Thursday, April 29, 2010


He's home, he's home! (insert angels singing)

What's better than Nana visiting? Daddy coming home! Even though it's only for a moment, we were back to a man-on-man defense. :) (thanks, Mom, we had a great time and really appreciate your time!)

Mom and I had a great day running errands and grabbing lunch while the kids were at school. We decided to go to a local pizza place for dinner (it was kids and family night). It was a zoo. As always, the food was fantastic, but it was overshadowed by the rest of the night. Our waitress never brought the kids drinks or part of their meal. I had to ask for my moms dinner to be brought out, and after a couple of requests for a refill, I took it up and got it myself. I understand being slammed, I was a waitress for years. However, there is no excuse for service that bad. She literally took our order and brought our check--didn't even bring our dinner.

Whatev' hubs is home and life has returned to normal. we watched The Office and the Spurs win the series against the Mavs. Super night!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Ryan found a frog today. He was absolutely enamored by him. He stood there for the longest time pointing at the frog. Then he started saying "tiny". I asked him what was tiny and he pointed to the frog. I asked him if the frog's name was Tiny, and he nodded. From then on, he began talking to Tiny. "Tiny, what you doin'?" he asked multiple times. So sweet. We ate dinner and as soon as we finished he rushed back outside to go visit Tiny again.

(this is the retaining wall that Chris is building for my rose and vegetable gardens)

Mom is back at it again, beautifying my yard for me (otherwise known as a wonderful reason to have a spring baby--my mom plants my garden!).

In other news, I fed Jack at midnight last night and he slept until 5:47. That is precariously close to "sleeping through the night" (I count 6 hours as such). Please, please, please let it happen again tonight.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


On the way home from school today,

AK: "Mommy, when I get to be a huge mommy like you are i am gonna have my babies in Challanooga." (That would be Chattanooga, where she was born. She gets a kick out of the fact that she was born somewhere different than her brothers.).

While we were sitting at the dinner table (and completely out of no where),

"Mommy, your face looks like an oval. So does mine. We're like twins. I'm just all ovally! Ryan's not an oval though. He is round like a circle. Like Daddy's face."


Monday, April 26, 2010

And it started off so good

Alternate title: God bless single mothers.

So I'm gonna tell you a story about my friend. Let's call her Scmanelle.

She just had her third child a few weeks ago and her husband was away on a business trip across the country. (Yes, it gets worse). She went upstairs to get her kids ready for bed to discover that they, along with a couple of friends, had emptied almost all toys from every bin in all 3 kids' rooms. After spending 20 minutes cleaning up (not perfect, enough to make it livable) she opted to nurse her baby while doing family devotions (readying, praying, singing--she's a multi-tasking diva). While she finished feeding the baby she instructed her oldest to help her middle child go potty. Middle child said he didn't have any "poops" to go. Insisted. Who was the mother to tell him otherwise? So he got in bed. Without his underwear on. For about 2minutes while she put the baby in the crib with his mobile. In that time middle child pooped in his bed...managing to get a little on the pillow, fitted sheet and sheet (because, remember, he had no underwear on). She may or may not have lost it at this point. Middle child ran to bathroom and sat on little potty, smearing poop all over it. The mommy had to console infant then run downstairs to get still not quite dry sheets from drier to change the bed so that she could remake the bed. Oldest daughter would call out from her bed every so often "he's off the potty again mom" or something equally as tattle-taleing helpful.

At 8:47, when sheets were changed, baby was consoled, middle child was changed in to clean pj's (as originals had a smear of poop on them from him sticking his finger in his bottom and then declaring "yuck" as he wiped it on his pj shirt) and mother had contained her tears and gotten over her intense frustration gathered her emotions together, she had to go apologize to middle child and ask his forgiveness. He looked up at her, smiled and said, "love you mommy" and blew her a kiss. She asked if he knew mommy loved him and he nodded. She started crying, again, at this point. She then checked on oldest daughter. She had fallen asleep with her head hanging off the edge of her bed (where she could obediently stay in bed while watching and reporting of her brother's potty actions. Sigh. Tattle tale.).

Do you feel sorry for me her yet?

Love these kids!

I declare it to be officially impossible to have 3 kids, aged 3 and under, looking at the camera and smiling at the same time (two is hard enough...).

Here is my best effort.

Aren't they the cutest?

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Has no one invented a device to slow time yet?!?

Not sure that I really want it stopped, but I do sorta. (Well, maybe in a few weeks when 8 hours of sleep is happening every night). My point is that time flies.

Jack is 1 month old (well, not "technically" but he is 4 weeks. Same difference, right?).

Time is flying by me! I am feeling more normal and pretty healed, which is SUPER to feel like a normal functioning human being again (and, I slept on my stomach last night. It was heavenly.).

Jack has awakened from his newborn coma and we are finally able to appreciate his big dark blue eyes. :) (So far, Janelle: 3 Chris: 0, on eye color). He is on a similar schedule to the big kids (as far as wake up and bedtime goes) and has only 1 middle of the night feeding, which is super. I'd be lying if I didn't say I am anxiously awaiting sleep (but I remind myself every.single.night not to wish away even one second, as I've seen just how quickly babies grow up.). He rarely does the newborn curl up thing (you know, how they turn into a ball when you hold them on your chest? So sad, that's one of my favorite things). He is smiling now, though I have been completely unsuccessful in capturing it in a picture. He also has a dimple on his right cheeck in the exact same place as Ryan. They are like twins as newborns (note to self, label their pictures so I can tell them apart in years ahead).

Must I be bothered to wake up? BIG yawns! :)

He only goes cross-eyed when he poops. Ha!

Simply precious

Sleeping. He's now rolled over to his stomach 3 times. I may or may not have thrown in the towel and put him down on his stomach most of the time...

Look at that neck support! He's been holding his head up for a few minutes a couple of weeks now.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crayons are cheaper than therapy.

It was a really long morning. Surprisingly, my attitude stayed relatively positive throughout. (thank you, Jesus!)

After we dropped the kids at school this morning, Jack and I went to Target. I needed to get a new nursing bra (Glamorous, I know. Hold back your jealousy). As he was snoozing in the dressing room in his stroller, a little boy (maybe 2 1/2 or 3?) in the room next to us began talking really loud and just screaming (you know, in an outside voice kinda way). Every other minute his mom would get frustrated with him and shout at him to be quiet. Finally, she officially lost her cool and said, "STOP SCREAMING AND JUST BE QUIET! HERE, TAKE YOUR HARMONICA!". I'm sorry, surely I didn't just hear you give your extremely loud child with no concept of proper "inside voice" levels an instrument that makes noise? Oh, but she did. Splendid. Baby is awake.

We hightailed it outta there, paid and drove to our next stop where I nursed him before we went in. About 20 minutes later we were in line and he started crying. I reached down to put the paci in his mouth and an older woman decided she would try and speak for Jack. "Oh, Mommy, there's just nothing coming out of that old thing. I'm just sooo hungry Mommy!". I was beyond peeved. I clearly handled that well when I looked up at her with an admittedly stank look on my face and said, "interesting, he just ate 20 minutes ago." Pardon me while I get on (another) soap box of mine. If you are genuinely interested in my child's feeding schedule, then, by all means, feel free to ask me about it (while please, for the love of all this is good, speaking in a normal voice sans "baby talk"). But DO NOT try and speak for my child and assume you know what he needs. *steps down*.

My printer ran out of ink (last week). Again. Of course, this would be right as I need to print Anna-Kate's birthday invitations and Jack's birth announcements. I went to Leigh-Ann's to print them, but it was giving me fits. So after printing only two, I left. Annoyance. I think I am the kiss of death to all things electronic.

I was so tired and starving so I drove through Wendy's on the way to get the kids. I would normally not choose Wendy's, but they have a value meal for $2.99 and I'm cheap and really wanted a diet coke. Got my food and as I was driving away I reached for my drink, took a big swig...and about spit it out. It was real coke. Bleh. Didn't have time to turn around, so I got the kids, then drove back through Wendy's on the way home (Admittedly, I have no shame as I cut off a couple of cars ordering and just went straight to the window). He didn't give me any problems, just a very strange look. O well.

When we arrived home Ryan decided it was his turn to contribute to my bad morning. He wanted to stay in the van and read books and was not even remotely interested in getting out. I pulled him out and shut the door and he began to throw a tantrum. I told him that was not OK for him and that he would be disciplined if he hadn't pulled himself together when I got back. After I put Jack down, unloaded their backpacks and put their lunch things in the dishwasher I walked back to the garage (which, the light had turned off, so it was dark) to him hanging onto the door. He looked up, saw me and dropped to the floor in a full-on flail. All I will say about that is that he took a super nap after all was said and done.

I came down and began swiffering my floor (I have the swiffer vac--which I love, incidentally). Anna-Kate was sitting there and kept saying "it's too loud" in a really whiny voice. I finally got annoyed and retorted an extremely mature, "you're too loud".

Later, as Anna-Kate and I sat at the kitchen table during our special time, she asked me to color with her. Why not, I thought. As I began coloring, the annoyance of the day went away and we really had fun. Something about staying in the lines and, for the first time in my life, being better than someone at something artsy (I choose to ignore the fact that that someone is not quite four yet...) gave me a sense of satisfaction. I really enjoyed myself and was in a better frame of mind to continue my day. :)

After Anna-Kate went upstairs I worked on a sewing project, but I'll write about that later. Then we went back to school for the kids' art show and met friends for dinner at Chick-fil-a (where I might have consumed a peach milkshake after my dinner...). Our friends put their kids down here and the adults watched The Office and chatted for a couple of hours. Ahh, a lovely end to the day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So, Monday I revealed that I've lost my mind.

Today, I will further reveal that I've reached "that point". The I haven't had a full uninterrupted night of sleep in almost 4 weeks stage (but really months if you count multiple nightly potty breaks, but I'll ignore that for now). I am not one that takes naps, and even prided myself on rolling with 4 hours of sleep per night in college. Kicker there was that I got to catch up on weekends. No-can-do with a newborn around, alas, sleep eludes me.

I am, by nature, one that can be obnoxiously chipper in the morning. I don't take long to wake up, even, sans coffee. As of this morning, evidently, that is no longer the case. As I nursed Jack this morning at 8, Ryan and Anna-Kate were full of joy and energy upon being released from their beds waking up and were trying to keep my attention. I am quite sad to say that I fell asleep sitting up, nursing my newborn with a toddler and a preschooler in the room talking to me. I later fell asleep reading to Anna-Kate during our special short, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (ie, Jack sleeping through the night) but it's still a little too far off for me to be able to take solice in.

I really shouldn't complain. Jack feeds at midnight, 4am and 8 am. Not too bad for 3 weeks. I checked Ryan's baby book the other day and saw that at four weeks he had the same schedule and at eight weeks he was sleeping from midnight to 8am. Praying Jack follows suite.

OK, enough of the whining. Here's a peek at my day...

Anna-Kate has finally begun "reading" to Ryan. Amazing how often she quotes verbatim the words on the page (of numerous books!). Also, she's become a budding teacher:
AK: "Ryan, say 'ballerina'
R: "baroiagajg" (that would be, something unintelligible that began with a B)
AK: "Say 'ba', (he repeats) 'la', ree', 'na'. There, say ballerina."
R: bafjaljaj.
AK: "Oh Ryan!"

As we looked at pictures on the computer Anna-Kate would ask me which kid was in which pictures (we have our screen saver set to randomly shuffle through our pictures). (Side note, thankful that I've delivered at 3 different hospitals so I can tell my babies apart by the various blankets they were swaddled in. Just sayin', Chris and I share a common gene pool...). As I would answer Anna-Kate she would turn to Ryan and relate (ie, I would say, "Oh, that's baby Ryan!". AK: "Oh look Ryan, that's you right there, that's baby Ryan"). Finally, after about 15 minutes she said, "oh, I just love myself!". Really? Reeeeally? (I can only imagine...hope?...she meant she loves looking at pictures of herself. Sigh.).

I told Anna-Kate she could come downstairs from her quiet rest time and she was skipping to the stairs when she said, "Oh, I just realized, I didn't clean up my room good enough yet. It is beary a big mess." How can she sound so old and yet so preciously sweet and young all in the same sentence?

I feel like a "real mom" today (and as I just wrote that I feel like Pinocchio, a la "I'm a real boy!" only the knock of from Shrek is what's coming to mind. Ha, in my mind is hilarious sometimes.). I drove carpool, had a playdate with one of Ryan's friends, did craft projects with the kids, colored, did homework, read books (ad infinity) with Anna-Kate, played outside, ate dinner (note, didn't cook dinner--so thankful to still have meals provided. I guess I'm not really a 'real mom' until I can get my booty back into the kitchen and get crackin'), played outside some more, kept the baby on schedule, gave the big kids a bath.

Now, I'm tired.

But you already knew that, didn't you?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back to normal

Well, Chris is back to his old self today. He stayed home again today, (that whole 24 hour free of symptoms thing) which was really nice. The big kids had school and I took Jack to his 1 month (!!!) well-baby appointment. He is up to 9.5 lbs (40%) and 21 1/2" tall (70% ha!). How is it possible that he's already (almost) 1 month? Anyway, during the kids' naps/quiet time Chris and I watched a movie together. He had tivo'd Prince Caspian and we'd never had time to watch, but this rainy day gave us the perfect opportunity. Sure love my hubby; it was a really nice afternoon (followed up by some riveting play-doe time). :)

Chris is playing with the big kids up stairs while Jack snoozes and I blog. He has a game he plays with them, "bobsled". It started during the Olympics and continues to be a favorite. Basically, the kids sit in between his legs and he wraps his arms around them and "sways" forcefully back and forth, forward and back. I LOVE the giggles that abound with this game!

I have packed away 98% of my maternity clothes. I still have 1 pair of khaki capris, 1 pair of jean capris, 1 jean skirt and 1 white shorts with elastic in the back. Otherwise, I have nothing to wear. I could think about squeezing in my "fat jeans" but it hurts my incision too much for now. Se la vie. So thankful the style makes non-maternity shirts an option for me! 10 lbs to go for pre-pregnancy weight...we won't talk about pre-Anna-Kate pregnancy weight...a few more than that. Sigh. But still, it's progress. All of my "normal" clothes have resumed their spots in my closet and dresser (and are organized by sleeveless, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, short, capri, pant, skirt, dress...and within that, by color. Who, me? OCD? Never...).

I'm feeling almost as good as new. I think I'd be better if Ryan hadn't fallen out of the swing last week. I, of course, caught him, which did not do good things to my healing. It still hurts a bit, but I'm making it. :) Maybe on Friday (when he's officially 4 weeks old) I'll be better.

I've finally gotten some of my motivation back and have done a few embroidery projects and might even do a fun sewing project tonight (stay tuned for that!). I'm working on Anna-Kate's birthday party invitations, a friends' baby shower and Jack's birth announcement. Sigh, one day I'll catch up. My kids will probably be old by then though, and where's the fun in that? :)

Nevertheless, it's nice to feel normal again.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Third times the charm...

Jack has officially done me in.

Before I had kids I had it all together. Always. My house was spotless. Always. My meals were always ready at 5:30. Always. I never forgot anything and was always on time (really).

I lost a bit of my edge with Anna-Kate, but got back into a groove pretty quickly. After I had Ryan, I had to learn a balancing act, and I began to be late at times...but just a few minutes. But again, I learned to deal and bounced back about 80% (and learned to let go of some things). My brain has now ceased to function properly. Not only can I no longer seem to get anywhere on time, (for instance, I was 40 minutes late to a playgroup birthday party this morning. Long day...) but I evidently can't even read a clock.

A sweet friend called and offered to take Anna-Kate to ballet today for me. This was especially nice as all 3 kids decided today would be a super day to tag-team constant crying, tantrums--and generally causing me to about lose it (I'm tired, what can I say?). On top of all that, Chris is home sick from work. I usually roll my eyes when he says he's sick, but let's just say there is very tangible proof that the way he looks is at least as how bad he feels. (thus why I was late this morning, I was trying to keep the kids quiet and tried not to put a show on for them in my room as I showered. ANYWAY. Anna-Kate came out of her room and asked if it was time to get ready for ballet. I only looked at the minute hand and saw that indeed, it was 10 minutes until my friend was to arrive. So we began rushing around to get ready. Then we waited outside...and waited...and waited. After a few phone calls and texts I finally decided to just go and take her myself (thankfully, I left the boys asleep...all 3 of them). I didn't even have the benefit of the clock in my van as we had to replace the battery last week and the anti-theft hasn't been reset yet, thus disabling our radio/cd player/clock. When we arrived at ballet I discovered we were 45 minutes early (so, "should" have been 15 minutes late..). Sigh.

Wonder what percentage I'll be working with when I "bounce back" this time...50% capacity? At this point, I'll take it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's been on my mind...

This past Tuesday, a good friend from church was in a car wreck with her three kids. Kathryn, the mom, had lacerations on her head, but has since been released. Her 7 year old son also had lacerations on his head and has been released, and her youngest, a 3 year old (Anna-Kate's friend) was taken in for observation but is totally fine. Her middle daughter, Anne (who is 5) had some serious complications and is in critical condition. She went in to surgery to relieve the swelling and pressure on her brain. I also know she had blood on the brain and multiple fractures, though I am an unsure where exactly whose were. Little Anne is in a medically induced coma trying to heal. Her numbers were showing improvement yesterday, but a CT scan from this morning shows significant swelling on the right side of her brain. Please pray for this sweet family and the long road they have before them. I know Eric (the dad) has been at the hospital and I can only imagine how tired he is. Her caring bridge site is: if you want to keep up and better know how to pray.

I have really been unable to get this family off my heart and mind this week. It hurts my mothers' heart. I can't imagine what Kathryn must be feeling to helplessly watch her baby. I can't help but think of my own children in the same situation. I am scared, and pray I don't ever have to walk that road. The thing I've been consoling myself with as I nurse Jack during the night is that I can pray while I do so and thus lift this family up around the clock before our Father--the Great Physician. Please join with me!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm back

It's been a busy week. Not only have we had a lot going on, but I've been doing a lot of thinking and praying. I will write about that later. Suffice it to say, it's been a physically and emotionally taxing week.

Today was a wonderful day! Daddy was home, (thank you God for Saturdays!!) we had a birthday party, a girlfriend from church brought us dinner and a neighborhood friend and I snuck away to Target and Ann Taylor Loft (currently, 40% off already reduced prices! This is especially helpful as I have officially reached the "I look ridiculous in maternity clothes but normal clothes make me want to cry since they hurt my incision" stage.) during naps. It was beautiful weather to top it off!

After naps (and shopping, respectively) we watched a quick Veggie Tales while I fed Jack. Here I am with all of my babies. Jack was less than pleased to be held by his doting sister when he really wanted to eat, but I wanted the photo-op (me + kids and all of the kids in some matching outfits I made...though you can't really see them and now I see that Ryan's shorts aren't even on...). After the movie we played outside with the kids. Poor Ryan got a very real and sad lesson that Mama is serious about veggies. When we say "eat your dinner or no dessert", there will be no dessert if said dinner is not consumed. My friend brought an icecream pie and Ryan was very disappointed with his decision. Hoping tomorrow he remembers. :)

While we were outside Anna-Kate was talking about all of the rides she wants to ride at Disney and all of the people she still needs to meet (that would be Snow White and Jasmine, if you were wondering). She giggled when I told her about the giant teacups (and she said she would be my "riding buddy" since Daddy can't handle circles) and then laughed as I told her about Splash Mountain (remember, Brer Rabbit, his happy place and that briar patch?). Anyway, she wanted me to sing the song and say, in a thiiiick southern drawl, "pleeease don't throw me into that briar patch!". She might actually ride it. Anyway, then the "why's" set in. You know,

AK: "why does he say that?"
Me: "because he is trying to trick brer fox into throwing him into the briar patch"
AK: "why does he want to go in the briar patch?"
Me: "he lives there"
AK: "why does he live there?"
Me: "that's where his house is"
AK: "but why does he say don't throw me in then?"
Me: "reverse psychology"
AK: " no, but why does he say don't throw me in then?"
Me: "I told you, reverse psychology"

She asked again 2 more times. I then went into the finer points of reverse psychology.

Hope I didn't spoil it for myself. It's quite a useful tool. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A two-fer

My sweet grandparents came to meet Jack and see us today. Such a special visit. Anna-Kate was in school when they arrived and for the first time Ryan was the only kid (Jack, shockingly, was asleep:) ). He was such a character. Mana and Papa were rolling at his attention getting antics. He is really coming into his own as a "funny guy" who loves to make people laugh. So sweet.

Jack woke up (and even opened his eyes!) when Mana held him and it was love at first sight. She has always said that my babies are beautiful (completely unbiased, I'm sure!) and commented specifically on how beautifully shaped their heads are. I finally confided that I couldn't take credit as my babies are C-section babies and thus don't get squished and misshaped heads. She said, "Oh! Well just the other day I saw a man with a really pointy head and thought, 'he must have been born the normal way because he does not have a handsome head'". I started crying trying to hold the laughs in. Hysterical.

Mana was beside herself to be holding a new great-grandbaby. It's blurry, but I love the excitment and happiness in her face.

George Henry holding Jack Henry, his namesake.

They are such a blessing to me and to our family!! Here is my sweet Papa watching Mana hold Jack:

Anna-Kate wanted in on the holding Jack action. How precious is this?

God bless her, my mom spent her day planting my garden for me. Ryan decided he wanted to "hep Nana"...for about 2 minutes. Then he went back to picking up the buckets that held the plants and putting them on his head. Bath night, you think? :)

So here's where the two-fer is coming you have now read about my day. Now you get to hear some funny things.

When Mana and Papa were leaving I went inside to feed Jack. Anna-Kate turned to me and said, "Mommy, even though I have little ones, I think I can feed Jack for you. They work like yours, right?" I then had to gently explain how God made mommy's bodies' to only make milk after they have a baby in their tummy...hmm.

I got a new old wives tale told to me today. Jack was fussing a bit (it was his naptime and he's used to being swaddled (or, sleeping on his tummy, shh, don't tell. He's rolled himself over twice now and I may or may not have rolled him back...). Anyway, I told her that he has been a gassy baby (as all of mine have been). A minute later my Papa (who was wearing a wool sweater in my house because his hands were "like ice") noticed that my hot natured little man was without socks and told me to immediately put some on him. Then, I heard it. Mana said, "if a babies feet are cold they will have gas. Warm their feet up and it goes away."

There you have it. My day and some words of wisdom.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Never hurts to ask...

Alternate title: "Clearly, I have no shame".

Spring is in the air and nothing says "it's not cold anymore, welcome summer and get me outside!" like planting beautiful flowers.

So, while the kids were at school, mom, Jack and I took a trip to Lowe's. I had seen a TV ad for all gallon perennials 3/$10--great deal!

We loaded up and when the girl told us that one particular variety I had chosen was instead $8 a piece, I was displeased and politely asked what the ad was then referring to (and, fyi, it was referring only to the orange containers, not "premium perennials"--but it certainly did not say so). I asked if there was a manager I could talk to or if there was something she could do to help a girl out. After thinking about it for a minute she said she could honor the price for some but not all of the flowers I had chosen, as to do too many would require a manager's override. Woo-hoo!

And that's why you should always ask for a deal! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My almost-four-year-old

"Burf clopps", better known as "burp cloths"

"doctoring", also known as playing with the doctor kit on her brother as he pretends to be sick.

Playing "mommy and baby (and other family members)" with my sewing scissors (mommy and daddy), thread (big sister) and buttons, (babies) with smaller buttons as "backpacks"--OR--crayons with the paper meticulously taken off and then re-put on as "clothes". Such an imagination.

As we walk through target she picks out clothes (and tries to put them in the buggy) for us to buy for her baby girl that she's going to have when she grows up. Thankfully, "after you have a baby we'll come back and get it" seems to suffice for now.

When I asked her what she was going to be when she grew up she said, "Mommy, I already told you. I'm going to be a mommy. Not a doctor or a nurse or anything else, I just want to be a mommy like you. I want to have a girl, then 2 boys then a girl!"

She put on a new outfit the other day and came downstairs and said, "mama, don't I look beautiful?" I said, "you look quite lovely." I guess she could tell I wasn't paying too much attention because she said, "I didn't ask if I looked lovely, I want to know if I look beautiful!" Why, of course. :)

I told her I got a few tears in my eyes when she went to visit Nana and Poppy last week. She said, "did you go 'boo-hoo-hoo' and cry so hard? Why did you cry? Did you just miss me SO much?" Well yes, you and Ryan... :)

Well, she keeps me laughing...and on my toes.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Home at last

It was a wonderful week of rest. It felt like it did, pre-kid, when I got sick and actually got to spend the day in bed resting and watching TV. It was glorious (though I felt like a bum, it was still glorious).

I missed the kids, and they were ready to get home, despite the fun activities Nana and Poppy planned for them each day. They both said that they had so much fun (and Anna-Kate asked when they were going back). :) Again, THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!! (that was especially from Jack and my healing belly).

So usually you have that person who asks "so, you gonna have more kids?" at some way too early and inappropriate time (like, when someone has a child under the age of one, just sayin'.). Anna-Kate came in and asked, "Mama, when are you getting my baby sister in there?" and jerks her thumb in the direction of my (still swollen) belly. Hrm. Notanytimesoonthanksforasking.

Our dear friends brought dinner tonight and stayed to eat and play with us (in fact, they are all upstairs putting kids down as I type). Anyway, at dinner Anna-Kate started crying that she didn't want to be a big sister. What??? She said she didn't want a little sister anymore, only brothers. Well, consider it done. For now anyway. Decisiveness must skip generations.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Does it count as a staycation if you literally don't leave your couch? :)

My parents kindly offered to pick up my kids and take them to their house for the week (it's spring break here). The kids were beyond excited to go (each helping pack their stuff last night with me). I am deeply looking forward to the rest I know that I need. THANK YOU Mom and Dad!

The planned C-section is a good thing as I don't feel so terrible, but bad because I'm not the trainwreck I usually am at this point, so I feel like I can do more...until late afternoon/evening comes and I feel horrible. So, the hope is that this week will force me to rest and relax with almost no responsibility. Then, I can be good as new. :) ha! (and, can I just say, having only 1 newborn in the house without the nagging questions/unknown of being a first time mom is EASY PEASY. Thank you Jesus! It might also help that sweet Jack is very laid back, already on a predictable schedule, a great eater, sleeper and pooper. Again, thank you Jesus!).

So mom picked up the kids this morning and I was in tears as they pulled away. I mean, I'm so excited for this time of rest and I know they will have way more fun there than they would here with me not being able to do much with them, but I always get choked up watching my kids drive's like part of my heart is separated from me. About 3 hours after they left (and were already there) I realized Anna-Kate's lamby had been left behind (and, I take no responsibility for that, she took it downstairs instead of putting it in the suitcase as I instructed her to). Regardless, tonight will be the first night of her life without lamby (a small square blanket with a lamb head on it). I called her to tell her (so mom wouldn't have to deal with that at bedtime). I expected a pseudo-tantrum type cry but she just started sniffling and I could "hear" her lip quivering. She wasn't mad, she was sad. I asked if she could be brave and she said, "O.K. mama" through tears. Brilliantly, my mom remembered that she had her favorite doll, baby Kate, with her (that she does not get to sleep with at home) and said that could be a special prize at Nana's house. Problem averted. Hopefully that was still a good idea come bedtime. :)

I spent the day catching up on my TIVO, nursing and cuddling my baby, taking a shower (hey, it's the little things) and then Chris took me out to dinner. WOW, have I been missing out on the easy newborn stage! With Anna-Kate I was too nervous to leave the house for 8 weeks (no, I'm not exaggerating). With Ryan I was in far too much pain to walk from my room to his, much less leave the house. So when we took Jack and he hung out, sleeping in his carseat, for the entire dinner, we were floored at the ease. C-section mama's really miss out on that nice phase! (Sidenote, we went to a new burger place in town and it was SUPER--and the chocolate peanut butter shake was like liquid Easter reeces cup--extra peanut buttery. Wowza, it was good!).

That's all I got. Happy Tuesday. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jack's first bath

Sadly, it took 9 days for me to get around to bathing my third born. (Sad how that happens). To be fair, I kept thinking, "surely, his umbilical cord stump will fall off tomorrow and we can skip the sponge bath." Alas, it was not to be. I finally gave in and bathed him as his hair was getting a little greasy. So, let's commence with the sweet first bath pictures. :)

Waiting for his bath.

I hate the stump. It grosses me out so much. By far, least favorite part of newborn stage (considerate of me to include it in this picture as he got water dumped on him. He didn't even cry!).

Sweet, clean, cuddly boy:

During his nightly wake time.

And, wouldn't you know it, the blasted stump fell off this morning. See how cute his little belly is? :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy 1st Easter, Jack!

Jack and I stayed home from church today. It honestly was a really hard decision for me to make. This marks my first, ever, Easter service to miss in my life and I felt very sad and lonely this morning. It's the one Sunday of the year, if none other, that Christians should be surrounded by fellow believers rejoicing in the magnitude of our Lord's sacrifice for us. Thankfully, the church mailed me a copy of the bulletin for this week (with Jack's birth announcement in it) so I was able to read the Scriptures and sing through the songs for today's service. Jack was happy as pie to be home with me, without loud siblings constantly wanting to kiss on him. For once, he had a morning nap in his crib (since I stayed up stairs and Chris brought me a granola bar. I'm still in the stage of only allowed to go up/down the stairs 1X a's reeeeeeally cramping my style!). I had to have a what are you gonna do?

When Chris and the kids' got home from church we gave them their Easter baskets. It hadn't really crossed my mind about an Easter bunny, just on Easter you get a basket full of goodies (other moms, do y'all do Easter bunny, or just baskets, or none?). Anna-Kate had come in my room and seen them this morning and asked why her basket was up here with eggs and prizes (nosy!) but I successfully put her off. :)

After opening their Easter baskets we had a quick lunch the kids went down for naps, we had dinner (Chris grilled some lamb that we infused with fresh garlic and rosemary from the garden (YUM) and we had asparagus (grilled) and I managed to make mashed potatoes. (I've been so spoiled, this is the first thig I've cooked, besides sandwiches, since I've had Jack.) and then had our Easter egg hunt in the backyard. We had planned to do it with some other friends, but they ended up getting tickets to a show in town during the afternoon. It's OK, our kids had a blast! I was glad that I only put 1 marshmallow/1 jelly bean per egg as they 38 eggs I "hid" (aka, threw on the ground) were all eaten with daddy on the grass immediately after the hunt ended! Thankfully, the sugar high ended in a crash right about 8. :)

So thankful for a sweet day of family time and remembering the gift of eternal life that Jesus gave us through His sacrifice. He is risen, praise the Lord!

Ryan walked in this morning while I was nursing Jack and said, "Picture please. CHEESE!" I had to oblige. :)

Opening their baskets. We didn't do Easter bunny, just had baskets of gifts. Kinda of a God gave us a big gift and here is a small reminder of that gift and love...they were thrilled.

Family picture. It's quite awkward to take one with 3 kids all wanting to sit on mommy's lap, no one to take the picture, not having a tripod and no one to make everyone smile. Here is our best attempt. :)

Showing me their prizes from their eggs. :)

How Jack spent the egg hunt. He'll have more fun next year.

Me with my two big babies (in their sweet matching outfits I found at consignment...for $20 total, from 2 different sellers--SCORE!)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A relaxing Saturday!

We went to Target this morning. Ahh, it had been too long since I'd been to my favorite store. :)

We got 2 wedding presents, 2 birthday presents and some more thank you notes (for all of the friends and family who have served and helped us as we have welcomed Jack into our family). It was thrilling to get out for a little while. :)

We came home to play outside and have a picnic lunch out back. During naps I had a few friends come meet Jack and stay to chat (and bring dinner!). After the kids' woke up, we went back outside to play, eat dinner, and play some more! Clearly, this weather (and the fact that it isn't raining!!) has us all enjoying our days just a little bit more.

They played for the longest time on this upside down sand table. They were singing Christmas carols, using the legs as microphones. The pictures don't capture the sweetness and hilarity...

Friday, April 2, 2010

A visit with Aunt Julia

Alternate title: OK, so I over-document my kids' lives.

So, Chris had to return to work Thursday (BOOOO and sad, sad day!). Thankfully, my moms' sister, Julia, kindly offered to come up for a couple of days and lend a hand (or take over for me and become a cleaning, reading book, playing on the floor, present bringing, outside playing, going on walks with the wagon woman!). Clearly, we are extremely thankful.

Anyway, she got to our house in time to drive me and Jack to school for the kids' Easter parties. Anna-Kate's egg hunt began at 10:45 and was followed by her party...where she had (in this order) a piece of candy from the hunt, a rice krispie treat with jelly bean egg and blue bird peep craft, fruit, pizza and a very large cookie. (Sidenote, she is wearing the dress my mom made for me to wear to the hospital when my brother was born. And, she refers to it as her "strawberry spin-dress"--I used to call it my spin dress. She is a complete mini-me!)

Next, we moved on to Ryan's class for his party (cheezits, pretzels, PB sandwiches, cheese sticks, raisins, cookies, cupcakes...sheesh). Julia was holding Jack (I had just fed him) when a mom said, "what are you doing here with him...a child in this class had pneumonia on Tuesday." Super. So Julia kindly offered to take Jack outside in the stroller for a walk while I spent time with Ryan at his party. After the eating craziness was over, the kids had their egg hunt. Evidently, at the hunt last weekend, Ryan was completely uninterested in eggs (was more excited that the big kids had vacated the toys and slide) but he quickly learned from his mistake last week (there were treats to be had) and took off running, completely filling his basket! So cute. (my camera was in the stroller, so I only have this one picture of Ryan's party that I stole off facebook)

As we were driving home, I was turned facing Julia talking, when, out of the corner of my eye I saw Anna-Kate licking the bottom of her shoe. Yes, you read that correctly. When I calmly asked screamed "STOP, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????" she matter-of-factly replied, "well Mommy, I'm licking the bottom of my shoe because there is some icing on there." (so much for sick-free environment for my poor little infant). Julia was no help as she was near tears laughing. I tried to hold it together to discuss the merits of good health.

Me: "Anna-Kate, we don't EVER lick the bottoms of our shoes. (Again, another mother moment of, "I certainly never imagined saying this. Ever.") You know how when food falls on the floor it turns in to trash?"
AK: "Yes:"
Me: "Well, the bottom of your shoes is kinda like trash..."
Me: "No, your shoes aren't trash, the bottom is yucky like trash..."
(Julia still laughing hysterically)

Ryan wasn't too sure about Julia at first, but quickly warmed up (I guess the big basket of presents and the marathon book reading didn't hurt!) He went potty for her and went to naps easily. She then read books to Anna-Kate for an hour, and she didn't even fall asleep! (Poor Anna-Kate, that is so often the case with her Mama) :)

A picture of me cuddling with my baby. Julia took such good care of us I was able to sit and enjoy my newborn.

Last night the kids had a "sleepover" in Ryan's room on their air mattresses and sleeping bags. You'd think they'd been handed the moon they were so excited.

When they awoke, Aunt Julia was ready to go and took them outside to blow bubbles (in their gift from the night before) before breakfast! We played upstairs for a long time then in the water table out back before lunch. Praise the Lord for the beautiful weather! The kids had nap/quiet rest time while Julia continued my laundry, ironing (I'm nominating her for saint-hood) and vacuuming and when Chris got home and pried them from their beds near 5 since they stayed up late talking last night and woke up early this morning and they both had about 45 minutes worth of tantrums between them this afternoon the kids woke up, she made Resurrection Rollswith them. SO cute!

Sweet Jack (happy 1 week "birthday!") opened his eyes to say goodbye to Julia.

Saying goodbye. Anna-Kate whispered to me, "I think Aunt Julia should come everytime."

Saying goodbye while wearing the Easter bunny sunglasses from her present basket.

Thanks a million Julia! :)