Wednesday, June 30, 2010


For about a year now Ryan has been absolutely obsessed with balls (his favorite is basketball). He "shoops" (shoots hoops) constantly. Around the beginning of the year he discovered trains. He's in love. He only cares much about his engines. A running background music to our day is, "Thomas, Hercy, choo-choo, Thomas, Hercy, Unkin!" (That would be Thomas, Percy and Dunkin engines). Taking away engines is my new go-to for punishment, because no amount of other discipline compares to having trains taken away. Sweet Ryan play so well independently, and I often can walk in to see this:

Here you can see his newest obsession, tunnels. We build lego tunnels for his trains. Is he all-boy or what? Balls, trains and tunnels. :)

(Sidenote, his trains are currently in "time out"--and have been for the past 24 hours.)

"No more 'cheese' Mama!" (stop taking pictures!). :) So, I guess I'll stop now. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Anna-Kateisms, again

I was feeding the baby and Ryan was playing on the floor. Anna-Kate walked in and said, "Mama, I think I should keep you company. Women needs lots of help when dealing with all these boys!" Well said daughter, I couldn't agree more. :)


Anna-Kate has never liked peaches (I know, whose kid is she??). Anyhoo. I was eating a bowl full of fresh peaches that my mom brought me fresh from the farmers market when Anna-Kate asked what I was eating.
Me: "mmm, I'm eating special dessert."
AK: "Oh can I try a bite please? Pleeeease?" (sidenote, don't you love italics? With a few extra vowels and italics I just know you can hear the whiny desperation in her voice!)
Me: "Alright, but just one bite."
AK: "what is it?"
Me: "just try it."
***so she eats it***
AK: "YUM, I love this, what is it?"
Me: "It's peaches. I told you they were delicious."
AK: "Oh, I must like them now!"


I asked Anna-Kate to clean up the blocks she had been playing with (poor thing, she went with us to Ryan's playgroup and there were no other big kids. She's a trooper!). She bent over and began cleaning, then put her hand on the small of her back and said, "this is beary hard on me since I am so pregnant with Baby Kate." I said, "what did you just say?" (surely, not what I thought I just heard). She said, "I said I am beary much pregnant with my little girl baby, so this is hard" followed by a loud sigh. (but, she cleaned it up!). Ha!


Driving home she began making an action plan for our next children (and no, I'm not pregnant. Sheesh). According to Anna-Kate, we will have a new baby girl next, followed by another boy. She declared that she and Ryan would sit in the back of the van. I said, "well, I need your help to put Jack's paci in". She said, "oh, it's OK, the new baby girl can put his paci in for him. She can have my seat and the new boy can have Ryan's seat, and Jack can just stay where he is when Ryan and I go in the back." A girl with a plan. Nice. Too bad that requires being pregnant 2 more times. :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Waterworks VBS, 2010

Am I a horrible person for the rush of sweet relief (that it was over) as I drove home on Friday? (I was so crazy tired!! And poor Jack needed a nap in his bed!)

(Did I just admit that across the web?)

My kids, however, had a blast. There were 100 kids this year (up from not quite 80 last year!) and a sizable number of kids from the surrounding area who were introduced to church and to the Gospel for the first time--I'd call that sweet success! The kids learned about "riding the 'wave' of God's love for them". I love vbs each year because of the concentrated teaching and fun my kids get, but also because I get to hang out with my friends as well. We are so unbelievably blessed with amazing families in our church body and the women are just incredible. I love getting to spend time with younger girls, my peers (and bounce of kid stuff) and older women for such special nurturing and mentoring. We really have an amazing church! It's amazing to see God provide for each little job with people whose personality and gifts are perfect for the need.

On our way to church. We had to leave our house at 8:40 every morning. This was a huge stretch for me. But, as I was leading music (and, the opening ceremonies) being late wasn't optional for us. :) They were all such troopers!

Sad that the only child looking at the camera is the baby. Sigh. One day. :)

Bed-head much?? Ryan's class sat on the front row, since they were the smallest. As I was standing up front leading I got to watch him interact with his playmates and participate in worship. It warmed my heart to see him learning the words and motions for the songs. Look how well he is paying attention!

Anna-Kate with her sweet friend, Ella Ann. These girls were inseparable all week. Katie (EA's mom) and I joke that we are raising the same kid. They are so alike (only wear dresses, big bows, love dressing up, very "girly-girls") but they both got it from their mama's--Katie and I are so alike as well. It's so fun to hang out with them...kindred spirits for sure. :)

Anna-Kate was so intent on her craft that she didn't even notice me walk in the room and take the picture!

Playing outside. Doesn't she look so grown up?

Amazing how much fun can be had with a pan of water and a few cups. :)

This morning at church the children led worship singing the songs I taught them this week. They did great!

My handsome man in his gigantic youth xs VBS shirt. :) So sweet.

Me directing the kids this morning. Not my best picture, but Ryan absolutely cracks me up. He looks like he's reading a script to direct or something. LOL, alas, just the bulletin. :)

The kids signing "forever" a la, "forever God is faithful".

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jack's a growin'

Jack has officially lived 1/4 of a year now. Doesn't he sound old? Geesh.

He's rolling over all of the time now. In fact, he keep waking up mid-nap/night because he has rolled onto his back and can't get back to his tummy to go back to sleep. He gets the funniest look on his face when you go in to roll him over. He goes to bed at 9 and sleeps until 8 in the morning (with a quick dream feed at 11). Sweet boy goes down for naps and nighttime wonderfully and is so happy during his wake time (I call him "full body happy" because he has the biggest grin and when he gets excited his whole body gets into it). He is a true blessing!

He's been clocking some serious time in the jumperoo. Yep, we packed away the swing and bouncy seats and brought out the jumperoo and exersaucer at 2 1/2 months. He's so advanced. :) (He and Anna-Kate are eerily similar).

So happy!

He's not smiling here...but just to show how little he is still. His precious feet barely reach the floor, but he just jumps away and giggles. Precious.

Not so much a fan of the pool. He did better when I held him up on my chest. He was a trooper though and took a nice nap/rest in his carseat for 1 1/2 hours while we played there today. Yay Jack! Such progress. :)

Aaaaand, in the exersaucer. Chris said that when Jack was crying the other night, while Chris was holding him, he put Jack in the saucer and he started smiling immediately. Hey, whatever works. I'll also say this realization came not a moment too soon. Jack spent an hour or so a day in the saucer at VBS last week (post on that coming tomorrow).

Couldn't you just squeeze him?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A bit of encouragement.

I shall now have one mouth the more to fill, and two feet the more to shoe;
more disturbed nights, more laborious days, and less leisure for visiting, reading, music, and drawing.

Well! this is one side of the story, to be sure, but I look at the other.

Here is a sweet, fragrant mouth to kiss; here are two more feet to make music with their pattering about my nursery.

Here is a soul to train for God, and the body in which it dwells is worthy all it will cost, since it is the abode of a kingly tenant.

I may see less of friends, but I have gained one dearer than them all, to whom, while I minister in Chist’s name, I make a willing sacrifice of what little leisure for my own recreation my other darlings had left me.

Yes, my precious baby, you are welcome to your mother’s heart, welcome to her time, her strength, her health, her tenderest cares, to her life-long prayers!

Oh, how rich I am, how truly, how wondrously blest!

- Elizabeth Prentiss-

(from Stepping Heavenward)

That I will think of these words on the hard days and that I would make myself a "willing my time, strength, health, tender care and life-long prayer." And always remember that though the days are long, the years are very short.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The lack of sleep has finally caught up to me. Don't get me wrong, Jack is a great sleeper...for a newborn. He is currently feeding at 11:30 and then again at 8, but I still haven't managed to get the elusive 8 hours of continual sleep that my body so craves. Add to that, I'm not producing enough milk for my boy. Bummer. So, I began taking a prescription to help with the milk (I took it with Ryan and it really helped a lot).

Slight problem...the medicine makes me tired. So.very.tired. Like, I'm not a napper, never have been. Yesterday, I napped for 30 minutes. Last night, I fed Jack at 8, got in the bathtub at 8:15 where I promptly fell asleep. I woke up and immediately got in bed "just to rest for a minute" where I slept until 11:33. I fed Jack and went back to bed where I immediately fell back asleep until 7:08 this morning. I felt a-maz-ing when I woke up! However, come 2 this afternoon, I was beat again. I fell asleep nursing Jack, managed to stay awake to play with him for a bit, then napped for 1 hour 45 minutes. I am about to go to bed now too. I am beyond tired. Yawn.

Please pray that this medicine works quickly so I can get off it and back to normal. I hate being like this (I am far more tired than I ever have been, even 1st trimester of pregnancy!)!

Sweet dreams!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jack's baptism and Father's Day weekend!

Saturday I went with my friend Leigh-Ann for her last day out before her baby comes on Thursday. We went shopping for a gift, got pedicures, and ate lunch. A super fun afternoon!! When I came home, however, it was time to hit it! Chris and I were up late getting ready for lunch for 14 today and trying to find the VBS cd (ugh. It was given to me, as I'm leading worship, and I promptly forgot about it as we decided not to use the cheesy vbs songs and opted for hymns/worship songs the kids would actually hear again instead. After over an hour of looking, Chris found it. I had not put it where it was found. The other adult in this house who put it there can remain nameless). :)

Today was a really special day in our house! It started quite early for me, (after yesterday ending quite late!) but it was wonderful. It is such a joy to be surrounded by family, friends, and a loving church body as you dedicate your child to the Lord and see them welcomed into the Covenant family. How encouraging to see the congregation vow to help us to raise Jack in the ways of the Lord and to be praying with us for his salvation. We are so blessed!


Pastor Pete praying for Jack

Only family shot I have from the whole day. Sad I didn't do a better job of documenting.

Jack was baptized at church and my parents, grandparents and our best friends were able to attend. All 3 kids behaved well (I'd say perfectly, but there was a moment of Ryan jetting off the stage and, were it not for my stealth like moves putting the paci in, Jack would have wailed mid-prayer into the pastor's mic...but I digress.) and it was a sweet time. Afterwards, everyone came over here for lunch. Chris smoked pork tenderloins yesterday and I made bar-b-que out of it today. I also had pasta salad, chips, baked beans, buns, cantaloupe, pound cake (might have been my best yet, it was awesome) and homemade strawberry AND homemade peach icecream. YUM. I like to celebrate! :)

Mana and Anna-Kate holding Jack

Anna-Kate telling Papa all about Disney world and showing him our book.

Mana loves to love on babies, and Jack was enamoured with her!

In our family, we have developed a tradition, of sorts, of baptizing our kids on a holiday. Anna-Kate was baptized on Chris' birthday and Ryan was baptized on Anna-Kate's birthday. I think of it as multi-tasking with out of town family. :) Two birds, one stone. I'm efficient like that. So, since today was Father's day, and I knew this afternoon was a big celebration for Jack, I tried to do little things throughout the weekend to show love and appreciation for Chris. I made his favorite pizza on Friday, had a huge breakfast before church today, and Anna-Kate made him a sweet card to go with the pink polo shirt she picked out for him. :)

So, without further ado, Chris, you are an amazing father--as good as it gets. :) Thank you for loving our kids, providing for our family, being "zany" with them and not being afraid to discipline too. You are a wonderful example to them of our Father's love, and I pray our boys will grow up to be dads just like you some day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bad call

I'm regretting the decision to teach Ryan to open doors. I opened Pandora's box (or taught him how to).

Why? Sigh.

Tomorrow is another day. (and one on which we celebrate fathers and Jack's baptism!)

Friday, June 18, 2010

A day of firsts, not to be repeated.

I woke up at 7:06 to Ryan sitting on my feet saying "potty, Mommy!". (We didn't make it in time. It was a doozy.) This is a first time that I've ever woken up to a child in my face, in my bed. Don't want a repeat of that. Ever.

Tried to crawl back in bed. Anna-Kate came in 15 minutes later, sobbing. She had fallen out of bed and landed on her head, waking her up (also, a first). I agree, that's a bad way to start the morning. She didn't recover until after quiet play time (that would be 4 pm). I don't enjoy days where someone "wakes up on the wrong side of the bed", even if they fell. O well.

I, miraculously, got a shower, the baby fed and out the door to pick up my friend and her daughter on time (did you catch that? I picked someone up at 9:30am). We made it to church on time to do the final VBS workday before vacation Bible school starts next week. Did I mention this already? Somehow, I was put in charge of music (which entails leading the opening/closing ceremonies, teaching the kids the songs and motions and then leading them in worship next Sunday.). I am thankful to not be doing this alone! Jack slept in the car there, but awoke as we got off the highway. Of course. He didn't sleep again, except for 20 minutes when I put him in the sling. The pizza that was ordered came 45 minutes late (12:45. Can I tell you this is an eternity to kids who are hungry and generally eat lunch 11:30 or 12?). So, Jack, as he hates the carseat and was over-tired, and Lauren, my friends child who wanted to take her nap, cried the whole way home. (By cry, I mean Jack wailed uncontrollably the.whole.way.home. He stopped for about 30 seconds, but that was just to rally and renew his efforts of expressing his displeasure.). Ryan fell asleep and had an accident (which, incidentally, soaked his carseat. Super). This also means when I transferred him I had to change his underwear, which woke him up and he didn't nap well after. Anna-Kate cried in frustration of Jack screaming and rejecting the paci. It was super. Sara and I had to just laugh, or we would have cried.

(Sidenote, I always think of plausible excuses in my head of what I would say to a cop if I got pulled over. I don't think I would have needed one today. I had 3 screaming kids. 'Nuff said, right?)

I fed Jack at 1:50 (instead of 2) and put him down at 2:05 (instead of 3) and he slept until I woke him up at 5:10 to eat. Think he was sleepy?

Now, I'm off to finish making homemade pizza (with sausage, avocado, and mushrooms = YUM.) to kick off Father's Day weekend. Jack is being baptized on Sunday, so I figured we needed to make the weekend special since Chris' "day" wouldn't be all about him, and the awesome father that he is. :)

Wouldn't you know things come in "3's", Ryan fell and got his first bloody nose from a fall. Blood everywhere...soaked through my two shirts to my skin. Sigh.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well, since I have this spankin' new room

I felt simply obligated to christen it with a new sewing project. :)

I love the french fabric and the black, white, green and pink. I showed it to Anna-Kate, who looked hesitant about it, (not being a fan of black) and Chris brilliantly stated it was a "Fancy Nancy dress since it's like Paris" and I threw in an "ooh-la-la!" and she was sold on it. Way to go, husband.

I made her this dress early May, but never got around to putting it up. Love the different style, an angel wings are my absolute favorite! It's super easy for her to throw on, which she loves, and totally comfy.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Before and After

I mentioned last week that I got an itch to decorate the final remaining undecorated room in my house, my craft room. Sad how many hours are spent here and how pitiful it looked.

See? Ick.

Ahhh, much better. I wanted to find something that could "allow" me to not paint the builders white cream walls. I don't have time to pull things away, paint and wait for it to dry. (I need instant gratification like that, evidently). Full room shot:

Sewing machine, serger, cutting space:

Where the bulk of my time is spent, computer and embroidery machine:

Close up of some knick-knacks. I'm not a "knick-knacky" kinda girl normally, but I just couldn't resist this dress for my sewing room, the clearanced picture frame with crazily similar matting to my fabric (that I made a french board, covered the chair and mod-podged the "SEW" letters with) and the soft pink trim I added to the black lampshades. The black frames/shadow boxes were also on clearance due to a dinged up corner. Fixed that, and added leftover pink fabric from the cornice board. So sweet.

So you can see how beautiful the fabric on my cornice board is. Don't you love it?? That was the original "inspiration" for the room (I talk like I have a show on HGTV. Whatever, I loved the fabric and black and cream is as timeless as it gets. Love it.).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eye candy

My baby is almost 11 weeks old! He is so precious and loves to smile and coo with me. Some of my favorite time is spent from 2-3 with him and we just stare lovingly into each others eyes. :)

He hates lying down and wants to be sitting (which he can "tripod" sit for a minute before falling, and indefinately if you hold his hands. He isn't steady, but has the back muscle to do it) or standing (he already likes to jump. Reminds me more and more of Anna-Kate. Hope he doesn't walk before 7 months too...)

I think it's hilarious that he looks so chubby with his double chin while lying down. Look at that dimple! Aren't you just smitten? :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
John 14:27

How good it is to rest in the Lord! How amazing to know that God is in control. He knows all things, holds them together (Col. 1:17) and gives us what we need, when we need it.

We have had such sweet family time the last few days! Not doing too much, just playing, eating and reading together. I have big plans to make homemade granola bars this week. Should be interesting....just hoping they're edible.


Today I dropped the big kids at Ryan's playgroup and took the baby to the post office. I dread that place. I dread going there like I dread the next round of my kids' sickness. The lines are always crazy long and the workers are painstakingly meticulous (read: SLOW). It's as if the lady who works at our local USPO is absolutely pained to be at work each day. I had my sweet, cooing, (non-waling even though he was in his carseat) baby with me and she looked up and said "next" in the stankest voice and tone. I smiled and said, "good morning" hoping to shake her nastiness, but she looked over her reading glasses at my boy and quickly looked away, typed then said, "delivery confirmation?" in that same disgusting voice. I wanted to ask (but didn't) if it would kill her to smile, or at the very least call it even and keep her lips in a straight line across her face. O well. It certainly makes me thankful that I can stay home with my kids and not spend my days miserable in a job I hate.

Are you still reading? Gracious, I need to get some better material. :) Ha! Amazing that those stories that only happen to me, haven't happened lately. I guess that's what happens when you don't leave too often. Ha!

I have almost finished my work room re-do. I am LOVING typing and sewing in here!! (and, I made Anna-Kate a new dress to celebrate and christen the new space!). It's done in black and cream with accents of light pink. Gorgeous. Just hang tight, I'm hoping to get some pictures tomorrow (You know, remember to do it when the sun is out. We'll see).

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Growin' up

So, Ryan learned how to open doors this weekend. (and by "learn" I mean that I taught him how. Hope that pans out to be a good decision.).

He's thrilled with his new skill. I barely stopped him from using his new found skillz to open the bathroom door on a dinner guest. (Note to self: teach bathroom social norms in conjunction with door opening skills next time).


In less life changing, but just as exciting news, Jack rolled over from his tummy to his back today for the first time!

Sniff, they're growing up.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Game Changers

Ever had something happen in life that you sit back and think, "wow, this situation I am in is like a "Y". Life will take one of two very different paths based upon the decision I make"?

That has so been the past few weeks here.

Without going into too many details, Chris was offered a job with a different company. It seemed so wonderful! Great benefits, a perfect "fit" professionally, more money, I would get to leave Kaiser insurance (and y'all all know how I feel about that!), lots of little perks...the one downside? Travel. Lots of it (Like, every Monday morning through Thursday afternoon, though he would get to work from home every Friday). We prayed a lot about it, asked our friends and family to pray with us and began to move forward. Then, something happened, Chris couldn't shake the sadness as he thought about being away from me and our kids. He sought prayer and council with our pastor and an elder in our church. The bottom line is that he passed on this opportunity. I can't tell you what a hard decision it was for us, especially for him.

This week has taught us a lot. I am so proud of my husband for following the Lord. On paper, this job was a no-brainer to take, and he would have been awesome at the job. But, he is stepping out in faith and trusting the Lord. He chose his family first. I can't tell you the love I feel and the pride in my heart to see my amazing husband, who is an incredible dad, put his family ahead of himself. He chose to help in those "witching hours", to share in the daily discipline, to model Godly manhood to our boys and model our Father's love to our daughter, and to be the best husband and father, daily, that he can be.

In 15 years we are going to look back at this and see this decision and how God used it in our lives. What could have been? We won't know that. Thankfully, we trust in a God who is faithful to provide for His children, and answer the earnest cries of our hearts.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


This has been a week. I can't say all that's been going on for now, but hopefully there will be answers, closure and peace in the coming days here!


Last week I got it in my head to redecorate the downstairs bedroom that I have taken over as my crafting/sewing room. It is the lone room with "builder white" walls and zero done to it, and it's been bugging me forever. (Before and after pics will come soon hopefully!!) Well, evidently, Saturday was the day. I bought fabric, trim, a few knick knacks and have been working on it day by day (you know, in the 45 minutes a day I have to myself each day...). Anyway. I got away from the store without one of the pieces of fabric, so Anna-Kate and I went out for a special "mommy daughter time" to get it (thrilling, I know).

[longest blog intro to a story ever.]

As we were in the car she said, "Umm, I think I want a sewing machine so that I can sew Jack some burf clops [burp cloths] with a cross on them so he will always remember that Jesus died for him." I told her that was a lovely idea and she continued, "and I think I should make one for Baby Kate too. Are sewing machines expensive Mama?" I said that they were and she said, "Oh, well that's OK because I have a LOT of dollars!" I asked her how many she had and she said $5 (that she received from for her birthday from Aunt Julia). I told her it cost a little more than that. She said, "mama, do you have a lot of dollars in your bank?" Umm, not really...but I said, "I have more than $5." She said, "oh, like, ummm, twelve?" "sure" I responded. "OK, well I am going to use all of my dollars and your $12 to buy a machine. I want it as a surprise for my 10 older (year old)birthday. Then, we can sew together and that will be so fun!"

Makes me heart happy and proud.

On our way home I decided to stop by McDonalds to get an icecream treat (we split the 'fun size' Reeces PB cup flurry. YUM). I drove through and their icecream machine was broken. (of course...)
AK: "that's a bummer Mommy!"
Me: "I know, a total bummer!"
AK" "what's 'total bummer' mean?"
Me: "uh, like the biggest bummer ever."
AK: "well, it's OK, we can stop at the McDonalds closest to our house and get icecream there instead."

What a problem solver. :)

As we ordered at the 2nd McDonalds and waited in line, she pointed to our Chick-fil-a calendars and said, "do you want me to give you the coupons to save money on our icecream?" I'd be lying if I said my heart didn't swell with pride over my budding frugalista!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm not itchy...

Today is our seventh anniversary. (Thus, the title..."7 year itch"...get it?)

In some ways it seems like we've been married forever and I can't really remember life before marriage (and kids). In other ways the years have flown by!

Our wedding day:

Today (See? We're all grown up now and "real" adults!):

I love you so much Chris and am so thankful for the years we've had, and the many more we have to come!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


(That's what I want to tell time.)

I remember when Anna-Kate was a newborn and I thought life couldn't possibly get any sweeter and that the newborn stage was the best. Then she grew...and I thought the same thing with each stage, for each child. Suddenly, I realized that I have three kids and my oldest is 4 and is a blossoming little lady, so independent. I'm gonna get weepy just writing this, but they just grow up too fast!

For now, I am *the* person in my kids' lives. I can make them smile the quickest. I know how to comfort like no one else can. I treasure this time...and I feel it rushing by me faster than I can truly appreciate it and "drink in" the moments.

I want to remember lunch today, because it was perfect, one of those moments that, as a mother, you sit back and just take a mental picture to remember and look back at on days that aren't so pretty (and, we all know what those days are like!). We were sitting at lunch today (at Moes, where kids' eat free on Sunday!). Jack was in his carseat smiling and cooing, (a miracle in and of itself) and the kids had eaten their lunches with no complaint. "Ain't no Mountain High Enough" was playing and Ryan started dancing, then I did, then Chris and Anna-Kate did. I felt a little goofy and realized we were "those people" who were a little freaky, then I thought that someday, if I were to do that, it might embarrass my kids. That's when I stopped and just watched, to soak in the moment. Anna-Kate reached over and gave me a big hug and kiss and said, "Mama, I want to stay your little girl forever! I only want to get as big as 10, then you just stop feeding me so I won't grow anymore". I obviously laughed, but deep down I wanted to cry. I don't want them to grow up! (I mean, a little independence and self-sufficiency help my life, but when Jack is 4, Anna-Kate will be eight!). Even as a little girl I knew that when I grew up I wanted to be a wife and a mom. That was my "career goal", if you will. Chris said to Anna-Kate, "of course you want to grow up, you can't get married and have babies unless you grow up!" (speaking at her level, you see). She said, "O, well, I just want to stay little and live with my Mommy and be her little girl forever."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The sweet spot

I meant to write this last week when Jack was 8 weeks. Now, he's 9 weeks, and his status is still the same. :)

I feel like 8 weeks is when you enter the sweet spot of infancy, you know, the "take a deep breath and really be able to enjoy your baby" stage. His schedule is completely predictable (and has been for a while. This is a very important milestone for his type-A mama). He is such a solid sleeper--taking great naps, (as long as he's in his crib, not so much in the carseat) he can sleep through most anything, and is going to bed at 9, I give him a midnight dreamfeed and then, usually, sleeping until 8ish.

Such a happy baby, he smiles all of the time and coos constantly. I love how his face lights up when he sees me (or Chris or his siblings). Such a good natured baby, a true blessing.

Clearly, he's advanced: sitting already. :) He loves the vantage point of sitting and standing (which he tries to climb whoever is holding him and really enjoys jumping, just like his sister. Wondering if he too will be an early walker??)and much prefers that to being on his back or belly.

He sleeps 100% of the time on his belly now, but has good wake time watching his mobile while on his back. He has amazing head support and can be held on one hip and support his body/head alone (so helpful). He pretty much only cries if something hurts him, he loses his paci, (rare as he is a tummy sleeper) or he wants to go to sleep (and he quits crying as soon as you lay him down on his belly!). He is a champ at being "played with" by his very loving brother and sister who sometimes forget how little he is. :)

I sure love this little guy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm hungry

Well, this is the week. I got the clear to exercise and diet from the doctor, back from vacation...du, du, duuuuuun.


I ponied up and joined Weight Watchers this week. I did it after I had Ryan (I was 4 months post partum with him though) and lost all the last of the weight in a couple of months. I always have a big initial loss, but those last 4 lbs (in addition to the 15 I need to lose to look like I used to...) are just stubborn. It's getting worse as I get older. Gulp. So, I'm hoping for the same (quick) success.

That said, I've spent the last year eating whatever, and however much, of what I want to. I've decided I don't much like moderation. (To be fair, I also don't like practicing patience and generosity, but they are good things too.)

That's all, just a way to document life as it is. I'm trying a new recipe tonight with salmon (Which amazingly, my kids love, even after Chris told them they were eating Nemo. Thanks, husband.).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We met some characters

We got to meet Tiana (never seen the movie, but for some reason, OBSESSED with meeting her!). By the time we got to the front of the line (I say we, Chris waited in line while I took the kids to the castle for a show) Anna-Kate had fallen asleep in the stroller and was not happy to be woken up and turned shy. Chris was not happy. We rallied, and here is the best picture we could get. Making memories?

In the same vein, it was right before naptime and hot, hot, hot. We saw Jasmine, (who she had been talking about meeting since last year) but by the time it was our turn she had to be coerced to meet her!

We lucked out big time meeting Snow White. She is extremely hard to nail down, but when we found her, there was no line (ie, we got good pictures) and she spent a long time talking with Anna-Kate.

The illusive Ms. White:

Ryan was BEYOND excited to meet Peter Pan! Here he is telling Peter and Wendy that he is 2. :)

While walking through Tomorrowland, "that Stitch guy" (--a la, "Lilo and Stitch"--as we call him in our house, again, the kids have never seen the movie) walked up behind me and started acting silly. Nice to get a character picture with no wait or effort. Chris thinks he was excited to see a kid (Ryan) actually interested in waving to him and saying hi.

We were blessed by early reservations and able to eat magnificent food at multiple character meals. All were all you can eat and had multiple dessert and bread options, macaroni and cheese, good veggies, amazing salad fixings, fresh fruit, soups, Italian food, fish, steak, pork, ham...everything was amazing.

At the Crystal Palace (inside Magic Kingdom) we had dinner with Pooh and friends:

Ryan and Piglet:

Anna-Kate and Eeyore:

Nana getting in on the character lovin' action with Pooh!

Ryan and Tiger (while Anna-Kate buried her head in icecream proclaiming, "I do NOT beary much like him and do NOT want to meet him!"

At Chef Mickey at the Contemporary Resort.
Group shot:

Ryan and Mickey

Anna-Kate and Minnie:

And then with Mickey:

At 1900 Park Faire at the Grand Floridian, meeting Cinderella and friends:

Her "fabrit" princess (besides Ariel), Cinderella.

The stepsisters were awesome, so funny. Ryan cried when each of them came up to our table. Neither kid wanted a picture with them, Anna-Kate wanted a picture of them. Ha!

Anastasia came up to Ryan and said, "will you marry me prince?". He turned, looked at her and burst into hysterical sobs. Hilarious.

At Ohana, where Jack was awake to meet Mickey for the first time: :)