn't find anything wrong with him, apart from the fever, so sent us to the hospital for a full work up of labs. (As that high of a fever in one so young, pretty out of no-where with no other symptoms and with motrin still in his system is kinda scary.) I was up with him at 12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30 and up for the day at 7:30. That is far more frequently than I was up with him as a newborn--yowza, my body sure isn't used to that anymore. Can I say coffee?

Long story short, his white blood cell count was elevated so I had to take him back in yesterday. Opted to hold off on antibiotics as long as possible and am medicating with afore mentioned miracle drug around the clock to keep the fever down. He woke up from nap yesterday with 104.4. Let me tell you how fun the afternoon was...the assumed diagnosis is that he has roseola--a really high fever for 3 days followed by a full body rash. Super. Will keep you posted on those good times to come.

Today, before his nap he had 97.8, so hopefully, we are out of the thick of it. I have been trying to keep the kids apart so she won't get it. We are traveling to Macon this weekend for my roommates daughters' birthday party, one of my best friends husbands' med school graduation get together, and our family mothers day/Anna-Kate and Moms birthday celebration. Getting sick=not an option. Appreciate the kind words and continued prayers.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I got nothin'.

When we were driving home from church I was asking Anna-Kate how her Sunday school class was. She told me it was good and even went on to tell me what she learned. I asked who was there and she named off her friends and teachers. Then she said,"who that big girl?" (there was like a 12ish year old in there helping her mom). I told her I wasn't sure what her name was. Anna-Kate said, "her teeth sure are funny". I said, "what do you mean, she's a silly girl?" (trying to steer away from where I was afraid this was going...). "No, her teeth are funny looking. She need new ones."

Oh my. There are no words or manuals for how to deal with that.

She and I went to Publix yesterday, you know, just the girls. :) We were walking out and a man passed us. Quite audibly she said, "Mommy, is that a boy or a girl there?" (while pointing right at him). I immediately pulled her hand down, got in between her and him (while unsuccessfully trying to hide myself behind any object or just shrink , or find that magic rewind button to make the whole thing go away. Where are my super powers when I need them?!?). I said, rather quietly, "that's a boy honey, and it's not polite to point or ask that question." Her response, "I don't think that a boy Mommy, but I not sure."

Again, how to deal with that? Apart from my "make me invisible" button.