Tuesday, June 30, 2009


As Ryan climbed the stairs Anna-Kate said, "Oh Ryan. You soooo in trouble boy!"


AK: "Mommy, what 'pretend' mean?"
Me: "When something isn't real. Like, when we pretend to be princesses. We aren't really princesses, we are just pretending, right?"
AK: "Well I really a mermaid princess. You just pretending."
Me: "Well, actually, you have legs, so you are a girl, not a mermaid."
AK: "Well, probably I pretend to be mermaid, but I really am princess. I not pretending that mommy."

Monday, June 29, 2009

Of course...

I forgot to add to yesterday. I was (amazingly) ready for church on time. (and by on time, I mean, we had to leave our house at 8:30 for the kids to be there in time for their VBS singing thing--that's early!). Anyway, I came downstairs fully confident in my outfit choice (new shirt, coordinating jewlery, cute shoes and the perfect earrings). I walked into the kitchen and Anna-Kate said, "O mommy you look so pretty. I like the baby in your tummy!". I said, "Do I really look like I have a baby in my tummy?" (while Chris is frantically trying to wave her down and violently shaking his head no in the background) she replies, "O yes Mommy, you do."

Certainly turned right around and went upstairs to change. Coincidentally, we were late. Can you blame me?


I came home from church in desperate need of a diet dr. pepper. Wouldn't you know it, there wasn't the first coke in the fridge. (don't you just hate that? I do...). So Chris solved that problem. He put twenty-four DDP's and 12 DC's in the fridge. (Who's got the room??) Super, only problem, where to put my groceries for the week, plus, with all that in there, they weren't getting cold.

Enter my brilliance. Me, "I'll just pop this DDP in the freezer for a few minutes and get it a little frosty and delicious". Fast forward to this morning. In my early morning fog I tried to get some ice water and the ice was, uhh, dirty. I opened the freezer to investigate. Voila, problem solved. Too bad it involved doing a deep clean of my freezer and ice maker. It exploded. Everywhere.

Good (Monday) morning folks!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vbs and the weekend

I asked Anna-Kate a question and she responded "yes ma'am. Oh, and my pinkie (the pig) says yes ma'am too. So, I get a sticker and Pinkie gets a sticker, but pinkie give me her sticker for my manner chart."

Got it all figured out.

VBS (finally!) came to a close this week. We had a wonderful week but are all SO very tired. In case I had forgotten, we do not live close to our Buckhead church. Leaving my house at 8:15 is a killer for sure. I got a couple of sweet pictures I'll share.

I went out to watch her at recreation on Friday and got this picture. She was sad because I said I had to go back inside afterwards. She had such a good time though! I look at this picture and cannot believe how big she is. I was looking through some old video of the kids today and found one of Anna-Kate when she was Ryan's age and it was all I could do not to blubber...


Dancing in the closing assembly. Ryan was so cute. He was watching the big kids and trying to do all the hand motions like they were.



Anna-Kate was totally in to it, watching the choir director, then she noticed me and became a total ham!


Poor Ryan, every day on the way home from VBS he ate lunch in the car and fell asleep. (He usually naps at 1, we weren't getting home until 1:30ish).



Saturday night we took the kids to a cute little market area to eat at Moe's (Anna-Kate's favorite place to eat). Hey, kids eat free on the weekends, what more reason do I need? There was a fountain area they loved running around playing in.



I promise, this happened all on it's own. I had my camera out and was just waiting to snap pics as they happened. Anna-Kate walked over to Ryan, put her arms around them and they both just looked at me and smiled. This was cuter about 3.5 seconds before I snapped the picture, but still sweet. I love how much they love each other!



Today the kids led worship at church. Mom and Dad came up to see Anna-Kate sing and to celebrate my Papa's (Mom's dad) 84th birthday. A delicious spread for lunch followed by chocolate cake. Weekends like this, full of sweet family time, make me so thankful for the family God has blessed me with.

Wonderful and relaxing day...now, for Monday.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What she's learned

I asked Anna-Kate what she learned about today at VBS.

AK: "I not 'member"
Me: "Was it about Paul and Silas?"
AK: "Umm, I think I learned about mean guys and turtles. Yes, mean guys, turtles and nice guys too. And turtles."
Me: "Are you sure you didn't learn about Paul and Silas and how God kept them safe and opened the jail doors for them to go free?"
AK: "O ya, we did, and turtles too".

Well alrighty then. It's really sinking in.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Vacation Bible School is a fond memory for me. I used to love to go as a child, help as a teen and now I get to enjoy it as a mom watching my children enjoy it. Well, kinda. Anna-Kate talks about it at home, says she had so much fun, can't wait to go back. Etc. Etc. Go to drop her off--crying for me to stay, for Ryan to stay with her, or for her to come with me. Why oh why?

At our church they have a preschool program for 2 and 3 year olds, but it's only available to those who volunteer to work. So, I work. :) For the past 2 years I've been in snacks, this year kinda heading that up (as in, doing the shopping and prep work for it each day). Not a bad job at all, I'm inside the whole time and surrounded by food (and diet coke!). Who can complain?

I'm trying to capture a good picture of all of us in our matching shirts. Bless her heart, that shirt is SO big on her, but she loves it anyway.


Ryan and me waiting for closing assembly to end.


He's had a bit of a rough week. I think he's going through a growth spurt as he's been sleeping about 8-8:15/30 in the morning and 1-4:15/30 in the afternoon. I've had to wake him up to leave for VBS the last 2 days, feed him in the car, drop him off, feed him lunch in the car, where he falls asleep, then transfer him to his bed. He and I aren't getting much time together, so I picked him up a bit early and ran around with him. He also got a goose egg on his head yesterday and then fell and got another 1/2" away last night. Hrm. I'm calling this "boot camp" for him. He's reached that stage where he cries, well, falls apart when I drop him at the nursery for church on Sundays. So, I figure going every day should help him get used to it. Right? :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

And of course....

Happy Father's Day!

To all the daddies out there, I know there are fives of you who read this blog, I hope you have a wonderful day and know how much you are loved and appreciated. Speaking as a mama, I know I certainly couldn't do it alone! Love you Chris and I love you Daddy--thanks for everything!

Stream of consciousness

This is what we heard at lunch today.

"Mommy you the best cooker. I cook a lot too. I cook cookies and cakes and muffins and lots of stuff because that my job. I do lots of jobs, I not like Anastasia and Drelli, (Drazella, aka, Cinderella's stepsisters) cause I do jobs. I cook lots of things, I give pops to Adam-boy and Adam's-brother, I take care of Copper, I give him food lots, I put forks and spoons away. I do lots of jobs. I cook bagels, cause I just cook lots. See, Adam-boy big boy but Adam's brother is little age, [I added, "he's 1 right"? as that's what she's said before) Copper knock him over because he little."

This went on for about 5 minutes. She repeated herself some, and I know there is some we are forgetting. HILARIOUS. She was completely serious and speaking so matter-of-factly the whole time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A trip to Macon.

We went down to visit my parents this week. It's a pretty close drive, the kids love it, it's a great change of scenery, I got AK's 3 year pictures taken, and, I don't have to cook. That's a win-win-win-win-win situation. Super.

Best buds in the car:


My dad is one of the few people Ryan will voluntarily leave me for. He is obsessed with his Poppy!


Yesterday we went to get pictures taken. Anna-Kate is in an extremely needy/attached-at-the-hip to mommy stage. Sigh. While sweet, it's exhausting. And unnecessary. I prepped her for pictures, she was to get a handful of marshmellows and go to Chick-fil-a for lunch and get icecream if she ate it all. Her individual pictures were ok. Not super, but fine.

See? Face a little red, eyes quite, um, glisten-y?


Then it went downhill. No really, not exaggerating. It was horrible. It was one of the moments as a mother where you think, "if I walk away from this screaming horrible child will people stop looking at me and judging me?" She was red in the face. There was screaming and knashing of teeth (slight exaggeration, fine). This all ended in a spanking and loss of all rewards. The pictures were all horrible. She pulled it together and asked me if we could try again. I then asked the lady if she would shoot some more. If the "are you absolutely kidding me" look on her face wasn't enough, the "do you really think she'll take more pictures mom?" about did me in. But, my girl rallied and was a smilin' champ. Unfortunately for Ryan, he was all smiled out, so he looks a bit stoic.


A sweet one snapped at the end:


Last night the kids played in the blow up pool in the back and then my cousin and her husband came over for dinner. Lots of fun to see them and Laura and I talked coupons and saving money, which is always a favorite for me. :)

Anna-Kate wearing the little rings so she "will be safe and not go under", plus one as a crown, you know, just for good measure. A princess certainly can never go without her crown. :)


Such a little toot. I meant to ask my mom to scan in a picture of me around this age in a hot pink swimsuit with the same look on my face. :)


Sweet boy


Today we just let the kids play (quick memo: it is H-O-T outside) then watched veggie tales on the way home. Gotta get crackin' on some things before I head out of town, again, to go to Birmingham for my college roommates' baby shower. Leaving tonight.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have a myriad of pictures to post, but I'm too tired to do it now. Ugh.

I am SO PROUD of Anna-Kate!! Today we were in the car and she said, "mommy, what does 'L' start with?" (ie, what starts with L). I said, "things like lion, lamb..." she interupts with, "and lollipop right mommy, l-l-lollipop says 'L' (making the sound) right?". YAY!!

The reason we were in the car is because we were driving home from the free regal summer movies. Today was Charlotte's Web. I figured we were good whether the cartoon (because all kids like cartoons) or the newer "live action", as Chris calls it, was playing (because my kids like real animals). It was the newer one, with Julia Roberts and Dakota Fanning. Super cute, a bit long. My kids were angels. The previews started at 10 and Anna-Kate sat next to me in the little kid booster thing they have (to keep the seat from flipping back) and Ryan sat in my lap. About halfway through I brought out Pirates Booty (Anna-Kate's new favorite thing to say, "booooty hahaha. It pirate booooty!"). Ryan didn't move until 11:15/20 when he got really antsy so I moved out to the aisle with him. I think that's pretty impressive for his age. :) Anna-Kate loved it! We met some friends, and after arriving found even more friends to sit with. A great morning. And, did I mention, it was free (and air-conditioned!)?

Tonight was the handover meeting of last years Moms Club board to the new board. I'm not gonna lie, I am glad to be handing over the (co) President position and am looking forward to less drama and less responsibility. :) It has been a lot of fun and I've really enjoyed the women I've worked with and all of the friendships I've made...the problem is, when you are the president you hear about every.little.problem. (Did I mention it was a group of over 80 women?) All in all, a wonderful experience, I'm so glad I joined (and, if you are a stay-at-home mom looking for a way to connect with other SAHM's near you and get your kids in a playgroup, I highly recommend it. It has been a great thing for us).

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wow, I'm a bad person

Anna-Kate has always loved puzzles. We have been working on jigsaw puzzles recently, her favorite being a 36 pc fish puzzle. I have tried to teach her to do the outside pieces first then do the center. I'm telling you, it is a huge excercise in patience for me. It is all.I.can.do to not "help" (aka, do it) for her. And, let me be clear, to do said puzzle is about a 30 minute undertaking. Kills me.

Today we were working on it and I had taken away all of the middle pieces and we were doing the outside square. There was one piece left, easy peasy, right? One would think, but alas, no. 5 minutes she spent trying that piece in every possible place, including the right one, but backwards. I kept saying, "straight lines go next to each other, right Anna-Kate?" "Yes mommy, right...". After 5 minutes I seriously couldn't handle it anymore. I put my head down and said tensely (not ugly, just not sweet either), "There is only one place it can go and that place is right here." She tried, again backwards to no avail. I said, "mommy is getting a little frustrated, why don't we leave this here and finish it after your nap?".

I put her in bed, gave her a kiss and was leaving when I heard, in her sweet little voice, "Mommy, I so sorry that I make you frustrated." Dagger to heart, what a scumbag am I?? I immediately went over to her and told her it was fine and asked her to forgive me for not being very patient with her. "Oh, course I forgive you mommy, I love you" she said.

Amazing how my lack of patience to teach her a new skill is a learning opportunity, just as much for me as my little three year old.

Man, I feel like a bum though.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's days like today that make me smile

"I a beautiful mermaid, right mommy? Right?" A great way to start the morning. :)


On our way to playgroup, which was at the pool this morning, Anna-Kate asked where we were going (as always, "where I go now?"). I said to Brayden's pool to play.
AK: "who his mommy?"
Me: "Miss Sharie."
AK: "Oh, I like Miss Cherry"
Me: "No, not 'cherry', Sharie".
AK: "Right, Miss Cherry. I like her. But, I not like her as much as I like milkshake cherries."

Hilarious. I absolutely was laughing out loud. Unfortunately, she's reached the point of not wanting to be laughed at, so I had to curtail myself for her sake.


Last Christmas season I won a gift certificate for a mommy and me manicure at a local (nice) nail salon. I put it away, because really, who has time for anything extra in December?? Well, I just found it last week and realized the expiration date was June 7 (my anniversary). Chris had to work late every day last week, so that wasn't a possibility so I scheduled it for Sunday the 7th. We talked about it all week and the last thing she said before going to bed for her nap on Sunday was, "when I get up you and me, just the girls, go get our nails pretty. Right mommy? Special treat for just the girls? Not daddy and Ryan, just us" (in case I was unclear on exactly who "the girls" were...). Well, shortly after this was when I had to rush Ryan to the ER. I was so sad when I looked at my watch and realized I would be missing our special date. Chris called to cancel but noone picked up for him to try to get a reschedule. I called back yesterday to see if they'd honor the certificate, even though it was late. I worked my way up to speaking with the manager, but she finally agreed if I brought my discharge papers from the hospital (I guess to prove I didn't forget?? Seriously?? Who skips pampering?). So, I made an appointment for this evening. Anna-Kate is on cloud nine!!Forgive my appearance. We went to the pool twice today, there is only so much you can do with that...

Waiting our turn and showing off the colors we chose.


She was very shy at first, so I ended up putting her on my lap, but she totally warmed up and had the whole place laughing at her antics and humor by the end of it. (though I was not laughing mid-mani when she announced "I need to go poo-poo right now". Of course you do.)


They have a great set-up for little girls getting the "little princess mani". To help keep their fingers in the warm water they put marbles in the bottom for them to play with. She loved it and sat so still and didn't touch her fingers or anything the whole time!


Afterwards we went to Chik-ole (you know, Chick-fil-a) to get a peach shake (YUM) and a "white icecream that's plain with no peaches and a milkshake cherry" (see above) respectively.


We had such a good time!! I so enjoyed my girl and I am so proud of her! I asked her if she had a fun day today and she said, "Mommy, my fabrit part of today was getting my pinger-nails painted with you. That was a special treat. I also like my icecream. That special treat too. I love you mommy."

How precious is that?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Say What??

AK: "Umm, did you know God is purple?"
Me: "Why no, why in the world do you think that?"
AK: "Because He does"
Me: "That makes no sense. Why is God purple?"
AK: "Because He does, then He turns red, because He's God."


For a long time every time we hear a police car, ambulance or firetruck on the street we pray for the workers to be brave, God to keep the people safe etc. It's now become second nature for Anna-Kate. Every time we hear a siren now she stops whatever she is doing and tells me, "Mommy, we need to pray for them" then closes her eyes, folds her hands and waits for me to pray. Well today, I was on the phone when a ambulance went by. While I was talking I heard in the backseat, "Jesus, thank you for brave doctors and keep the sick people well. Amen". I love that!


So, we spank (no judging, this in no way is to turn into a right/wrong discussion on that. You will not change my mind if you disagree. Ahem.).

For a long time now Anna-Kate will "pop" her dolls and pretend friends ("Adam-boy" and "Adam's brother", yes, 2 separate friends) for being naughty. She is also very quick to ask them why they got pops, tell them she forgives them, pray with them to ask Jesus to forgive them and then give them hugs and tell them she loves them (that's our system). A few months after this began, she started poping bad people in books. For example, the mean men in the Good Samaritan Story or Goliath. The whole time I'm reading the page she says, "we need to tell their mommy they bad, but I give them pops! Pop, pop, pop!". We are now delving into, "Mommy,you give Ryan pops because he pull my hair. Here you go, pop him now."

Really? She's freshly 3, already??

The other day, however, was a new experience and one that still makes me chuckle. We were at McDonalds and she was playing with a friend on the playset. I told her one more time on the slide and then we were leaving. She climbed up to the top, and 3ish minutes later, still no Anna-Kate. I call up to her and she sticks her head in the window.
Me: "come down now please."
AK: "No." SAY WHAT???
(No is a 4 letter word in our house)
Me: "Excuse me, do you need to correct yourself?"
AK: "No thank you and no ma'am"
Me: (trying not to laugh) "Obey mommy first time. You don't want me to come up there and get you."
AK: "Yes I do" (to be fair, not bratty, I think she thought I meant to play. But still.)
Me: (irritated, especially since I had on a skirt) went to get her, got to the top and without a word held her hand the whole way down. When we got to the car I said the words my mom said to me Oh so many times..."you made mommy sad, and you made Jesus sad because you disobeyed mommy. You need to think about what you did, and when we get home, you are going to get a spanking" (dun, dun, duuuuuun).

The whole way home I had to make myself not laugh when I looked in the rearview mirror as she had this look of "what'd I do now?"

I put Ryan down for his nap and then walked into her room. She said, "Mommy, I already went potty and I cleaning my room".
Me: "That's really good Anna-Kate. But, what did mommy say was going to happen when we got home?"
AK: "Umm, I forget..."
ME: "Anna-Kate?"
AK: "I think I should take my nap now Mommy". She then gave me a kiss and hopped in bed.
Me: "Anna-Kate?"
AK: "I so sorry Mommy I disobey. I love you so much and I so sorry."

I now *get* "this hurts me more than it hurts you".

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A fabulous day indeed. And then, today.

Yesterday, although not picture documented, was FANTASTIC!!

A little background. We play cards, spades in fact, with our friends, the Crabbs, every week. We play boys verses girls and have done so for years. In early 2008 Jonathan suggested we "make it interesting". We decided the winners would each get $50 blow money (so $100 total!) and a whole Saturday off totally free of all kid-duty. If you have children you know just how high stakes this proposal really was. Unfortunately, the girls lost. Dismally lost. (Sidenote, if you know me, you know that not only is this quite uncharacteristic of me, but highly irritating to me as well). Leigh-Ann, in a moment of brilliance, suggested that she and I would take the kids out of town for a whole weekend (leaving the boys alone for the whole weekend in their video game heaven...) if we could have one day later (with no free money). Score! We took the kids to my parents' house and had a ball.

Back to yesterday. We cashed in. It was glorious. Truly, glorious. I slept until 8:30 and went downstairs to eat pancakes Chris had kept warm for me. Leigh-Ann and I each had a gift certificate for a massage so we scheduled those for 10, then met at PF Chang's for lunch. We hit 1 shoe store then the pool. We layed out in perfect weather (never once being asked to hold anyone or anything, get in the pool, provide a snack, take someone to the potty or even open my eyes. See? Glorious.). We then showered, got a pedicure and went to a new hip restaurant, Flip (owned by a Top Chef winner, I don't know who, I don't watch it. However, it was delic!). After that, we hit a couple of shops, Target (of course) drove through chick-fil-a to get the (absolutely-to-die-for-good) peach milkshake then went to Grape (a cute wine bar with live music on the patio). We didn't get home until 11:30--it was SO FUN!! Thanks Leigh-Ann for the great day. Thanks babe for being so awesome and taking care of the kids (including doing the pool by himself with 2 for the first time and taking them to CFA for dinner! Isn't he amazing?).

Chris mentioned that Ryan had been kinda hoarse and "sounding like Darth Vader" all day yesterday, but that he had played/acted fine (thus, the pool and CFA). When I went in to get him this morning he sounded the same so Chris offered to stay home from church while I took Anna-Kate. When I got home and held Ryan he felt a bit warm to me. Add to that a peculiar cough I decided to call the ped to see about getting a Monday morning appointment. When the nurse called me back (at 12:55) she heard him and told me to turn the shower on hot and keep him in the steam for 20 minutes at which time she would call me back. I did, and she did. When she heard him she told me to immediately drop whatever I was doing, put him in the car and drive to Scottish Rite (the local children's hospital). As he was already 15 minutes late for nap I asked if I could let him nap first and she said absolutely not, he needs to be seen immediately, and, by the way, tell the person checking you in he has "stridor" and that should get you to the front of the line asap (which, incidently, it did). The sign said the wait time to be seen by a nurse was 2.5 hours. We saw the nurse, did billing and saw the doctor in about 30. From what I understand (anyone else is welcome to weigh in on this if I am missing something), the big problem with "stridor", as opposed to other types of croup, is that the esophogas is the most restricted/swollen and so often enough oxygen isn't getting to the lungs/brain etc. Once I learned that, I was pretty scared. However, his oxygen levels were good all things considered, but he had to have a shot of steriods and a breathing treatment. Neither went over well. (I know a lot of kids regularly get these, God bless you Mama's, I don't envy that!). After that we had to wait 2 hours to be observed and make sure that was enough medication (I say two hours, in fact, we waited 25 minutes of "Despereux" and the entire "Little Mermaid" before the doctore came back in to talk me through things, check him out and then get officially discharged. Thankfully, I reclined some in the chair and he slept on my chest for almost 2 1/2 hours. LONG DAY. I didn't get home until 5:45 (and that was with getting a "go-to-the-front-of-the-line-free" card. Thanks stridor.

So, yet again, if you need to find me, I'll be at home.

Ahh, welcome back to mommy-hood. Saturday was a great run and just the break I needed so I could hit the ground running today!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

In my observation...

...earrings determine the final look of an outfit. I know most would say that a necklace or shoes does that job, but I disagree. For instance, tonight I wore a comfy cotton dress to dinner. I wore a long chunky black necklace (picture coming). I couldn't find my big silver ball earrings, which is what I wanted to achieve the casual-yet-put-together look I was going for, so I settled for the coordinating black chunky earrings. A little too dressy, but it worked OK. To further my point, today I saw a mom in leggings and a t-shirt with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. However, she had on huge pearl stud earrings (they were super cute). Took her from slobby-just-rolled-out-of-bed, to cute, functional, "wow I should work out like she does" just by the correct earring choice. Magic, huh?

I'm just sayin'. Don't you agree?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Busy, busy!

We have been crazy busy lately! This weekend was nuts, and we haven't slowed down since. Monday we had an early morning VBS meeting, had a playdate and lunch with friends, naps, then went swimming and had dinner with the Crabbs. Tuesday I hit the JACKPOT (deets below), had Ryan's playgroup, went to Target to get a birthday present, naps, pool with friends and dinner with friends. Today, returned to sale to continue hitting the JACKPOT, went to Anna-Kate's friend, Asa's, birthday party, and now the kids are napping. I think we'll chill at home after naps today and tonight I have my final board meeting as president of the MOMS Club and a farewell dinner (yum, Mexican and margaritas!). Add into that, I've had a lot of business stuff lately, and it's been a really busy week!

OK, so my Jackpot story! On Sunday, we were at our home group from church and my friend, whose daughter (AK's age) is always dressed so cute, said, "my friend has sold her business, Brinkley's Berries [a children's boutique/trunk show line] and is liquidating the samples she has--everything is $10". That is my kinda sale. :) The stuff was super cute and I got Anna-Kate a little dress, a skirt and a pair of pants for the fall. I was about to check out when I noticed a wall full of bolts of fabric. I asked her if she was selling fabric and she said she was. I asked how much per yard...$2.50!!! If you know anything at all about fabric and sewing you know that this is a STEAL. It was really nice, heavy, designer children's fabrics (seersuckers, heavy cottons, minky etc). I would guess around $15-$20 a yard had I bought it at a store/online. I was in a hurry to get to playgroup and it was so hot so I only grabbed 4 bolts and got 1 yard each. I got home and was kicking myself for not getting more. My friend, Sara, who had shopped with me, went back yesterday afternoon to get more fabric and called me to say I needed to go back because she had remnants as well as the bolts. If it was less than a yard it was only $1!!!. So, I went back this morning and spent $30 (and spent $10 yesterday). Here is what I have:

The one to the far right is white with tiny blue flowers on it. I think all will make cute summer dresses. The brown and pink I am thinking a little top to go on top of a turtleneck with some cute pants with ruffles at the foot. I should add, when I say "a yard" I mean, she eyeballed a generous yard, then to make sure she didn't shortchange me, she added another foot or so in. So most of this is 1 1/2 yards.

Pink, blue and tangerine seersucker (SO CUTE!) pink, brown and purple mini-gingham. I feel like a lot of this will do well in matching brother/sister outfits.

Light pink and blue chambray, hot pink twill (monograms really well) and a gorgeous white fabric:


The really fun stuff! Bright pink polka-dots, a pink/green/black paris toulle, blue with mini giraffes, brown cow print, and a tropical themed fabric. (way cute beach brother/sister clothes for next summer!)


I know, I know. I'm a nerd. I can't tell you how excited I am about this. In fact, every time I walk by my stack of fabric, I get a little giddy inside. I"m set for a while, but think of all the money I've saved! I just need to start sewing...now. Hmm.

I should probably show a picture of the actual clothes I bought, huh?

Imagine this winter white fine wale corderoy dress with a large red monogram on it, over a red turtleneck. I'm gonna applique a shirt to coordinate with these brown pants with the teal ruffle pants. And the skirt, it's precious, right? :)